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Outline I Brainstorm. In the field of Advertisement and Graphic Design it is known to be a fast-pace business. Everyday life derives on advertisement. In order for money to increase and multiply products must sell and in order for any product to sell they must be advertised. That theory pertains to all subject matters even for big corporations that sell product to other countries such as oil, they have to advertise there product in some form or fashion in order to sell. In advertisement there are known as three main functions , first is to inform. Most of the products in everybody household is because of some sort of information they either saw or read from a advertisement. The second one is to sell . Most selections of products is shown from the best point of view in order to sway the buyer into purchasing the advertised item. "The aim of a good advertisement is to create a consumer demand to buy the advertise product or service". The third function of advertisement is for advertisers to pay as low as possible and still sell there product efficiently. Majority of the advertisement and commercials is mostly digitalized and computerized and I feel that the work is incredible and creative but I feel that it's taking away the true craftsmanship of art. Most of the advertisement is only based on computer images which is still good and creative but I feel that theirs more creative ideas in this world other a computer image. II Thesis Statement. With this research I learn the importance the digitalized world has on advertisement and the lifestyle of the market. III Topic 1. A. The first topic is the history and development of Graphic Design. . From the past until the present graphic design has always been a visual communicator, which is the...
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added: 10/26/2011
Robin Black Professor Wahbe English 100 11 September 2003 The Documentary Film In a sense, the first films to be made were documentaries. The documentary retains a sense of truth, even when reality is manipulated. The documentary film can change not only the lives of the subjects that are on camera but also the lives of those who see the film. The Twentieth Century is the first era with a photographic record of history, due to the invention of motion pictures. The documentary film became a new source of history. As cameras rolled filming leaders and workers, natural disasters, and the misfortunes of man, history has been changed by the documentary film. The filmmakers have come to be seen as reporters, explorers, chroniclers, observers and activists. Taking a look in to the documentary film is like looking at a reflection in a mirror of ourselves and our society in this century. The fact that the human spirit strives to survive, and in the face of opposition, refuses to lie down is a testament made by the history of the documentary film. The every day struggle just to get by is experience by many Americans. Documentary film makers like Barbara Kopple and Steve James were dedicated to telling the stories of some of those struggling Americans. Barbara Kopple's Oscar winning documentary, "Harlan County, USA" (1976), was produced when, at the age of twenty six, she moved to Harlan County, Kentucky and lived among coal miners for four years. During that time there was violent resistance by the coal miners to Eastover Mining Company's policies of exploitation. Kopple became close to the families which were affected, as well as the workers who struggled, and became committed to using her film techniques as a medium for helping their cause. The never ending search for the American Dream is not just existing in rural, underprivileged areas of America. The struggle for survival that continues...
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added: 02/17/2012
This thesis is a study of symbolism in Tennessee Williams's "The Night of the Iguana" and "Sweet Bird of Youth". The discussion consists of two parts. The first part is a discussion of the major symbols found in the chosen plays. The sec ond discussed the minor symbols. The major symbols are discussed in chapter II and III mean while the minor symbols are discussed in chapter IV. The central symbols of the first play is the trapped iguana. The major symbols do not only reflec t the main character but also other characters. In "Sweet Bird of Youth", Williams stresses the mood of despair through the image of thematic music. The thematic music foreshadows the defeat of the main character, chance. In this play, he also uses the name of the characters symbolically. From the central symbol, the thesis writer draws a similar theme. The theme is man's search for freedom from problems. In the second play, the theme is the search for political power, identity an d popularity. The minor symbols used in both plays are the sea, the hotel and also drugs. 3. Optimists Focus on Issues Under Personal Control Example: Optimists know that they cannot control circumstances created by other people in the universe. But they are keenly aware that they can manage their own thinking and, as a result, can control their response to circumstances. Optimists Take a Problem-Solving Approach to Circumstances Example: Pessimists give up when they cannot readily see how they can affect the event; optimists always see options....
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added: 02/17/2012
The Great Gatsby is a book filled with dynamic characters, written by a dynamic person. Throughout the book, the themes and situations are on many symbolic levels. The Great Gatsby is such a novel, that the hero is portrayed to the reader by a man who, with seemingly no effort, will not judge a man easily. He perceives him, takes him in, and analyzes him. This man's name is not, in fact, Gatsby, but Nick Carraway, the narrator of the story. The man who is being perceived, of course, is Jay Gatsby, our hero. Our story, The Great Gatsby, starts out when Nick, a stock trader, moves to West Egg. West Egg is a part of Long Island where the "new" rich people live. "New" rich is a term used to describe people who have recently acquired their wealth, and have no connections in East Egg, where the people who have established their wealth live. Gatsby befriends Nick for a good reason, to meet his long lost love, Daisy, Nick's cousin and resident of East Egg. Unfortunately for Gatsby, Daisy is married to Tom, a boisterous man who has taken in a mistress and everyone in the novel knows about it. Throughout the novel, Nick acts as Gatsby's confidant. A confidant is a person present when a hero needs someone to listen to his plight. We get to know Gatsby, even though he is bad because of the illegal liquor bootlegging operation he runs. We get to know Gatsby because we like the confidant. If Nick, the confidant, is Gatsby's friend, then Gatsby will be our friend as well. This is true of all relationships that deal with Nick. For the most part, we will feel the same way towards a character as Nick does. The novel ends in explosion and uproar. Nick,...
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added: 11/13/2012
The early development of perspective Prior to the Renaissance artists were less concerned with the illusion of reality and more concerned with the content and symbolism of their work. The size of each element in the image related much more to its importance, rather than it's placement in a space. Artist unknown. Madonna and child. Notice how large the Madonna and child are compared to the rest of the image. Artist unknown. Garden Scene. Look at this image, examine its composition, how is perspective used in this picture? What is the most important element? how can you tell? By the height of the Renaissance, artists had mastered the mathematics and visual techniques of perspective. Artists such as Brunelleschi, Leonardo DaVinci and Piero della Francesca were using it to great effect, giving their work a stronger illusion depth. Piero della Francesca. St. Anthony's Polyptich (detail) Brunelleschi devised the method of perspective for architectural purposes -- he is said by Manetti to have made a ground plan for the Church of Santo Spirito on the basis of which he produced a perspective drawing to show his clients how it would look after it was built. We can compare this drawing with a modern photo of the actual church. Brunelleschi, Drawing for Church of Santo Spirito. Ten years later, Masaccio applied the new method of mathematical perspective even more spectacularly: 1. In this fresco of the "Holy Trinity", where the barrel vaulted ceiling is incredible in its complex, mathematical use of perspective. 2. Lines following Masaccio's actual geometric framework are overlaid to make clear the structure of the perspective itself. 3. From the geometry it is actually possible to work backwards to reconstruct the full volume in measured accuracy of the 3-dimensional space Masaccio depicts 1. 2. 3. Masaccio. Holy Trinity. The rules of perspective One point perspective The simplest form of perspective is one point perspective. It presumes a single...
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added: 12/06/2011
The Early Renaissance, starting in Florence, was the birth place for which civic humanism grew out of. Civic humanism can be seen through the literature and art of Florence. People like Salutati and works of Bruni and Ghiberti clearly exude this movement. Civic humanism was begun by Salutati and Bruni. Both men believed strongly in studying the humanities and glorified Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio as the forebears of humanism and declared Florence as the center for the new learning. They stressed that participation in public affairs is essential for full human development. By participating in public life, seeking higher ends for one's society as well as oneself, could an individual be truly virtuous. Their ideal was Cicero, who used his wisdom and eloquence to serve the public good and the state at the end of the Roman Republic. Civic humanist believed Republican government was the best form because unless educated citizens made use of their wisdom for the benefit of all, their moral understandings would not benefit their societies. They believed in studying the ancients, the superiority of the active life, and the value of Florentine republican institutions as necessities. This idea can be seen through Leonardo Bruni's History of the Florentine People. In this, Bruni stressed the importance of history because citizens and political leaders can learn from the ethical, moral, and political behavior of the past. He said the fall of Roman civilization was due to imperial despotism and concluded that political freedom is a necessary condition for a healthy civic life. He saw Florence as the place for the resurgence of the civic freedom and republicanism that had distinguished Athens and Rome in their best days. This movement can also be seen through Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise. The idea of setting Old Testament stories in classical architectural settings illustrates a...
