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Hi, my name is Cristina Arciuolo. I'm sixteen years old. I was born in White Plains N.Y. and raised in Patterson N.Y. I now live in White Plains. My birthday is April 9 1987. I have two older brothers named Michael who is 25 years old and Tommy who is 20 years old. I also have a sister named Jessica who is 16 years old. To let you know what I look like I have brown eyes and hair, I'm 5'21/2. I'm also 100% Italian and proud of it! Some interesting things I have done in my past were cheerleading. I used to go to an acting school that I got very far. I also had a job as a receptionist in a hair salon, which I liked very much. I love to go shopping and go out with my friends a lot. I also like to sleep when I get a break from things, another thing that I find fun to me is coloring my moms hair every few months. Life to me is very important. It's kind of like a game. You have to be able to accomplish a lot and take chances. When you are able to support yourself and accomplish a lot its like you're winning the game. In life there are many decisions and obstacles to face. Then you have the future to come your way. You never know what's in store for you. I hope my future goes according to my plan. After graduating high school with a cosmetology license I hope to be working in a salon for a while and take maybe two years of business classes in college. When I hopefully graduate college, I would love to own my own salon. After settling down with work and business then I will work on...
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added: 11/09/2011
i really agree with the today's topic that children should definitely be required to help with the household tasks as soon as they are able to do so,because they can know how to do various things like gardening,cooking ,cleaning the house etc and i would say that childhood is the best stage to learn anything and at this age we can learn it this contest i would like to say about my mother who always prefers me to learn everything .it dosen't mean that she wants me everything to do ,but only her intention was if the necessity comes to do anything is hould be in a position to manage myself. i am an indian and at present i am living in united good thing in this country i liked most in a family wife and husband share their household work untill the kids have grown enough.once the kids are growm tey will train their kids how to do their own thingsand i prefer it's the good way there will not ba alot of burden on one person itself and everybnody will bw able to do their own works also.but whereas in most of the indian families all the household things was done only by the mistress of the house and everyone depends on some families even though she is working, no one will share her household work instead of that they will keep more pressure on her itself.i am expecting that a change should come in those families that everybody in the house should share the work especially the kids....
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added: 11/09/2011
This statement about me and my high school years is something I would like you to take into consideration. The basic facts that I have given in my application are only the facts that are written down and kept record of. They don't tell you who I am as a person, nor do they tell you if I would be good for your school. Hopefully in this personal statement of mine, I would like to not accuse, but to explain why some of the reasons why you should consider me a student that is right for your school. I would first like to start off out saying that your school is at the top of my list, as well as many others. I have learned many great things in high school such as, how to deal with pressure when it counts the most, how to work as a member of a team to achieve the same goal, how to deal with gain as well as loss, and many more great tools needed in life to succeed. Yet there are many more ideas and theories to be learned in college that I would like to experience, most of all, at your university. I think J.F. Kennedy said it the best, "ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what can you do for your country". I think I have the same principle, when I ask you it's not what your university can do for me, but what can I do to for your university. My high school career had it ups and downs, my grade point average is lower than I would like it to be, but again I'm every active and do many extra circular activities. I am involved in football, basketball, track, FFA, FBLA, DECA, and a member...
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added: 11/03/2011
Rain clouds filled the sky as our car turned left into Lake Forest Memorial Park. It was the 3-year anniversary of the death of Amir. Amir was one of my dearest friends, as kids, we would spend hours building an indoor tent in my cousin's room, and we had a sort of childhood friendship that was sacred in its own innocent way. Amir chose to take his life three years ago. So on that rainy, gloomy day, his closest family and friends gathered by his grave to mourn his death. Amir's death really took a toll on all those close to him, including me. As the small drops of rain tapped on the picture engraved in the gravestone, I started to look back on my life, and tried to remember my friend. The never-ending question ran through my mind again and again. It is almost permanently attached to every thought I ever have of him. The question is simply: why? Why would he do such a thing? Amir was living in a world that lived in before he died; that of a typical teenager. When failing a math test, being rejected by a crush, or being teased by a bully meant the end of the world. These things meant everything to us, and when they didn't turn out right, we gave up and thought that our life was miserable. I use 'we' because I used to feel the same way that Amir did. Superficial things meant everything to me, like how many friends I had or what kind of clothes I owned. We were blinded from the reality that these things were merely props in the screenplay of our life, and that a good play can be done without the props. There were often times where a break-up with a boyfriend,...
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added: 09/07/2011
It was constantly 98 degrees. It was dirty and hot. There was no running water or electricity. It was infested with huge mosquitoes that left baseball sized bumps. I would not have wanted to be anywhere else that summer. During the summer of 2001 I traveled to Honduras on a mission trip, but my preparation for the mission started during the winter. Every unpleasant, cold Saturday morning, I woke up to my alarm clock buzzing. With my feet heavy like a ton of bricks I would grudgingly drag myself out of my warm bed. As I got ready I would yell for my mom to wake up so that she could drive me to a church all the way in Virginia. We would leave the house by 4:45 a.m. Starting in the winter, I was committed to six months of missions training. Morning prayer started at 5:30 a.m., with missions training right after. I had to prepare myself not only physically, but spiritually as well. I gave up my Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings to prepare for my trip. Attendance was mandatory and homework was highly enforced. This was more of a commitment than school, but my hopes of changing others drove me to endure the training. I was so pumped up for the mission. I thought I would go there like some kind of saint, save a village, convert non-believers to believers, shape miracles, move mountains, and make the sky tremble. I was warned about the lack of running water, the absences of electricity, the bland food, and the persistent heat. I paid no heed to these warnings. I wanted to go to the worst possible place and change it into a "God-blessed" village. The goal of this particular mission trip was to build a church in Marcovia, Honduras. Finishing this church...
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added: 10/31/2011
College Essay Draft Almost at the end of my sophomore year, we moved to Chicago, Illinois. This wasn't my first move by far. My family and I have moved almost every year since fourth grade. We have lived in London, India and we are currently residing in Chicago. In the middle of fourth grade we decided to move to London, United Kingdom as my dad was deputed by Government of India for a research project. I did not take kindly to the fact that I would be leaving Delhi, the only place I had known as home. Much to my chagrin, we moved, and so the journey began for a frightened kid leading to the unknown. We stayed a year or so in London and it wasn't as bad as I had expected. Accultration was easy but perhaps that was due to the innocence of a small child. The world was just black and white to me. Making friends and adjusting to a new place is a breeze when you are a kid but relatively much harder as you get older. Four years of my childhood, since fourth grade was spent in London, although we had returned briefly to Gujarat in India for a year. That again was a new experience altogether. I had grown up in Delhi and didn't know there was so much of a cultural difference between two places in the same country. Adjusting in Gujarat was not so easy as I had grown a little older and perhaps by then with few rigid views of life but it didn't take too long. Learning a new language, apart from its own worth, it also helped me make friends. After a year or so when I finally felt at home we moved back to London. After a month into my eighth grade, news...
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added: 10/16/2011
Did you ever stand in front of a huge amount of homework but you just couldn't concentrate and get into it? That happens to me a lot! You are in school the whole day and when you're home at last still do homework?! That's most definitely murder! But being so experienced concerning laziness I learned some tricks for concentrating on homework. I never used them when I was studying, because I didn't need them then. But now I have to get into the habit of using them. The first trick is: keep your desk clean! It's just nicer to work on a surface that looks like the Garden of Eden than on one, that looks as if a world war had taken place on it. If the working conditions are nicer, people just tend to work harder without feeling worse and more tired. If there's lots of stuff on your desk just put it onto the floor. Who cares about what's on the floor if you are working on the desk?! Another thing that goes with keeping your working area clear is to keep nothing in your eyesight that might distract you. With me, for instance, if I see my Play Station at my working area, even if it's just in the corner of my eye, after a while I'll pick it up and play. It's just hard to concentrate on something you don't like doing if you can see something you'd like to do. It is as simple as that. The next trick is to write down what you have to do for homework on separate little notes. Organize yourself is the motto. Also write down the time you started doing that piece of homework and the time you think you'll be finished onto each note. After you are finished also write that...
