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Christina Aguilera Title: Reflection Album: Christina Aguilera 'Reflection' is the theme song of a Disney cartoon-Mulan, which is based on a story happened in ancient china. A girl called Hua Mu-Lan disguises herself as a man to serve in the army in her father,s place. As it says in the song: Who is that girl I see, Starting straight back at me, Why is my reflection, Someone I don,t know. She is looking for her own identity; she lost herself in the way pretending someone else for all the time. Her strong personality is representing through her bravery and courage. She sacrificed herself for her father, hardly stay in the army. She chose to meet it instead of run away. Why must we all conceal, What we think, How we feel, Must there be a secret for me, I,m forced to hide. This is also a reflection of the society. At that time, girls should stay at home and do housework but not join in army or do any other work like what men do. Mu-lan was against the rule so that she would have to pretend to be a man, hide from others and conceal her own thought. You can learn a lot from it. It teaches you how to face the difficulties, to solve them in multiple ways. Never give up easily, attempt to do all things with your best. The melody of this song is also quite worthful to listen to. It is song by Christina Aguilera. I believe that you will like it....
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added: 12/14/2011
FETISH Fetish. The word implies that which is irresistibly arousing and desirable. The cuisine and atmosphere offered by this proposed restaurant is especially designed to provoke this feeling as well as to provide its satisfaction. Fetish is an occasional restaurant capable of meeting and exceeding the expectations of a broad cross range of middle-class clientele. The menu is sophisticated, yet familiar. The food is tasty while nutritious. The dress is relaxed, but neither sloppy nor restrictive. The ambiance is casual yet interesting. Overall, Fetish will attract life conscious patrons looking for a comfortable atmosphere and food to stimulate the palate and conversation. The interior design of the location is set for those who wish to experience the high-end occasional restaurant without attending the normal setting ambiance. The simple furnishings of the tables make the setting look like something straight out of a second hand store. The bar is inviting with comfortable seating and is filled with beverages that suit both the person and environment.The community of Chico, California is well suited to embrace a restaurant such as Fetish. Our menu caters to those seeking to explore alternative menu items in a primarily dinner setting. Non-traditional proteins predominate our mostly seafood, tofu and vegetable dishes. We will also offer a modest lunch menu. The traditional meat dishes of the past will not be found. Dishes are versatile and can be easily altered to suite the ever-growing vegetarian or vegan diet. In the region of our prospective site, there are few cuisine restaurants, and the city is ripe to receive a hip new eatery. The city boasts a moderately small population of 67,500. This population is comprised of all ages and incomes, as well as many various lifestyles. Chico is predominantly a rural, educated, Caucasian, and middle class town. These facts provide the ideal...
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added: 04/14/2012
Dream Theater has always been a band known for trying to outdo themselves on each successive album, and Train of Thought is no exception. Simply put, the band carves out new musical territory, playing with ferocity and skill that puts other metal outfits to shame. With that said, lets get the bad out of the way, because there's plenty of good to go around. While this work features technically brilliant playing (including an absolutely astounding perpetual motion solo from Petrucci on the final track), it seems to lack the feeling of Dream Theater's past outings. While the album contains shades of their third record, Awake, in terms of heaviness, it lacks Awake's sense of humanity and awareness and instead gives the listener track after track of anger - anger at pop mainstream music, parents and childhood pasts, violent religious sects - and wearies with repeat listens. The songs themselves seem somewhat pieced together, and while other bands would have made a mess of putting such riffs into song, Dream Theater does well, but overall, cohesiveness is lacking. A few tracks seem to go on without knowing when to end and then, abruptly, cut off with little warning. Don't get me wrong, Dream Theater has always been known for pulling musical one-eighties in their songs. However, they have done a much better job of it in the past. As far as the positive side of things goes, this album definitely takes a new step forward. As I said earlier, John Petrucci is an incredible guitar player and he lets loose on this album more than he has on any other release. His solos seem less restrained and more improvised. Still he is able to pull off incredibly melodic stuff while producing some of the most heavy, chunky riffs that you will ever hear. Petrucci even...
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added: 12/08/2011
Rhapsody in Blue By: Raymon Trost Morris Gershovitz immigrated to New York from Russia in search of great opportunities. He had lost his Uncle's address, his only contact in the new world. He would have no where to sleep or eat until he found him. He later would win food money in a card game, sleep in an alley, and eventually find his Uncle. He would fall in love and marry a friend Rose Bruskin, who came to New York sometime before. He had many jobs and had to move the family through twenty-eight different homes. In the temporary home that could change at anytime, