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Emancipation, it's not just divorcing your parents For months, Jodie had waited in anticipation for New York State University to send their response as to whether or not she had gotten accepted into the college. Her goal was to become a famous movie director after she had gotten a degree in Film Production from NYU, which was located in one of the most happening cities in the country. Her parents weren't too fond of this idea, and looked down upon her decision to attend the school. They didn't go to college, so they decided that they wouldn't allow her to go either. Against her parent's will, she secretly applied to the university anyway. Three months later, a large letter with the initials "NYU Admissions Department" which graced the smooth envelope addressed to Jodie arrived in the mail. Excitedly, she opened it up and read "Congratulations, you have been accepted!" She jumped for joy, until her parents found out, and refused to let her travel 2 thousand miles to attend the university. "Well, if you don't like my decisions, I'll just move out!" is what Jodie screamed at the top of her voice while storming up the stairs to her room in tears. She then though, "Hey, why don't I just leave anyway? It can't be too hard to live on my own…" Quite often in the United States, teenagers have decided to do just that, and have gained the legal power to make their own financial and life decisions. But it's not easy, and the process of becoming legally independent before you're 18 can be lengthy and difficult. "Divorcing your parents," as some refer to it, doesn't happen just because you're tired of being yelled at, and it is not a process to be taken lightly. Becoming emancipated means that it is...
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added: 10/23/2011
Everyone is different when it comes to the way they choose to live their lives. Sometimes people out there who live a happy life don't realize how bad someone else may have it. While one person out there is living an outstanding and very happy life, there is also someone out there who is living through a very tough time in their life. In other words, there are positive people out there whom usually are the happy ones, and then there are the negative people which are usually the unhappy ones. This test definitely measures the Emotional Intelligence of every individual. The questions that are asked depend on each individual and their opinions or feelings. When I was taking this test I was completely honest, and I was very eager to see my results. Once I finished the test and read my results, I totally agreed with what it said. I was so happy with my results, but I have to admit that where it says I "survive hardship without bitterness," that is true but there are times that it takes me a while to bounce back from something, but eventually I do. For the rest of the results it was pretty accurate on how I see myself being. Like everyone out there, I've been through tough times too, but it all depends on how you approach a situation. Finally, I have realized what a positive and happy individual I really am. Unfortunately I have been in many situations where I have always had to be the stronger individual even though I may be dying inside, but I've gotten through many situations that others might of not made it through. As well as I've helped many people in certain situations see themselves as better people who are worth something. This assignment helped...
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added: 11/09/2011
Endangered animals refers to wild animals which are under threat of extinction or which have become extinct. Sixty-five million years ago the dinosaurs became extinct, sixty-five million years later, the lives of many animals are still under threat. Endangered species are victims of human activities, these activities includes destruction of natural habitats, pollution produced by factories and over exploitation as well as overpopulation. The American Indians, who settled north America 30,000 years before the Europeans were responsible for the extinction of many species through hunting, species such as the giant sloths and Mastodons. Since the Europens settlers arrived in the New World, the rate of extinction has accelerated. The passenager pigeons is believed to have been the most numerous type bird in the world. They were hunted endlessly and in 1914, the last one died in an American zoo. Bison became nearly extinct during the 1800's due to the expansion of the railroads which caused destruction of habitats and the need of food for the builders. Other animals in North America that are considered to be endangered; The California Condor is North America's rarest bird. The last remaining birds are being kept in zoos and are bred in a special recovery program. The Whopping Crane is another one of North America's endangered species. By the 1990's there were close to 150 in the wild, it's numbers are slowly building up. On july 12, 1995 Bald Eagle aws reclassified as endangered animals. The majestic bird is refered to "bald", because of the white feathers on top of it's head, it's yellow eyes and sharp beaks in contrast with it's drak brown body. This predatory bird can grow up to 40 inches long with wings span of 6-8 feet, who can reach flight speed between 35 and 44 miles per hour. Unfortunatly, there are only 4,500 breeding pairs in the lower 48 states. The Bald eagle's diet consist of fish, waterfowl(small birds), small reptiles and small...
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added: 10/29/2011
"Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." –Confucius At thirty-two, I came at Chubb to gain the skill sets I needed to move forward in my career. About a year ago, like many Americans, I found myself "downsized" out of a job. After recovering from the shock, I decided that this otherwise unfortunate turn of events would present an excellent opportunity to pursue my passion for IT. I already have a Bachelor of Arts in English from Emory University, so I really was not looking for another Bachelor's degree. I needed job specific skills that would make me employable; skills that would help me advance to the next level. My positions to date are describable as functional with technical overtones. I found that I currently occupy a middle ground between functional user and application analyst. Yet, I discovered upon interviewing for technical positions, many employers wanted experience I didn't have. I have always been computer savvy, but did not have the professional training I needed. A decision to "do what I love" entailed returning to school. I chose Chubb Institute because of their excellent reputation in the IT training industry. Chubb offers many advantages: immersion-style training in a true-to-life working environment, industry case studies and instructors recruited from the IT industry who offer invaluable career support and advice. Chubb's newly developed Database Administration Program seemed to be the best choice to fill in my resume gaps. Databases and database applications have always fascinated me. For years I have worked on Oracle platform applications and had a firm grasp of the tenets and rules that govern databases. Additionally, I have always enjoyed troubleshooting and problem solving. My job responsibilities often expand to encompass being the unofficial helpdesk/application support person for my colleagues. I thoroughly...
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added: 09/26/2011
Euclid was a Greek mathematician who lived in circa 300 B.C. He taught geometry in Egypt and established a school based on mathematics. He created Elements, a complete interpretation of mathematics in 13 volumes on geometry, proportions and music. In Euclid's book Data he wrote about geometrical theorems, in Phenomena he talks about applying math to the heavens and in Optics he writes about the science of music. Euclid was knowledgeable in fields such as astronomy, music and geometric theorems. Some parts of Elements were works of previous mathematicians but he made many discoveries in number theory.Elinor Wylie's " Puritan Sonnet " is similar to Robert Frost's "The Gift Outright" because both authors include both history and nature in the poems. In "The Gift Outright" Frost refers to colonial American history when he writes "In Massachusetts, in Virginia, but we were England's still colonials". In the "Puritan Sonnet" Wylie presents ideas that are authentically American when she writes "down to the Puritan marrow of my bones". Nature is a described in both Robert Frost's and Elinor Wylie's poems. Robert Frost personifies nature when he writes, "She was our land more than a hundred years before we were her people". Wylie describes her love of monotones in hills, water and the sky in a tactile way using descriptive phrases such as "cold silver". "Bare hills, cold silver on a sky of slate a thread of water, churned to milky spate….I love those skies, thin blue or snowy gray".by the way i hope you die a terrible death. death is good...
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added: 06/30/2011
The European Parliament On the 7th and 10th of June 1979 the first direct elections to the European Parliament were introduced with each member state member state using its own national electoral system. These elections are held every five years, with the most recent one having being held in 1999. The European parliament has 626 members. The proportion of members a country has is dependent on the population size of a member state. Shown below is the number of members each country can have on the European Parliament, starting with the highest Germany (99 members), going down to the lowest Luxembourg (6 members). Germany-99 Belgium-25 France-87 Portugal-25 Italy-87 Greece-25 United Kingdom-87 Denmark-16 Spain-64 Finland-16 Netherlands-31 Ireland-15 Sweden-22 Luxembourg-6 Austria-21 Seat and Composition The European Parliament works in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Plenary sessions, which all MEPs attend, are held in Strasbourg, the Parliaments seat. Parliament is presided over by a president, whom 14 Vice-presidents assist him. Current President of the European Parliament is Pat Cox, whom is from Ireland. Elected members organise themselves into groups based on Social, Political and economic philosophies, regardless of their nationality. The largest of these groups are the Party of European Socialists, the Europeans Peoples Party and the Liberal Democratic and Reformist party. Role The European parliament has three main roles: Democratic supervision Parliament exercises democratic supervision over the Commission, with the appointment of members and of the president subject to its approval. The Commission is thus answerable to the Parliament, which can pass a "motion of censure" calling for its resignation. More generally, Parliament exercises control by regularly examining reports submitted to it by the Commission (general reports, reports on the implementation of the budget, the application of community law, etc.). Moreover MEP's regularly ask the Commission written and oral questions. The members of the commission attend plenary sessions of Parliament and meetings of the parliamentary committees, thus maintaining a continual dialogue between the...