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added: 01/26/2012
"The past is what makes the present coherent," said Afro-American writer James Baldwin, and the past "will remain horrible for exactly as long as we refuse to assess it honestly." The African slave trade played an important role in the stabilization of Europe's economy, its transition to capitalism, the development of the nation state, and the establishment of their imperial empires. The opening of the Atlantic led to the development of Europe's commercial empire and industrial revolution. The demand for African slave labor arose from the development of plantation agriculture, the long-term rise in prices and consumption of sugar, and the demand for miners. Not only did Africans represent skilled laborers, but they were also experts in tropical agriculture. Consequently, they were well-suited for the plantation agriculture that was being used in the new world. Africans then became the final solution to the acute labor problem in the New World. HISTORY From the begining, relations between Europe and Africa were economic in nature. Portuguese merchants traded with Africans from trading posts they set up along the coast. They exchanged items like brass and copper bracelets for such products as pepper, cloth, beads and slaves. At the time this was all part of an existing internal African trade market. Domestic slavery was common in Africa and there was trading of humans well before European slave buyers arrived. It started with the capture of black slaves that were bought by Arabs and exported across the Saharan desert to the Mediterranean and Near East. In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered the 'New World' or America's. This find proved disastrous not only for the Native Americans but also for Africans. It marked the beginning of a triangular trade between Africa, Europe and the New World. European slave ships, mainly British and French, began taking people from Africa to the...
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added: 10/23/2011
Jazz and education are not as unrelated as one might think. Although they seem different on the surface, the very things that make up jazz and education are one and the same. Education exemplifies the elements of the jazz model. Obviously the community exists in and of the classroom, with the students and the teacher creating the energy, and they themselves embodying the other elements of jazz. The most common place for education to take place is in the classroom. The fact that a community that exists between the teacher and the individual students is blatant to anyone who is able to observe the relationships that form during a class. During any normal class period, the students are almost guaranteed to interact amongst themselves, and are of course forced to interact on at least a minimal level with the teacher of the class. This interaction on an individual and group level forms a sense of community in the class room, and as with living communities, each class is different depending on the type of people in the class and their personalities, as well as the personality of the teacher. The energy possessed by an educator is very important to the learning process, just as the energy created in jazz music is important to how the music is taken as an art form. For example, if a teacher stalks into the classroom with a scowl on their face and yells at the students, it is obviously not as conductive to learning as if the teacher had walked into class and started making jokes to catch the student's attention. This parallels jazz in that jazz must possess a good driving energy in order to be taken well and be pleasant to listen to. Communication is also essential to having a successful educational experience. In jazz,...
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added: 01/31/2012
Timothy Slemp Due to lack of funds and support from state and federal governments, public schools are unable to provide music education and hands on experience with musical instruments. Therefore, parents seek the assistance of a private music instructor to aid in this deficiency. As a result of learning music, students also make new friends, have an outlet for self-expression, increase self-esteem and improve their academic abilities. There are many social groups in which students can get involved where music students come together to learn, play and mingle with other students. Music retail stores often have weekly or monthly bluegrass sessions that are open to the general public. Many churches occasionally have events where musicians bring instruments and share their abilities with others by playing worship songs or praise music as it is sometimes termed. Also, private music schools frequently have ensembles that gather regularly to perform songs that have recently been taught to the students of that particular school. While attending such social groups, music students are able to perform songs with each other. These groups create an excellent environment for friendships to flourish. Students meet others who share similar music interests and regularly form bands to perform in clubs, talent shows, church, and other public events. Students bond and become lasting friends as a product of quality time spent learning an instrument. Students find that learning to play an instrument is an extremely useful tool for self-expression, specifically when the student has invested time to improve abilities on an instrument. Students often find it easier to express feelings and emotions through music rather than through words. Musical notes can be put together into beautiful, gloomy, angry, or sad melodies to demonstrate the feelings of the performer. For example, it has been noted that music students who experience a death or disaster...
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added: 09/01/2011
the arts are great. Humanities are the broad areas of human creativity and the studies essentially involved with values and generally not strictly objective or scientific standards. As I perceive it, humanity deals in all the areas of human creativity. It is the lense through which an individual perceives her or his motives for life. An Education in Liberal Arts Liberal arts is a universal education that provides a strong foundation of knowledge in many subjects. Liberal arts can observe the capabilities as well as the limitations of each field of study. This allows students to find connections between different fields of study. Art, Religion, and the Dreaming "The Dreamtime, or the Dreaming, is crucial to the understanding of Aboriginal art. Art is a means to the Dreaming, a way of making contact with this spiritual dimension, and yet in turn it is the product of the Dreaming ." Has the ancient tradition of ballads fallen prey to today's modern society? One might think so. The truth, however, is the opposite. Ballads have thrived throughout many centuries and have influenced many types of music. Punk, Ska, and Hardcore bands such as Operation Ivy, Less Than Jake, H2O and Albert. It is widely acknowledged that Michelangelo's frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel are the greatest achievement in Western art, having inspired artists through the ages to use its styles and motifs in their own work. Since its unveiling 490 years ago, this complex masterpiece has transfiguration. "A Post-Modern Age?" Introduction: Post-Modernism can be described as a particular style of thought. It is a concept that correlates the emergence of new features and types of social life and economic order in a culture; often called modernization, post-industrial, consumer, media, or multiple....
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added: 12/14/2011
Case Study 5 By Ashley Blacker The Evaluation of Wassily Kandinsky Wassily Kandinsky was a Russian painter, whose exploration of the possibilities of abstraction makes him one of the most important innovators in modern art. Both as an artist and as a theorist he played a pivotal role in the development of abstract art. Born in Moscow, December 4, 1866, Wassily Kandinsky spent his early childhood in Odessa. His parents played the piano and the zither and Kandinsky himself learned the piano and cello at an early age. The influence of music in his paintings cannot be overstated, down to the names of his paintings Improvisations, Impressions, and Compositions. Kandinsky studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany, from 1896 to 1900. His early paintings were executed in a naturalistic style, but in 1909, after a trip to Paris during which he was highly impressed by the works of the Fauves and postimpressionists, his paintings became more highly coloured and loosely organised. Around 1913 he began working on paintings that came to be considered the first totally abstract works in modern art; they made no reference to objects of the physical world and derived their inspiration and titles from music. In 1911, along with Franz Marc and other German expressionists, Kandinsky formed Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider) group (so called for Kandinsky's love of blue and Marc's love of horses). He produced both abstract and figurative works during this period, all of which were characterised by brilliant colours and complex patterns. By this time he was already "abstracting'' from the image, using it as a creative springboard for his pioneering art. Seeing a painting of his own, lying on its side on the easel one evening, he had been struck by its beauty, a beauty beyond what he saw when he set it...
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added: 02/20/2012
Evil cannot stimulate the human nervous system. It is an idea similar to justice, love or any other concept which our race has set in stone as the pillars of society. Yet it is not possible to grasp evil, as you would a stone, therefore there can be no definitive comprehension of what evil is. It is but a concept which, like any other, is relative to human experience. The trust in the judicial system through the eye's of Thomas Beckett and O.J. Simpson would differ beyond recognition as would the evaluation of moral evil through Hitler's eyes as opposed to Mother Theresa's. "The problem of evil is of special importance when considering the existence of god in philosophy." The problem lies not with evil but with our comprehension of the concept. This comprehension varies from one culture to the next, evil shifts its meaning throughout the world, depending on what religious agenda you happen to be force fed? In this assignment I intend to dissect the notion of evil, to disarm the impulsive fear which contorts and weakens the mind when assessing what evil is and then to conclude whether a problem exists or not. Evil is in the eye of the beholder. The Babylonian myth argues that evil exists due to the existence of evil gods. The Greek myth suggests that evil belongs to human destiny. The Manichean myth holds that matter is inherently evil, that good can only exist outside the universe. Then there is the Judeo-Christian myth which states that evil prevails due to human choice, free will. St. Augustine's view was that evil is simply an absence of a good that ought to be there. My opinion is that evil is a title given to the more spontaneous, more wilful, and impulsive and even artistic, inventive...
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The word 'leisure', to most people, is believed to mean "free time". In a society run by the second hand of the clock one can see that time is not "free", and this statement is thus filled with deficiencies. Furthermore, the idea that "time is money", in today's capitalist society, puts a strain on seeing leisure as such. Philosophers, such as Csiksentmihalyi and Kubey who are later quoted in this text, have invited a way for humans to flourish and find excellence in all of our daily activities by introducing the Flow Theory. The idea behind this paper is to give you, the reader, a clear understanding of 'flow'; being the state of, the theory behind it, and the concept. I will first enlighten the reader with such, and follow with a description of a situation that I myself have been in that was lacking in 'flow'. I will furthermore give a description of how I could have "framed" the situation in order to have been able to experience 'flow'. I will conclude with a description of the same situation from the point of view of Virtue Theory (which I will later elaborate on), identifying the virtues that could have been used, and those that were. To understand the theory of 'flow', one must first have a clear understanding of the state of 'flow', which can be described as: -the concentration of attention on a limited stimulus field -forgetting of ones personal problems -a loss of the sense of time and of ones self -the feeling of competency -the feeling of being in control -having a sense of harmony and union with ones surroundings -a balance of ones "inner" and "outer" skills being used At the most general level, it can be said that 'flow' is a state of experience that is autotelic or intrinsically rewarding; hence, it provides its own motivation....
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added: 06/27/2011
The Freedom of the city is a nice play where there are three xchractaters locked in the guildhall trying to escape the british and the soldiers on the march/ its very sad to see the poor society in the 1970's that Lily, Michael and Skinner live in. their poverty stricken lifestye is hard to endure. Lily has eleven children and lives in a very small apartment. she is without many basic commodities and she is very positive about hder life and her children/ she is the sole breadwinner and she is very fair to her family. she looks after both michael and skinner who are younger and has a maternal instict. its skinner who is aware of their fate before they leave the guoldhall to confront the soldiers. life is about enjoyment in the mayor's chamber. Micheal is very scared of the british aristocracy and believes that justice and freedom are attainable through good behaviour and by protestuing silently. it is set in derry otherwise known as Londonderry ireland and is based on the events of Bloody sunday where thirteen unarmed demonstrators were shot by the British police after a public protest for human rights. the play is written by brian friel and he has included the additional perspective of Dodds and the Judge in the judicial ionquiryr asdhsdfglwdg sdgulsdgfsdfl sdulsdfgu;ds; sduiosdghwe; sdueu sueu the yes and yes the and yes thanklu. the three do not achiev justice and equality through their protest and lily marches for declan. the the the freedom of the city is a play by brian friel and is set in Ireland during the civil rights protests...
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added: 01/24/2013
Changing the Gears of Life There are many instances in life in which the feeling of new beginning is sensed. Learning and discovering how to do new and exciting things can change a person and their outlook on life forever. In the case of which that is my own, I not only learned a life changing skill, but also bonded in a new found relationship. The skilled acquired here, wasn't anything rare, and yet held the strongest of significance in the smallest way. Since adolescence, I had a strange interest for automobiles and their functionality. Furthermore, it's only natural to want to drive a car along with that interest. With a house full of drivers and watching them operate cars from day to day, was amazement. It almost became a passion to learn. As the years were coming close to fill the gap in which I would be able to legally drive a car, the anticipation grew as well. The pages began to flip as my brain began to absorb all the techniques, rules and regulations that any driver needs to know in order to operate a vehicle. Finally on a chilly autumn afternoon, the time came to pour my brains out on the written exam. Nervously, the exam was completed in about two to three minutes. As nervous eyes locked a dead stare at the grader's pen a feeling of happiness began to strike and from a distance a two-thumbs up was the final verdict. On the completion of the first stage, the grueling process of acquiring the actual skill of getting on the road was still ahead. This is the point in which the best of drivers would become frightened. My father was very hesitant at first. He saw that it would be very difficult and also quite dangerous as well....
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added: 01/27/2012
"You Can Run, but You Can't Hide" If one chooses not to face reality, it will soon become a "slap in the face" in many ways, which is a major theme portrayed in The Glass Menagerie, by Tennessee Williams. The play was published in 1944 and was originally titled The Gentleman Caller. The characters in The Glass Menagerie each have another life they want to lead, yet none but one could actually go face to face with reality and step out into the "real world." There were attempts made by other characters, but they always came back and couldn't adapt to change. It seems that Williams believes that many American families suffer from this fear of change. He hints this idea throughout the play with various symbols. Many of the symbols used in the play lead to some form of escape or difference between reality and illusion. The Glass Menagerie takes place in an old apartment in St. Louis, Missouri. The Wingfield apartment is in the rear of the building, one of those vast hive-like conglomerations of cellular living-units that flower as warty growths in overcrowded urban centers of lower middle-class population and are symptomatic of the impulse of this largest and fundamentally enslaved section of American society to avoid fluidity and differentiation and to exist and function as one interfused mass of automatism.(I,i,348) Across the street from the old building a nightclub called "Paradise Dance Hall." The family's apartment could be considered the exact opposite of "paradise". The actual apartment the Wingfields live in faces and alley way, symbolizing their isolation from the rest of the world. It is entered by a fire escape, a structure whose name is a touch of accidental truth, for all of these huge buildings are burning with the slow and implacable fires of human desperation.(I,i, 348) The...
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I believe that subjectively we all act according to principle. These principles guide one's actions to experience a good life. An individual's perception of what a good life consists of may vary extremely from one to another. I believe that a good life consists of independent thinking; however, life should not be planned out or analyzed to the point where fear rules your life. Yes, it is great to be knowledgeable, and achieve a greater consciousness of consequences. However, aspects of life are not tangible, such as love; therefore, they cannot be explained because there is no real explanation. 'The Good Life' signifies a type of Nirvana that one may experience in a lifetime. Some may call it full self-realization. For one to live a good and content life, one does not have to be a certain type of person or be living a certain lifestyle. As a statistic many people in the United States choose to be homeless. I presume they enjoy this and it makes them content. Thoreau in "Walden" created his own shack on Walden lake and experienced his own version of 'the good life'. To find 'the good life' I I believe that these principles guide one in the decision making process to attain the central most important thing of each individual, which is to attain happiness. Happiness is something that cannot be specifically explained, but its universal meaning is understood by all. I do not believe that humans will ever be totally and completely happy because that's human nature. There is a constant need to want more, therefore human nature makes it extremely hard and virtually impossible for one to attain a feeling that would leave one absolutely content with their life. Complete happiness can only result from the acceptance of one's life as is, therefore, desires and...
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added: 01/05/2012
Dear Mayor, I am very concerned about Erie City Councils vacillation over whether of not to support the war effort. Erie should not be neutral concerning the war and certainly not opposed to it. City Council needs to set aside its selfish political agenda and actively support the war effort. If Erie were to reverse it's anti-war resolution it would be treasonous. Young men and women from our city and around the country are risking their lives for our freedom and security. We cannot let this war become another Vietnam in that our countrymen are sacrificing their lives for a thankless nation. The reasoning of City Council is invalid and self-serving. They bend their will because of the pressure of a few radical. As Americans we need not necessarily agree with the war, but we must still support it and help the effort because it is our duty. To be idle is to disrespect American in the highest degree. I know you are not to blame for the attitudes of all city councilmen, but your influence and voice must be true to the county you serve. You can make a great impact on many residents in Erie if you show yourself to be a true servant to them and the country you are a part of by praising the President and the armed forces. I ask you not only as an Erieite but as an American to be bold and resist the political pressure to conform to neutrality and stand firm in support of our war. Thank you for your time and consideration in reading my request The welfare system serves as a prime example of the distance which America has strayed from the guiding principles of hard work and moral values. America was founded by forefathers which exhibited these principles in their selfless efforts...
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added: 01/11/2012
The Great Santini –1- The Great Santini The Great Santini is a very powerful, gut-wrenching movie which portrays the life of a martinetish Marine, Bull Meechum and his family. The self- proclaimed Great Santini and his wife, Lillian have four children Ben, Mary Anne, Karen and Matthew. Bull's position as a Marine pilot has resulted in a numerous variety of relocations, and hardships on his family. The school-aged children are all searching for an identity for themselves while simultaneously learning where they fit in the family dynamic. The Meechum family is similar to many other families in a limited number of ways. The siblings often tease and bicker with each other naturally, while every member of the family shows the utmost respect for Bull and his position in the family. Although the family demonstrates characteristics of a "normal" family in some aspects, much of their behavior represents dysfunction. The actions and beliefs of this family maintain the levels of dysfunction in a vast number of ways. Primarily, it is revealed that everyone in the family is afraid of Bull in one way or another, and the respect that is shown to him is a result of his position in the military and not due to their love for their father's personal qualities. It might be suggested that Bull is more of a military officer than a father figure or a loving husband. This can be demonstrated in his effort to physically abuse his wife for questioning him. Further dysfunction is represented when Lillian comes to the defense of Bull, claiming that harsh words never hurt anyone. The Great Santini –2- Ben's position of the oldest son leads him to receive the prime attention of his father in most instances. Bull expects Ben to strive to be just like him, and uphold the same interests as his...
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added: 12/07/2011
The Greek theatre is a crucial part of architectural history and how sporting venues are built today. The theatre provided entertainment to the citizens of Greece just as sports arenas do today. For example, the existence of the SkyDome in Toronto, Ontario, relies heavily on the Greek theatre and how it was constructed. The Greek theatre took shape in the late fifth century. It is made up of four basic parts. First, is the skene, which was a structure built in the background that would house props, costumes, and dressing rooms. The next part of the theatre is the proskenion. This was built in front of the skene as a backdrop façade. It was not used for a stage and was one-story in height. The third part is the orchestra. This area was designated for the singers, dancers, and dramatic action. The shape of the orchestra was circular. The last part of the theatre is seating for the audience which is called the auditorium. The ring of seats were cut into the side of a hillside providing optimal viewing for a mass of people. The theatre brought forth entertainment for the citizens of Greece. The stories of love and tragedy provided excitement and joy to the audience. Also the theatre was a celebration of religion and civic beliefs. These celebrations were attended to by everyone. They tended to be poetic and musical. The profound religious feeling of the Greeks for the earth and sky was highly shown in the theatre. The greatest theatrical performances hoped to contest with the natural spectacles. The SkyDome in Toronto, opened in 1989, is one of the most famous stadiums of all time. Its fully retractable roof makes it a stand out venue. But, there are many similarities to the Greek theatre. When the SkyDome is set up...
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