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added: 10/08/2011
Abuse of drugs can have effects on the user even after the use of drugs has stopped. Different drugs produce different effects, depending on the user, type of drug, and severity of abuse. New research is done every day in the area of drug abuse that makes finding accurate results on the broad topic of drug abuse very difficult. From the most recent studies only can one find data that is presently accepted as correct. These numerous studies provide enough data to explain the effects of both legal and illegal drugs. To understand how drugs work, it is necessary to understand the changes that take place in different areas of the body when drugs take affect. Found in the brain are the synapses, the interaction point of two neurons (Perrine, 1996). The synapses in the brain are often the main target of a drug, altering the perception of something at the point of perception. When a drug is taken, it attaches itself to receptors in the brain, which have a pattern chemically similar to the neurotransmitters that send and receive messages in the brain. Perrine makes the analogy of a drug to receptors as a hand to a doorknob. Because certain drugs can attach themselves to these receptors, they may become blocked, and the neurotransmitters originally being sent by the brain's neurons are forced to wander around the brain until it can find another similar receptor, possibly creating a false signal (Perrine, 1996). The physiological responses created by these false signals, sent by both the drug and the extraneous neurotransmitters are what are perceived to be the effects of the drugs. However, the effects of drugs vary greatly from person to person. Perrine states that are four main aspects to keep in mind when considering the effects of drugs on each...
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added: 09/28/2011
Every week for the past three summers I've paid a man who insults my short, pudgy figure and makes me run in the blistering heat. I endure this treatment not only because I want to, but also because I know that if I do not, I will let myself down as well as an influential friend. A typical conversation during my private lesson between my tennis coach Ogidi Obi and me sounds like this: "Get off your lazy butt, Greg." "I'm sorry, Ogidi." "You should be playing every day. Why aren't you"? "I have a lot of homework these days. My classes are getting tougher." "What do you do each day for fitness? 250 crunches? 1000 jump ropes? 1-mile run? Not enough. Do twice that a day." "Ok, I'll start tomorrow." "You don't have the time and energy to do fitness and homework? Tough." Usually I wouldn't take this abuse without a rebuttal but there is something about Ogidi's tone of voice that pushes me to continue this rigorous routine. Perhaps its because in the back of my mind I know that he is looking out for my immediate and long-term results and that its not out of spite, anger, or as an abuse of his authority over me. Ogidi has always pushed me to my physical limits to progress my tennis game. Earning his respect required hard work and toil, both of which I put forth because I admire his ability to play tennis. He is a tall, gangly, 28 year old, African-American man who laughs like a gangster from an old black and white film. Throughout our friendship on and off the tennis court we have shared many deep thoughts to one another. Our conversations have spanned from technique on striking the tennis ball to philosophical and religious issues. I have learned to look for the next...
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added: 06/19/2011
The Generations of Aboriginal people who were stolen from their families between 1910 and 1970 make up a group of people who are not only rejected from white society as being inferior and socially unacceptable, but who are also shunned by their indigenous kinsmen for much the same reasons. The article "A passage jome", by Elizabeth Scott of 'Alive' magazine, describes the struggle of one such person, Donna Meehan. Meehan was a "stolen child". As a young child, she was taken away from her Aboriginal family to be raised by white parents. She talks about coming to terms with the painful separation, reuniting with her family and finding God. As a member of the stolen generation, the article portrays Meehan as part of the significant grey area of indigenous Australians who found no quarter with Aboriginal or white Australians. "She'd often wonder: Why did they let me go? Was there something wrong with me?" The common sentiment at the time was to "keep Australia white … Kids at school would tease her and tell her to wash out the black with Ajax". The recurring focus of the article is Meehan's turning to God. It aims to show that unlike other indigenous Australians belonging to the stolen generations, Meehan has chosen to deal with her struggle in a unique way. The title "A Passage Home" suggests not only the rediscovering of her indigenous origins, but also the rekindling of her spiritual centre through her faith in the Lord, "I used to think that God couldn't use me because I was broken. But that's where his strength really is." The reuniting of Meehan with her birth mother, Beatrice Welsh "marked another new beginning for Donna". The last sentence of that paragraph linking back to the title, describing Meehan as the last of Welsh's offspring to...
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added: 11/14/2011
Cross-dressing is defined as the act of dressing oneself in the attire of the opposite sex. It has long been a phenomenon that has intrigued society to the extent that texts have been written and studies have been conducted in order to decipher just what "causes it". People have always been afraid of the unknown, and it is this theory alone that perhaps explains why minority groups and subcultures have remained marginalized. The gay and Lesbian community, ethnic groups, the punks, the Goths, the skaters have all encountered discrimination on one level or another and it isn't wrong to assume that many of these resulted because people were unaware. It's always been easy to marginalize the people that have visibly different appearances, the Goths with their all black attire, the punks with the Mohawks and safety pins and even ethnic groups in relation to their skin pigmentation, the coarseness of their hair. So when confronted with people who choose to dress in the attire of the opposite sex, it's hardly surprising that such a group is marginalized. Through the duration of this paper numerous aspects of cross-dressing, in relation to masculinity in particular will be explored. Theories and definitions will be noted in order to further understanding. The history, politics and culture of cross-dressing will be unraveled in order to gain as much information on something considered so deviant. And lastly a brief look at the drag queen phenomenon that is so closely related to cross dressing that it can't help but be included. Why people cross-dress has long been a topic of discussion from early on in history to the present era. To fully understand the concept of cross-dressing in relation to masculinity one must first define the terms and become familiar with the theories and points of views. For...
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added: 07/02/2011
Crack, Mary Jane, yayo, and coke. Everybody knows what these names are and many have experienced them. These are just a few names for the many kinds of illegal drugs. If you thing drugs just appeared on the scene recently you dead wrong. Drugs have been here since the beginning of the very first civilizations. It caused the Opium War of ancient China and has also caused hundreds of millions of murders involving the transfer of drugs. Drugs are anything but bias hence they're colorblind. They see no color nor age and think nothing about social status or where you live. You can go from a homeless man shooting up in the gutter of an alley to a corporate CEO living in the richest part town addicted to the same drug. Drugs have been here for hundreds of years and will really never be gone. Drugs are so destructful it not only affects the user, but also every person that individual knows and comes into contact with. But, the worst part about drugs is that the majority of drug users are the youth of America. That's when a program called DARE stepped in to educate the youth of America about the dangers of drug use. DARE is a program that doesn't wait until an individual is addicted by rather it teaches children at the youngest age to stay away from drugs. It's a corporation that doesn't work for the money but rather the pleasure of seeing results in the decrease of drug use in adolescences. The DARE program is not just something striving for an honorable goal, but a program that actually works. DARE has produce great results and will only get better in the years to come. D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) is a program put together by certified people...
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added: 10/27/2011
In the book A Loss For Words, Lou Ann Walker tells what it was like to grow up with parents who are both deaf. She relates that she became very responsible at a young age. She had to do most communicating for her parents. This is presented right at the start of the book in the prologue on page 2: "I was the child who did all my parents' business transactions, nearly from the time I was a toddler. I spoke for my parents, I heard for my parents. I was painfully shy for myself, squirming away when the attention was focused on me, but when I was acting for my parents I was forthright." Lou Ann made their doctor's appointments and went along to interpret to the doctor and sign to her parents. She ordered for them at restaurants, she corrected grammar in their letters because the deaf have no way to gauge verbal sentence structure and that helps vastly in learning it. She also had to tell them when a call came in saying a friend had died and call others. This relates to some of the deafness issues and situations mentioned in the syllabus. On page 9, in chapter 1, the ignorance of hearing people is shown in the incident at the gas station: "Dad and I had gone in to pay and get directions. The man behind the counter had looked up, seen me signing and grunted, 'Huh, I didn't think mutes were allowed to have driver's licenses.' Long ago I had gotten used to hearing those kinds of comments. But I could never get used to the way they made me churn inside." Another implication of Lou Ann's parents being deaf was when she walked to their hotel after they left her at her dorm...
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added: 11/22/2011
Describe the role and appointment of Lay Magistrates. Discuss the use of ordinary members of the public within the Magistrates Courts. Lay magistrates otherwise known as lay justices or Justices of the Peace (JP's) are ordinary, non-legally qualified people who volunteer to sit and hear cases in the Magistrates Courts. These are local courts that have a geographical limit on their jurisdiction. Lay magistrates are not paid for carrying out their duties, but may claim allowances for travelling, subsistence and financial loss. Each magistrate, whilst only working part-time, is expected to undertake a fair share of the work of the Bench and is required to sit for at least 26 half days each year. They should try to be available to sit for up to 35 half days and up to a whole day if necessary. Lay magistrates usually exercise their duties as a panel of at least 2 magistrates up to a maximum of 7 and more normally a panel of three. Collectively they are known as "the Bench" and are addressed as "Your Worships". A single lay magistrate has very limited powers but is expected to deal with requests for warrants for arrest and search for example. Lay magistrates at all times have available to them the advice of a professionally qualified court clerk to guide them on questions of law, practice and procedure. Lay magistrates have wide powers over criminal cases (over 95% of all criminal cases are dealt with by magistrates either in the Adult Court or Youth Court). Their duties are as follows: a. They have jurisdiction to try all summary only offences (i.e. least serious crimes such as nearly all driving offences, taking a vehicle without consent and being found drunk in a public place) and sentence those who are guilty: the maximum sentence is 6 months'...
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added: 10/21/2011
Illustarte a person that you always dreamed of as a friend, a person who is understandable, who cares for everybody, and who is part of your family. That person, I found out, is my sister, who is always there for me. My sister is a very admirable person because of her intelligence, beauty, and personality. To begin with, my sister is a very admirable person, and she proves it day by day. First of all, my sister is one of the best students in her class. For example, she is always bringing home pure A's, and she studies almost all day long. Also, her expressions when she speaks are very intellectual phrases, proving her intelligence. To illustrate, when she talks in class, usually her friends will stay looking at her as if she were some kind of person with more brain than everybody else in that room. Moreover, she is a very independent person. She doesn't need to be helped by anybody because she is always capable to do anything she wants by herself. When she does her homework, she doesn't ask for help even if she would need it, she would spend time on it trying hard to do it by her own. Furthermore, my sister is always considered as a beautiful teenager. Her face looks like a baby face, not only because of the skin, but also because of the expressions. As an illustration, her eyes will always make you remember childhood. Also, she is always concerned about the way she looks, and she tries as much as possible to look nice and wear the appropriate clothes and makeup. Furthermore, she always goes to the fitness center to keep in shape and workout as much as she needs. For example, the last month she was going three times a week...
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added: 10/22/2011
DO NOT READ THIS I ONLY SUBMITED IT FOR A MEMBERSHIP.For your first essay of the term, write three to four pages of analysis to address one of the following issues. Remember that a topic is the subject of your essay; the thesis is the argument, or critical point, which you prove throughout the essay. Your thesis should be clearly stated in your first paragraph. Use quotation from the poem where appropriate (use parenthetical citation by line #). Papers must be handed in electronically as Microsoft Word email attachments; hard copy submission will not be accepted. If you do not have Word on your personal computer, convert your non-MS Word document to Word BEFORE you turn it in (the staff at the various computer centers can assist you). Filenames should incorporate your last name, the subject, and the ".doc" ending usual for MS Word files (mcgrath.beowulf.doc). 1. Choose one of the "digressions," either the Finnsburh fight (ll.1070-1158) or the Modthryth description (ll1932-1962), and show how it is actually an integral thematic part of the poem. 2. Analyze Hrothgar's speech about the sword hilt (ll.1700-1784) and think about some of the following: does Beowulf learn anything from it? What does it show about Hrothgar's view of himself? About his relationship with Beowulf? 3. What is the role of the queen in the world of Beowulf? Focus specifically on one of Wealhtheow's speeches; refer to other queens as your argument requires. 4. If you have been thinking about another topic, please feel free to discuss it with me during designated class time or out of class. Make sure that it is specific enough to be addressed in a short essay. Relevant Dates: M 9/15 Beowulf paper assigned; time in class to brainstorm and outline W 9/17 Beowulf paper workshopped; bring disc copy of a complete draft to class M 9/22Beowulf paper...
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added: 11/01/2011
Cardiovascular Diseases Cardiovascular disease isn't an actual disease in itself. Rather it references a range of disorders affecting not only the heart but the blood as well. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) principally heart disease and stroke is the nation's leading killer. Almost 1 million Americans die of CVD each year which adds up to 42% of all deaths. The death toll alone is a staggering burden but it is only part of the picture. The rest of the picture is filled with individuals who daily struggle with the complications of CVD. Your heart is a muscle that pumps oxygen rich blood throughout your body. It is divided into two upper chambers (atria) and two lower chambers (ventricles). The left chambers are separated from the right chambers by a wall of tissue. Blood passes from the atria through valves (flaps) that allow blood to flow in one direction into the ventricles. The right side of your heart supplies blood to the lungs. The left side supplies blood to the rest of your body. Blood vessels carry blood throughout the body. Arteriosclerosis is called hardening of the arteries. The walls of blood vessels become stiffer as time passes. Calcium builds up and becomes many times more concentrated in the wall of a normal artery than it was in childhood. Calcium content is what atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis have in common but in atherosclerosis it occurs in concentrations called plaques; in arteriosclerosis it occurs diffusely. Three proven causes of damage to the wall are elevated levels of cholesterol in the Blood, high blood pressure and tobacco smoke. Males and people with a family history of premature cardiovascular disease have an increased risk of atherosclerosis. These risk factors can't be controlled. There are risk factors that can be controlled such as cigarette smoking and exposure to tobacco smoke, obesity, physical inactivity,...
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added: 11/05/2011
Dream-Thieves Readers would not imagine it, but several things happened in Langston Hughes's 11-line poem "Harlem," which was written in 1951. In "Harlem," the author formally implies the many ways African American dreams can be deferred. In our American culture, 1951 was a year which still involved much segregation, so all the dreams of the Harlem Society could not become reality. Langston asks the readers to find the relationship of dreams that are being postponed and why. To begin with, the very first line of the poem states: "What happens to a dream deferred?"(Line 1) well it is obvious that the author might be substituting characteristics of irony, because the first line should not have been a question. The line simply should have been a statement; dreams are being deferred, if Harlem does not like it, then tough! The dreams were not being put off by the dream-seekers; they were clearly being automatically removed from African Americans as if they had no choice. The rest of the lines in the poem show what is happening to those dreams being deferred, Hughes uses metaphors, similes and analogies, to show the reader that, instead of being blunt. Many readers may agree or disagree with Hughes's answers to the first question of the poem; his answer's being the questions that he is asking the reader. For example, when he clearly asks "Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?" (Lines 2-3), he is in all actuality giving an answer to his question, believe it or not. This quote is stating that dreams are going to disappear and shrink up and get smaller and smaller until somebody makes a stand. -1- Furthermore, if one read this poem then they would come up with several explanations of maybe why Hughes wrote this poem or why the author uses...
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added: 11/24/2011
In a society that persists to prize themselves upon thinness, it is difficult for one to not blame others for their constant anxiety over weight. Eating disorders have been identified as a problem since 1689, and over the decades, the number of people afflicted with this illness has only increased furthermore. Depriving oneself of food to the point of collapsing or gorging on vast amounts of food only to vomit subsequently seems inconceivable. Yet this is a way of life to increasing numbers of women and men of all backgrounds and nationalities. Experts estimate that "5% of adolescent and adult women and 1% of men have anorexia, bulimia or a binge-eating disorder" . With an obsession with thinness and obtaining the perfect body, our society has cultivated the development of eating disorders. Research revealed that before the age of 14 at least 52% of adolescents have begun dieting. "Among college females, 78% reported bingeing experiences and 8.2% used self-induced vomiting to control weight." Our society focuses on beauty and as we develop, we come to realize that we have to be thin, beautiful and attractive to be accepted. Society's communication has often been based on the encouragement that the most significant role for a woman is to have a beautiful appearance in order to reach true contentment. However in the eyes of society, the word "beauty" is only the standard message of a "thin, slender body." Ms Tomosugi--a counselor at Women's Counseling Kyoto-- questioned, "Who created such a value, or scale of beauty? Most of them have been created by the mass media or fashion industry in a society dominated by men." In following such a scale of beauty created by our media from the view of male dominance, the value diffuses into women's consciousness at which they begin to treat the notion as...
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added: 08/08/2011
... rank likes her straight forwardness in Scene 1 but to his disappointment she starts to loose her identity towards the end of the play. "I think you're the first breath of air that's been in this room for years." At the summer school Rita has learned about authors and she meets other students. Frank is very impressed of her abilities. She changes her lifestyle with new clothes and a new hair colour and was also influenced of her flatmate Trish. Trish encourages Rita a lot and she in under her influence. "As Trish says there is not a lot of point in discussing beautiful literature in an ugly voice." She is changing herself by becoming more like others, Rita is losing her individuality because of Trish's opinions. "Me an' Trish sat up last night and read them. She agrees with me...what makes it more-more...What did Trish say--?" She forgets her lines and we can tell that she is using other people's opinions and fa ... Below is a short sample of the essay "'Educating Rita' shows how a comedy can raise serious issues. Discuss". If you sign up you could be reading the rest of this essay in under two minutes. Registered users should log in to view the full essay. ... dismay, along with it much of her charm. Act one, scene seven is a crucial scene in Rita's development. Having been unable to pluck up the confidence or courage to cross over the threshold to Frank's dinner party, she comes to Frank to justify herself. Rita explains that one of her main concerns was that she might have brought the wrong type of wine. Here again, Russell undercuts the seriousness of his humour. "It wouldn't have mattered if you'd walked in with a bottle of Spanish plonk," says Frank. "It was Spanish" comes the reply. The invitation...
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added: 11/07/2011
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