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Andrea Weaver September 18, 2002 Block 1 Erin I don't know him. All he did was, to put it politley, stick it in my mother, pulled his pants up and went to the next dumb broad. Next thing you know she finds out she is pregnant with me. Pregnant by that sickening excuse for a father. Not even worth label of a sperm donor. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you my name is Erin. Erin Deijhanique Bell. Look at me, telling my business and not introducing myself. I am a junior at Oakland Tech, or as the white folks like to call it Oakland Technical High School. I am from them shady 80's in E.S.O. Which means East Oakland in the 80's. I have been living here all my life with the fam. The fam is Moms, my brother Marcus and I. If you haven't guessed I don't live with my father, so just forget about him he ain't nobody. So anyway, I have been discovered in the prime of my life. I am one beautiful singer. I should be I have been doing my singing thing all my life. I damn sure deserve every penny I make doing it. My "producer" has had me going from town to town, singing here and there, making some extra cash, and just doing it big. I have no weekends and no weekdays. During the week school is priority and on the weekend singing is priority. Ever since I did my first shows my friends have been telling me but forget them. Last week Tylawnya gone say, "You aint never got time for us no more. You and that singing shit. That's why you aint got a nigga, cause you be neglecting everybody." Tylawnya is just who she is. We used to be worst enemies before we became friends....
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added: 06/24/2011
RÉSUSCITÉ Source: NME, 6 avril 2002 Auteur: Jason Fox Un ouragan de grossièretés, un raz-de-marée de bile et un énorme missile régurgité à la face du rock "soft". Liam Gallagher est de retour, exclusivement dans NME. Ressortez les packs de bière et dépoussiérez vos parkas: Oasis sont de retour. L'attente a été longue. Ca doit bien faire 18 mois que leur dernière campagne a été lancée, pour ce single vite oublié, au titre révélateur: "Sunday morning call"; mais 2002 voit le groupe revigoré et de nouveau au meilleur de leur forme belliqueuse. Ce n'est plus l'Oasis au coke-rock gonflé de l'époque "Be here now" (numéro 1 en Amérique, bien qu'on en parle comme d'un flop) ni le patchwork hasardeux de "SOTSOG" (numéro 54 en Amérique, bien qu'on n'en parle pas du tout), mais un Nouvel Oasis reluisant et aérodynamique, prêt à arracher le Britrock à l'esclavage et commencer un genre de renaissance du rock'n'roll jamais vu depuis, euh... Oasis. C'est ça. Vous allez me dire, on connaît la chanson, n'est-ce pas? Et bien, regardez le clip produit par le vétéran du génie vidéo Wiz pour le nouveau single "The Hindu times". Disparus, les chemises fleuries qui flottent au vent et les visuels psychédéliques à deux sous! Ici, le groupe arbore un attirail de vestes en cuir noir, jouent de leurs intruments dans un environnement monochrome fantasmatique sous le regard de prêtresses SM armées de pistolets, et où clignotent des néons formant les mots "pilules" et "bombes", et le groupe sirotent des bouteilles de lait. Pfou! C'est "Oasis Mécanique". "21st Century Son". Pas étonnant que Wiz décrive le clip comme "le clip que chaque fan d'Oasis voudrait voir." Tout ceci associé au meilleur riff-qui-vrille-le-crâne qu'ils aient produit depuis "Morning Glory". Et encore, je ne vous ai pas encore parlé des paroles. Cette chanson— au cas où vous viendriez...