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added: 11/05/2011
It is a saying which states that your name can run your destiny, and in my case it seems to be true, but in a different way. If I translate my name in English, it means "obstacle". Nevertheless, it has not been any obstacle in my life yet which I could not pass. Moreover, any impediment for me means a new challenge. But the biggest accomplishment I have achieved in my life is to have a family and a career. In addition, I dare to say that without the support of my family, I would not have a career. After I had graduated the Transylvania University as an engineer, I started to work for an American company in Romania. It was a great chance for a new graduate like me to work with many experienced people. Furthermore, the company was at the beginning so everyone worked hard and tried to do his or her best. As there were many projects, sometimes we had to work twelve hours per day. Indeed, it was a very busy period, but there were also many rewards: the satisfaction of being part of a successful organization, the recognition our team gained as the most hard-working and professional among all branches, and the unconditional support of my wife. After a while, I started to think about the next step in my career; I had spoken with my wife and she agreed to sustain me for a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. As a result, I started to study for the admission exam. That was a very hard time for everybody since I had been working for eight hours and then had been studying for at least three hours a day. That fact left us just little time for us as a family, but I would say it...
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added: 11/14/2011
The world of Fashion is a vast arena and encompasses every sphere of your life and your activities. Fashion today has taken a front seat and is of topmost priority to every individual from every age group. The word "fashion" in itself covers a wide arena from clothing to your mode of education, to your way of communication everything today holds a prefix to it in the form of 'out of' or 'in' fashion. Though the impact is more on the youngsters that is from the teenagers to the working professionals its not that the others are left out. All that we do today has got to be fashionable and the latest to the list is whether you are tech savvy, the way you communicate, the way you present yourself everything ought to be fashionable today. Though fashion predominantly in the past was related to the designerwear - clothing, footwear, accessories and others the scope of the word has increased gradually and now it covers everything that you can name of. From the kind of furniture, the kind of cellphone, the kind of clothing, the kind of jewellery, the format of your letter writing, the language you use on the email, the kind of cars, the way you wear make-up, the shades you use for your clothes and your make-up to the way you place your furniture's in your house everything now evolves around fashion. All the above mentioned things have their own fashions and some of them have their own reputed, international brands also like the Versace, Calvin & Klein, the Woodlands, Nike, Aarmani, Durian and such like many more the list goes on and on. Youngsters today are more prone in imitating their role models and in most case it is the silver screen heroes and heroines when it comes to fashion related to your dresses and other trendsetting activities like some punch line or any other such activities. When it is how...
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added: 09/06/2011
hereWinner of the fiction section of the New Zealand Book Awards in 1987 and equal third prize in the Wattie Book Awards in 1986. In a small coastal community threatened by developers it is a time of fear and confusion and growing anger... Patricia Grace's bestselling novel Potiki is a work of spellbinding power in which the myths of older times are woven into the political world of today. "Delicate in its blend of prose and poetry, yet powerful in its statement of cultural identity, this chronicle of a Maori whanau expertly weaves together the timelessness of Maori mythology with contemporary political realities. Although Potiki is significant for me for its affirmation and reflection of familiar cultural images, it has wide appeal with its deep emotional, moral and social content." Miriama Evans, Dominion "The New Zealand author tells a vivid and mesmerizing story as she blends tribal myth with political realities and offers shrewd insights into human nature. The unique book is also full of exotic symbolism and language..." US Publishers Weekly "This book establishes what her earlier novel and stories promised that, along with Keri Hulme, she is our finest Maori novelist...It remains a minor masterpiece." Michael King, Metro "Patricia Grace's writing is as delicate as Japanese brushwork, yet as poignant and throat-aching as the loss of a loved one." Arapera Blank, NZ Listener What do you think about this book? Write an online review and share your thoughts with others. What others are buying People who bought this book also bought... Ricochet Baby A Barbarous Tongue Other Halves Daughter Buffalo The Family Man...
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added: 10/03/2011
When I was little I had this idea that life could be perfect. I thought that if I were careful enough, I'd never make a mistake, never be lonely, never be scared, never be misunderstood, but it doesn't work that way. I was told once that, "Life is big and messy, and you just have to climb in it with your boots on and hope for the best." Life is full of many surprises, some good and some bad. In life there are many obstacles that you must go through. Love, Heartbreak, Drugs, Family, Friendships, and Health are just a few of them. In the dictionary, life is defined as "The physical, mental, and spiritual experiences that constitute existence." Life is like a roller coaster in a way that it has its twists and turns. Friendships are a big part of life. True friends are the friends in life that are always there for you no matter what. A true friend is like the other half of your soul. They are people that you can trust, love, and spend long hours talking to on the phone. A true friendship is hard to find in this world. Throughout life, friends come and go and leave footprints in your heart, that will one day turn into a memory. Another big part of life is heartbreaks. Throughout life most people have many relationships with different types of people. During the great part of the relationship, life seems perfect, but then you have to realize that change is a part of life and nothing ever stays the same. In a relationship, the breakups are terrible feelings. When you feel depressed about it, life seems awful. The most important people in life are your family. Family members are always there for you no matter how badly you mess up a situation. A family...
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added: 06/20/2011
Abortion has been one of this country's most controversial topic on hand. But if one sees the constitutional infringement to women by the restriction of abortion, the torment to the unwanted child and the anguish society has to sustain,then this topic would not be so debatable. Too many people do not see the cause and effect of not being able to have abortions. All human beings are given some inalienable right guaranteed by the Constitution. One of those privilege is the right to pursue happiness. A baby can sometimes disrupt a woman's pursuit of happiness. Even if she decides to give it up for adoption, she still has the burden of carrying the fetus for nine months. Having the option to perform an abortion can solve that obstacle. Taking away this right would be invading on a woman's constitutional liberty. The unwanted child also suffers. Most of the time the mother of the unwanted child is very young and inexperienced or too poor to take care of the child. The child is usually malnourished, has no medical care, and gets very little attention or love. The foster care system isn't any better. Only a small percentage of the children are adopted by suitable parents. But the rest remain in the foster care system, where there is little or no personal care. In both cases, the child has a poor education because of the lack of attention and discipline. He grows up to be unproductive individual or a menace to society. Many get involved in drugs and crimes. These individuals are also very violent, lacking morality due small amount of care they received themselves. In the long run, not only does the child suffer but also society, who has to tolerate his violent behavior and crimes. An abortion can be seen as putting the child out of misery while he doesn't have the ability to reason or fear. In short, abortion allows a woman to retain her constitutional...
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added: 04/30/2011
Analysis of "One Man's Summary" By Josh Hammer This article summarizes the life of a man named Horus who lives in the UK. It explains the feelings that homosexual people have when they are surrounded by a society that does not accept them. Horus tells his story about being beaten and ostracized on the streets of Egypt. He was born in an upper-middle class family and writes plays and acts in them as well. After he came out as a homosexual however, Horus' once famous plays are no longer allowed to be presented to the public. He had very negative experiences once he came out and spoke of many others who felt the same. Analysis of "Court to Review Gay-Adoption Case" By Adam Liptak This article is based in Key West, Florida, which is constantly fighting the law that states that children should not be adopted to homosexual couples. As the last state to still have their law this way, this article is giving the example of two men wanting to adopt two boys, but the court arguing that a heterosexual couple should have custody. One district court judge, James King, said he believed that children are better off with heterosexual married couples. In Florida there are 3,500 children in Foster Care and only one quarter of them w3ill be placed with single heterosexuals. Analysis of "Committed Couples Would Stabilize Society" By Andrew Sullivan This article is written by a male homosexual who approves of gay marriage. He first speaks of the Federal Marriage Amendment which was forbidding giving any gays equal marriage right of heterosexual couples. It says that gay couples are just as stable as heterosexual couples, if not more so, and it doesn't make sense that gay's are seen as less monogamous. To support his claim he gives the example of Denmark, which is the...
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added: 11/22/2011
Lisa Schiffren's article "Gay Marriage, an Oxymoron" left me confused, and led me to believe the author was unsure of her feelings. There were not many referenced, and Schiffren failed to talk much about the politics, which is what I believe should have been the key factor of her argument. The article begins talking about baby's and how they are the bases of marriage, and then out of no where starts to talk about the political stand point. The comment about how "parenthood has transformed many baby boomers into advocates of bourgeois norms" confused me about what the meaning of this article was. I found myself questioning whether the article was focused more on if we as society will accept same gender marriages, if it's the right thing because of religion, or if to be legal. Schiffren makes one comment in the article "In a diverse, open society such as ours, tolerance of homosexuality is a necessity," this makes me wonder is this article focused on what our society thinks; do we tolerate "gay marriages" because we know its there and don't want to speak out? I assumed when reading this paragraph my question would be answered. But as I read through the remainder of the article I only found myself even more lost. The author goes on saying "Whether homosexual relationships endure is of little concern of society." This quote from the author makes it seem as if society doesn't care much about what homosexuals do. But, and I quote " 'Same-sex marriage' is inherently incompatible with our culture's understanding of the institution." This makes it seem that society does care and is against "gay marriages." I then found Schiffren discussing religion. She writes "Though it is not polite to mention it, what the Judeo-Christian tradition has to say about homosexuality unions...
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added: 08/10/2011
Why is it that when a gay is exposed in the military, the country halts and pays full attention to the fact that a "queer" might be fighting for this great nation? And why is it that an entire state can be shocked by the community who's football team's star quarterback is a "fag?" Will it matter then if the soldier leads this country into battle as an integral part of the army? And will it matter then if that quarterback leads the team to the state championship? Most likely, it won't. On top of the negativity that exists about gays/lesbians in the media one of the biggest concerns homosexuals have is lack of representation (in the media.) There have been numerous gay rights marches, speakers, and not so pleasant beatings and brutal killings that somehow don't make it to the news scene. In fact, in 1995, 13% of 7,947 bias-motivated crimes reported to the FBI were committed out of sexual-orientation bias. (Hate Crime Statistics, 5.) While there are some, typically, there are no reports of these happenings in newspapers or television shows. However, there are a tremendous amount of half hour shows on what celebrities wore to the Grammy's and who can survive on secluded island-eating bugs for six weeks. Where are our countries values? The gay and lesbian community in this country has fought over countless incidents of negative feelings and prejudices in their role in the military and on high school teams. In the past 30 years they have strived to gain political, social, and religious respect, though the fight is still far from over. Some feel gays have made incredible strides, while others feel there has been little to no improvement from the 1960-70's. (Israel, 21.) Not only should the gay and lesbian community receive coverage in the news, the attention given...
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added: 11/20/2011
By Mike Sutter University of Phoenix MGT 448 Cory A. Wengreen October 1, 2002...
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added: 11/01/2011
After Junior High all I thought about was getting high school over with and graduating. Even though thinking about starting high school kind of made me sick to my stomach and scared me a bit. I just kept on thinking new experiences around the corner, and new people to meet and greet. Just thinking that I was the top dog for being in high school with all the older kids made me feel somewhat important or privileged. High school was less nerve wrecking than I actually thought it was before I started, besides getting lost in the big crowds of people. High school was tough for me from making new friends to turning in homework on time. It wasn't all that easy to balance and set a schedule to get things done, which meant cutting down fun time. But at the same time everything flew by so fast that it was senior year and it was time to graduate. The though that high school was over meant is when you actually start trying to go or do something with your life. No more fun and games, after high school its all uphill from now by trying to work on a successful career and going to college if that's what you want to do. You think that high school was so hard yet you have so much more to go after it if you want to succeed. Its graduation day and you finally realize that this will be the last time that you see everyone together like this. All you feel is emotions flying everywhere in the air from yourself, friends, and family. This is it and you finally get to step in to the real world. Walking across that stage getting my diploma and shaking everyone's hand just wanted to make me to...
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added: 09/11/2011
History has fascinated me since the eighth grade. This is when we started to learn the history of the United States. That year was only about the early ages of the United States. Some of the topics we went over were from the very beginning when Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic Ocean, the French and Indian war, the Revolutionary war, and through the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The main topic that really interests me interests me is World War two. World War two interests me so much because many relatives of mine had risked their lives in that gruesome war. My uncle though really had not seen very much action. My uncle Jimmy was stationed in Bombay, India. He did bring my aunt a nice silk Indian robe. But one relative landed at Normandy, France on June sixth, 1944. After he and the other American troops battled through the German barricade, He found a french family in hiding so he hid them in the woods away from the German Army. To this day Victor and his wife Zora go to France to visit this french family Victor had saved. My grandfathers both served for the army during the time of the Korean war. My grandfather on the Baumgart side of the family had a bad eye from when he was a kid. He got hit in the eye with a golf club. After shooting a high-powered gun in the service, his eye became worse so he had gotten a medical discharge. My grandfather on the Brame side of the family was on grave patrol. He buried deceased United States Army soldiers. At that time they did not bring home deceased victims. They buried them there on the spot. Just like all my of my family that helped out in the...
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added: 10/29/2011
Many situations in life can be similar to another. Many situations can also share differences. Movies and plays can also be alike in many ways, but different in others. This is apparent in the film The Lion King, and the play Hamlet. The Lion King and Hamlet share similarities, are different in some ways, and were made for two completely different reasons. There are similarities between the film and the play. For one, many of the characters in the two are comparable. Hamlet and Simba are alike in the fact that they both lose their father, who was king. Scar and Claudius and similar, in the fact that they both kill their own brother to become king. The Ghost is like Mufasa. They were both killed, but came back to speak to their respective sons. Their are also plot similarities. In both the film and the play, the king is murdered by their brother, and the brother takes over the thrown. The new king wants the prince to be dead in both. The son of the first king manages to get revenge on their uncles in both the film and the play, too. Not everything is alike in The Lion King and Hamlet, as there were some differences. One obvious difference is that The Lion King stars lions, and Hamlet stars actual humans. Also, the whole film seems to be more happier and alive than the play does. Many situations in life can be similar to another. Many situations can also share differences. Movies and plays can also be alike in many ways, but different in others. This is apparent in the film The Lion King, and the play Hamlet. The Lion King and Hamlet share similarities, are different in some ways, and were made for two completely different reasons. There are similarities...
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added: 06/24/2011
Why do people press the handicap button? It seems like a question not often asked. Our teacher Dr dushay seemed to be boggle by this concept. Our class chose to do a scientific study on this odd question. We needed to come up with a way of answering this question without bias or anything of that sort getting in the way of true results. We all came up with some theoretical reasons why most people use the handicap button. They were as follows: Students are lazy, Its faster than doing it by hand, Its more convenient than doing it by hand, Because their hands are full, students are fascinated by gadgets, the door is simply too heavy, We don't want to hold the door for other people, It's a habit, and we're afraid of catching germs. These were the just of the most applicable reasons that were thought up by our class. From these guesses we generally needed to find out which was true of the majority of button users. Along with what peoples views are on the usage of the button. In class we decided that we would make up a survey of questions that would somehow clarify the answer to our big question. We also would observe the buildings that have handicap buttons. Doing both a survey and observations helps us see weather or not our findings were tainted in any way. All in all I personally believed that the reason why people use the button is that they are lazy, majority of the class believed so too. People are taught and learn from an early age to take the easy way out, and to save their energy; which is just an excuse to be lazy. This question can be an interesting thing to do a study on...
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added: 10/27/2011
Abstract: This paper looks at hate crimes as a projection of community theory regarding the media's role in shaping public thought and how society views the crimes as whites against nonwhites event. Since there is little reliable data regarding hate crimes, interracial homicides were used to generate statistics on this study. The study concludes that nonwhite on white crimes are more common than white on nonwhite, and to some extent, nonwhite on nonwhite. Homicide (is?) perpetrated by nonwhite against white. The terms "hate violence and hate crimes" first appeared in the Final Report of the Attorney General's Commission on Racial, Ethnic, Religious and Minority Violence issued in April 1986. It defined hate violence to be any act of intimidation, harassment, physical force or threat of physical force directed against any person or their property or advocate. (Run-on sentence) It is motivated either in whole or in part by hostility to their real or perceived race, ethnic background, religious belief, sex, age, disability, or sexual orientation, with the intention of causing fear or intimidation or to deter the deterrence of free exercise or enjoyment of any rights or privileges secured by the Constitution whether or not performed under color of law. ( There is much historical evidence showing such violence is perpetrated by whites against non-whites. History has played a major role in influencing our way of thinking when it comes to hate crimes. Historical documents show that European people have treated numerous people of differing races cruelly. During the era of the Golden Triangle, when the slavery trade reached its peak, countless African people died en route to the new world, living in the condition of untold misery. The colonists' mistreatment of indigenous people in the New World and Australia where many died through diseases and war. As a result, some tribes ceased...
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added: 10/24/2011
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