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added: 01/18/2012
The objectification of women is commonly used to refer to the presentation of women in the media as an object. Women's bodies are routinely used as objects to sell various products. In certain pictures women are presented as being vulnerable and easily overpowered especially in ads were they have on revealing clothing and take on submissive roles. These images are found in music videos as well, where the focus is only a particular body part. Lyrics to some songs promote this objectification as well. "In many magazine advertisements women are often viewed as objects rather than human beings. Instead of focusing on the woman as a whole, many ads will just focus on one part of her body" (Objectification of Women).Often the focus is on a leg, a neck, a headless torso, etc. One Guess Eyewear ad has a man's head resting on a woman's torso. While her breasts are visible, her head is not. Skyy Vodka continually uses women's legs in their advertisements. One ad for Lily of France which spans the bottom of two pages not only focuses on a headless torso, but compares the breasts to speakers. Women's bodies are used as desirable objects to attract attention to the product. This is occurring in increasingly ridiculous ways. An ad for Visa found in several teen magazines shows only a woman's stomach. A naked woman with her face tucked away holds a Palm Pilot. The text reads, "Simply Palm". About-Face (an organization which combats negative and distorted images of women) features commentary on that particular ad. "Simply gratuitous use of naked female body to sell high-end electronic gizmo to gullible (mostly male) public. Esquire magazine featured on its Febuary 2001 cover, a naked Italian actress covered in cavier. The featured photo spread included one of her covered in honey...
pages: 7 (words: 1873)
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added: 02/15/2012
In 1967, when Olivier Messiaen agreed to collaborate on a book of conversations, the composer of the evocative and grandly scaled Turangalila-symphonie was already considered one of the masters of twentieth-century music. Yet outside professional circles and a small but enthusiastic public, his works remained little known; he was perhaps most famous as the influential teacher of avant-garde composers Pierre Boulez, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Iannis Xenakis. Nearly three decades later, the distinctive musical works of Messiaen have achieved the status of contemporary classics. In the intervening years, the composer himself enjoyed increased fame thanks to the far-reaching influence of his Saint Francois d'Assise, a grand operatic fresco first performed in 1983 at the Paris Opera. Honors and commissions came in abundance, yet Messiaen never bound himself to a single compositional style and never stopped experimenting - with modes that give his works their unique color, with rhythms based on ancient Greek and Indian models, with metallic sonorities inspired by the Balinese gamelan, and above all with bird songs. Considering birds the "greatest musicians on our planet", Messiaen sought them out wherever he traveled, scrupulously notating their songs and transcribing them for musical instruments. At the time of his death in 1992 at the age of 83, he had made major contributions to every part of the concert repertoire. This collection of conversations, revised and augmented in 1986, preserves the essence of the earlier version, but the subject matter has been updated, the book enriched by several new chapters, the discography and bibliography made current and more thorough, and the book'soriginal contents revised and corrected, line by line. The result is a richly personal view of this prolific and original figure, who in a career of more than six decades sought to convey through music the wonders of nature and his...
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added: 01/17/2012
At weddings, on commercials, and even on cell phone ring tones, Pachelbel's "Canon in D" is everywhere in today's world. Johann Pachelbel was born in Nuremberg, Germany, on September 1st, 1653, and died there on March 3rd, 1706. An organist and composer, he became one of the greatest organists in Germany. "Studying at the Universities of Altdorf and Ratisbon, Johann moved to Vienna in 1671 where he became a student and organist at the Imperial Chapel." (Sojurn). "In addition to school, he had two music teachers, one who introduced him to the fundamentals of music while the other taught him to play and compose." (Johann) Though Pachelbel did not seem to have many influences, he certainly influenced others such as Johann Christoph "who, in turn, taught his younger brother, Sebastian Bach." (Mfiles) "Canon in D", one of Pachelbel's most popular composition, gained attention in 1980. It features the use of a ground bass that consists of eight notes that are repeated over and over throughout the piece. Originally meant for three violins and a continuo, it is a complex work with bass accompaniment. The popularity of this piece may be because it contains a pattern that is repeated over and over like in most popular music. A Baroque piece, "it has been interpreted by many and can also be found in modern pop songs." (Johann Pachelbel) "Canon (or Kanon) is when a piece of music is imitated and repeated. First one instrument or vocal starts with a piece of the melody. Then after a number of tones, a second instrument or vocal starts to repeat, or imitate, the first one, playing the exact same tones, but with a time delay. More instruments or vocals may fill in depending on the composer's wishes." (Johann) "Canon in D" stirs many emotions to those who...
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added: 12/19/2011
"Family Portrait" by Pink and "I'm okay" by Christina Aguilera express being hurt by family. The idea is to understand why these two songs are so much alike yet they are different. The lyrics are very emotional because the artists describe the hurt inflicted on them by family. The songs are belted out in such a powerful manner that the audience can only imagine what really went on. While Christina depends on her mother to survive, Pink believes her father can make things well again. Each artist uses their lyrics to explain the hurt they feel even though they are two different, but slightly similar kinds of pain. In the song "Family Portrait" Pink sings about herself as a child torn apart by the possibility of her parents divorce. The child is hurt by this and does not want her parents to split up. " Can we work it out? Can we be a family? Daddy please don't leave." She wants her parents to work through the problems. It is understandable that the child wants her family to stay together. Certain lyrics in the song lead the listener to consider that the speaker thinks she and her mother are the reason her parents fight. "Mom will be nicer, I'll be so much better I'll do everything right." All children dream of having the perfect family and every young girl dreams of having her father around Pink believes that if her father stays everything will be okay. It is easy to assume that the pain of divorce is difficult, but abuse is a different kind of pain. In Christina Aguilera's song "I'm Okay" the speaker sings about a pain of another kind: abuse. "The song is about the abuse her father inflicted on her as a child and her mother. The lyrics are...
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added: 01/18/2012
Pantera formed in 1990 with their initial first album "Cowboys from hell." and 14 years later their still around. This great band once said, "We've got the bass drum kick that will blow out your eyes!" This describes quiet well what a Pantera concert is usually like. Pantera is one of the best rock/metal bands ever. They describe their music as "power groove". They have the best mix of musical talent and insane, heavy music. There is no place that I would rather be than at the craziest show, a Pantera concert. Bodies everywhere. It is one giant mass of slamming flesh and muscle to one rhythmic beat. Hair is in high motion, due to the constant head banging of everyone within four miles of the show. Lights constantly flashing, giving the whole show a slow motion feel. All I can hear is the enraged people around me, and the thrashing speed metal of the band that I love. "Cowboys From Hell" and "Domination" roaring louder than anything I have ever heard before. As Phil sings, "We're taking over this town," I can feel the bass pounding in my head, the bodies of complete strangers colliding almost through me. The unruly pain of the crowd surfers kicking you in the back of the head as the rest of the audience throws their bodies toward the stage as if they were crash test dummies. The smell of this chaotic hell is utterly repulsive, the stench of stale beer combined with the sweet smell of marijuana smoke. The scorching Arizona heat combined with the body heat of 40,000 insane people creates an odor of unimaginable stench. The smell is so bad that you can taste it. The taste of old urine integrated with the sickening taste of salt water. If I had...
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added: 06/16/2011
Now tell me children, are rules that you abide by fair? Schools in the south are getting more strict each year, parents seem like they are getting tougher as we get older. Are these rules we must abide by fair? It all depends on the rule. I am sure that all of you out there have gotten into an argument with your parents. Yes? Well, you know that you have to abide by those rules that a parent sets. But are they all fair? bed times, Television hours, dating rules, where does it all end? In school, i know personally that i get into arguments all of the time with teachers because they make me do something to me that seems unfair. In our school, the elementary and intermidiate school kids aren't aloud to talk when they are in the halls, or while they eat in the cafeteria. Even if they whisper they are yelled at. is that right? How can children that young of age have the appropriate communications skills by the time that they reach the age level where they need it most--highschool. PDA, public display of affection. Fair or crazy? Public dispaly of affection has gotten out of hand. If a couple is holding hands, and the principal sees, its all down-hill from there. hugging, kissing and holding hands. other than that, how else are you supposed to tell if a couple is a couple or just friends? Think about these issues. Does anything need to be changed because of them? Or are they perfectly fine the way they are?...
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added: 02/19/2012
As a little girl, playing the piano was something I had always wanted to do. I could sit and watch other people play the piano all day long. I can remember sitting in church when I was young, and wanting so much to be the church pianist. This essay describes the excitement of taking piano lessons and how the last piano recital made me feel like I had accomplished something wonderful in my life. My mother always knew I wanted to play the piano. One day she came up to me and asked me if I wanted to start taking piano lessons. I could hardly believe my ears! I was eight years old when I started playing. Finding a piano teacher was somewhat difficult. First of all, we did not know anyone who was giving lessons. After a couple of months, our church pianist announced that she was going to start giving lessons. I was so excited because I loved watching her play the piano. Many parents have to beg their kids to practice; not me. I loved to practice. It always made me feel good inside just to know what I was accomplishing. After taking lessons for three years, my piano teacher moved to a different state. A couple of weeks went by and I decided to take lessons from another lady. After one lesson, I decided not to go back to her because it seemed that the whole time she was suppose to be giving me lessons, I was showing her how to play. About two days after that, a friend of mine had suggested that I try her piano teacher; I did and loved her. She was an elderly lady, about sixty-one or two with brownish-gray hair. She was married and lived in a cute house in Van Buren. She...
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added: 12/27/2011
'Music' is a word with several meanings, to some it is simply entertainment, a pleasure they enjoy indulging in when they are bored of going out. For others it is an escape, a sanctuary away from the world, society, and the chaos that surrounds their hectic, everyday lives. Music plays a very important role in the very fabric of our lives; often used to reflect how someone feels towards an individual or an object or to evoke suppressed emotions. A good friend of mine has written a dark, depressing song about how text messaging has taken away much from our interpersonal conversations. In general, music is a form of expression for ones feelings and emotions, whether stated straight out or expressed through metaphors, double-meanings and hidden messages. Music can be used for many different reasons, and for many different occasions. Music at an Art Gallery is used to help the artist express his emotions and feelings derived from his work. Music at an elegant restaurant might be soft and calming, used to create a relaxed environment for an individual to enjoy their meal; music at a Mexican restaurant or at a kids' restaurant is often lively and upbeat. At a party music is used to entertain, to make the occasion more enjoyable – and to get the party-goers moving. A party can be called 'fun' based on the social group, yet in most cases the social group would not stick around if the music does not appeal to them. People have a variety of personality types, which can be reflected by the types of music they listen too. Some people enjoy a good rhythmic sound that they can dance to; they appreciate music like R&B or Hip-hop. Other people enjoy just sitting and listening as the music weaves its melodious spell, whether...
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added: 02/20/2012
Three Quarters of the way through typing my first essay, which was just going to be about music in general, my word-processor program decided it would be fun to crash and lose all of my unsaved information. After the volley of profanity and screaming, I started out on another essay, and while I sit here and listen to Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here, I think I could write a more complete and on-topic paper about this one particular band that I like, instead of trying to outline all the different music types I have been into over the past couple of years. Pink Floyd in my opinion is one of the most influential rock groups to date, their lyrics are so profound and touch not only the heart, but the soul. Pink Floyd is a complex machine and I don’t understand how they can come up with such good lyrics and music in general. You would think that a couple of guys sitting around tripping on LSD would be too fried to come up with anything worth listening to, but that’s not the case. I feel that the power of their music was influenced by their drug use. I think that all those psychedelics helped them to see something that maybe everyone else couldn’t, not literally, but I think that they were able to see how insignificant the human race is in the grand scheme of things. Their lyrics deal with life in general, and how one day you just realize that you haven’t done anything significant in your life. It makes you want to change, It makes you want to do something with yourself, instead of just wasting away into oblivion. Another subject they often dealt with is politics. They talk about not just the government, but something much larger,...
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added: 03/16/2011
Dance, poetry, and music seem inseparably associated in the early history of music in ancient Greece. The Greeks considered music a very important aspect of their culture having mathematical and cosmic significance. Music was described as an art exerting great power over human beings, meaning that the sound and influence of music often controlled and assisted in forming the human soul. There were many great philosophers of the time whom believed this theory to be true especially Plato. Plato thought music along with gymnastics should be a central aspect of education of the rulers. Plato was one who heavily believes that music is a potent force in forming the soul and impacts the character as well as the virtue of all humans. This theory forces one to think of the impact of modern music on people today, in a society where there is constant controversy surrounding certain popular music genres such as rap and heavy metal. Music lyrics have undergone dramatic changes since the introduction of rock and rap music more than 50 decades ago. This issue of interest raises several questions that I will address and discuss, pertaining particularly to rap lyrics and videos. One of the most important questions surrounding this topic is what images and values or understandings about ourselves as humans can be derived from this redesigned form of music and what can be done to prevent this foreseen problem. Well, most teenagers and even myself tend to interpret their favorite songs as being about love, friendship, growing up, life’s struggles, having fun, cars, religion, and other topics that relate to life and the life they wished they had. The lyrics of these songs along with the videos portray an ideal life for any young adult. Most rap videos include beautiful males and females living in luxury,...
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added: 09/24/2011
The Pop Promo Explanation A pop promo is a promotional tool used by record companies to affect the sales of a single, released by a music artist. A pop promo can include a certain theme or colour scheme which will best enhance the song visually. Pop videos are shown on music television stations, watched by millions around the globe. Anchorage – This means that aside from the lyrics and music, the imagery in a music video must anchor the strength and focus of the audience. Performance Video – ¾ of all pop promos are performance based, with some kind of performance being made by the artist such as miming to the lyrics. Non–Performance – Usually narrative based including a theme or story. Hybrid – When they are both mixed together. How Pop promos use Generic Conventions of Other Media Pop music videos often use generic conventions of other media for example television and film. Generic conventions simply mean a set of rules used by types of media to convey a genre of that media type. An example of the use of generic convetions within the media would be that a Situation Comedy like Friends is always based around everyday life – the family, work, love and is always (with exception of a few) set mainly in locations such as the home or work environment. A second example would be for instance that of the British soap opera. Which include the following generic conventions… • Same locations in each episode • Large Families, often in competition with each other • Love triangles, love hexagons etc and relationship issues • Theme of work (always within the community) • Some kind of tragedy occurring in storylines • A linear style of narrative • Cliff-hanger style endings HERO A specific example of a cross over of generic convention would be the music video for the song 'Hero' by Enrique Iglesias....
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added: 02/13/2012
Popular music is music that is enjoyed by the largest possible audience. It includes country music, folk music, rhythm and blues, jazz and rock'n'roll. Many things happened in the 1920's. First of all, radio was beginning to gain much power. Most of the songs of the 1920's were considered proper. There were also the conventional songs with ballads and old-fashioned waltzes. Overall, in that time where good songs and lyrics in popular music with much emphasis on the musical stage. Jazz had much musical freedom. It represented the way many people were feeling. Not everyone was smoking and drinking too much though. Many people still continued to lead highly respectable lives. The young people of the twenties were not experiencing the same kind of grief as the slightly older people. During this time big groups of jazz musicians started to play together. It was during the swing era and was known as the Big Band era. The songs were very optimistic and could bring up the mood of the listeners, who, at this time were very depressed. Swing music had a very loose feeling sound. It became more popular with the popularity of the radio. The great depression started in the 1930's. Because of this not many people could afford to buy records. But something new emerged out of the darkness. It was the radio. People could listen all they wanted, for free. People began to stop listening to the records and depended on their trusty radio. And not only could they tune into their favorite songs, but also hear the news and other forms of entertainment. During the thirties many people immigrated to the United States. With them they brought the music from their country. This had great influence on American music. Some immigrant composers taught music or performed in...
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added: 03/16/2011
For those who are familiar with it, Punk Rock is a popular style of music because it allows for more freedom than the mainstream genres. Lyrically, artists of this genre can express themselves without fear of being criticized for their radical ideas. Also, most punk rock bands are on independent, widely unknown labels. This is a benefit in that they do not have to worry about how their image or behavior affects the image of their label, as do artists on major labels such as Sony or Warner Brothers. Another advantage of punk rock is that the artists are free to musically try new things and explore new styles. Similarly, since the birth of Mtv is the 1980s, pop music has seemed to move in a direction which favors pretty faces over talent, this is not true for punk rock. Finally, many people would prefer the intimate setting of a punk rock show to the massive stadium concerts of a more mainstream artist. Because they are not seen on tv or played on the radio, punk rock bands rely on fans to share music they enjoy with other people and the relationship that is formed, and the appreciation from the bands, gives punk rock a whole new aspect that might not be enjoyed in other genres. We all saw how recently many pop or country artist who expressed unfavorable political views were condemned for voicing these opinions. However, artists like the Clash, Anti-flag, Propaghandi, Bad Religion, and others have been expressing political and social oppositions for years, free from media backlash. Controversy is the essence of punk rock. The movement was started by bands like the New York Dolls and the Sex Pistols, in the late 1970's, with a conscious effort to go against the norm. More than a musical style,...
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added: 01/06/2012
The latest craze to hit America in the music scene has been punk music. It seemed to take the youth by storm. Everywhere you turn people are wearing blue mohawks, studded belts, liberty spikes and piercing. Even the television companies, radio stations and the Internet have been promoting this new craze. They show live concerts on T.V., play their music nationwide on the radio and have downloadable MP3's on the Internet. Punk music used to be for the outcasts of society and now every kid on the block has had some kind studded belt and dyed hair one time in there life. One of the biggest influences on bringing punk music into just about every house in America would be television. Music television (MTV) is one of the few stations that show videos and biographies on bands. MTV keep fans updated about band touring information and new CD's that have just hit the market. They even have a show just dedicated to the punk scene called Unplugged. On this show they bring in different band like Good Charlotte, Guttermouth, NOFX, and Tiger Army just to sit down and talk with them about their music and how they think it influences people who listen to it. Then at the end of the show the band gets to play a couple of songs. Not only do television shows play their music, but radio stations do also. The radio has never played punk music on the air before. However, within the past few years, they began playing their music. Now they play countless songs by various bands nationwide. There is even a punk only radio station in California and on the west coast of Florida. Pretty soon there will be those kinds of stations all across the nation in every big city and town. Yet another...
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added: 01/07/2012
All scientists agree that cell phone radiation and its affect are something to look after [6]. Although cell phone companies insist that there product are safe, the critics fight that this is precisely what the tobacco companies said before its was widely accepted that smoking is a direct factor of lung cancer[3]. All cell phones emit some kind of electromagnetic radiation. When using a cell phone, both sending and receiving calls emit a tiny amount of energy. The cell phone emits non-ionizing radiation and is considered safe. It causes heating in general and some examples of non-ionizing radiation are visible light, radio frequency and microwave radiation [7]. "A radio wave in space is characterized by its frequency, intensity of electric and magnetic fields, direction, and polarization" [66]. The interaction of external radio waves with different body tissues produces internal electric and magnetic fields. These fields can be calculated knowing the different parameters and boundary conditions using Maxwell's equations. This becomes a difficult problem, since biological bodies are diverse and vary in shape. This makes an exact solution impossible. The boundary conditions are also extremely complicated to calculate since they change dramatically depending on the situation [66]. Scientists are generally interested in how external fields combine with biological bodies to create internal fields. These internal fields will be the ones to interact with the membrane of the nucleus and the DNA it contains. Internal field strength is increasing proportionally with the external field strength. The problem rises when the internal field is not uniform to the external field, which adds complexity to the problem [66]. The magnetic permeability ({m}r =1)of most tissues is equal to that of free space. This means that most tissues are non magnetic. Both electric (E) and magnetic (H) fields decrease exponentially with distance from the boundary of a tissue because...
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added: 02/11/2012
Rage Against the Machine are arguably the first band to blend hip-hop-style vocals with heavy-metal grinding guitars to create the sub-genre known as rock-rap. The mostly down-tuned, heavily funk-influenced metal guitar from Tom Morello combined with the booming rhythm section of bassist Tim Commerford and drummer Brad Wilk give vocalist Zack de la Rocha the perfect backdrop to showcase his politically influenced and hard-hitting lyrics. "Testify", the first song from Rage Against the Machine's 1999 album 'The Battle of Los Angeles", appears to be a commentary of the general public's blindness to international issues and the filtering of information by the news media. This could be dealing with the American public, what the band is a part of, but it is not mentioned directly in the song. Rage Against the Machine identifies this current problem by making references to the filtered-down information put forth by the news media, the war over oil in the middle east, and by using a courtroom metaphor to describe how it is actually the people's choice to accept what they are shown every day in the media. The song starts with an effects-laden guitar noise being backed by a constant snare drum roll which sounds similar to an army-drill drum beat. A moaning bass in the back adds to the sound as well and gives the image of a tornado-like chaos which slowly builds into a constant, funk-influenced main instrumental chorus section. The drums continue to pound a constant beat and the bass follows the guitar line directly, bringing the song into full focus and into the first verse. A major issue dealt with in "Testify" is the filtering of the news media for the mass audience. Zack de la Rocha displays this throughout the song by role-playing both the public and someone in a position of power...
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added: 01/22/2012
Who We Are and What We Do MassHousing's Youth RAP program grew out of the concerns expressed by housing managers about the lack of resources for young people living in MassHousing developments in Boston neighborhoods. These were expressed at the Boston Inner City Task Force meetings, monthly meetings convened to bring together the parties most interested in a holistic approach to the issues of owning and managing inner city properties; and by management company liaisons active in MassHousing's Tenant Assistance Program (TAP). In the summer of 1991, seven programs started up at MassHousing developments. Over 200 younger children participated in organized recreational activities and field trips, and 60 young people were employed in a variety of jobs. Some were day camp counselors, some were office workers. The majority of teens employed participated in on-site work crew programs. The results of these efforts went far beyond the economic effect of these kids' very small paychecks. The young people involved took a new interest in the place they live. The relationship between residents - kids and parents - and management became more positive. Neighbors noticed that young people were making a positive difference. In the summer of 1992, the program went statewide and is now year-round. The addition of VISTA volunteers to various sites over the years has enriched the mix of services available to children and families by drawing an unprecedented level of community resources to the sites. One example is the commitment of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy to introduce young residents to the Academy and encouraging them to pursue their studies through a mentoring program. The commitment of the management company or owner of one-third of the Youth RAP project cost ensures a serious approach to program design and management. In addiiton the program results in cost savings due to the noticeable reduction in graffiti, and...
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The newest of pop culture trends in American Television is Reality Television. With each new season of television, major broadcasting stations have a new reality program for the audiences of America. The ratings for these shows have been exceeding high. The American population reaction to these shows have been mixed. Some reactions have been on the negative end. While, others have chosen to approach the subject of reality television with a comical view. Finally, some have chosen to just blatantly disregard the trend and questions it true mentally. Negative View: The reality television has not been accepted by all in America, some people have the idea that 'Reality Television' is the new pornography—mainstream voyeurism' (Johnson, 2001). In the issue of 'Maclean's' for January 29,2001, an article was submitted by Brian Johnson called 'We Like To Watch.' In this article, Johnson comments on the reality television programs and makes the opinion that such shows are not based on reality. Johnson states that the 'Reality TV' is a misnomer. Also, bringing forth the idea that if the Cartesian issue—whether the real world is real at all, or just a dreamscape within a dream—was placed aside that there would be more truth in an episode of 'The Simpsons' then the entire season of 'Survivor.' Yet, the success of 'Survivor, which Johnson stated drew in more than 51 million has network executives searching to find a way to clone its success. Claiming that the Fox's 'Temptation Island' is a cheap knock off with four unmarried couples and glorified prostitutes on a Caribbean Island, so that cheap that Johnson states it makes 'Survivor' look like Shakespeare. Analyzing 'The Mole' (ABC/CTV) sees it more sophisticated since it being a mystery game with 10 players who travel the globe, increasing the jackpot by completing goals as a team, while...
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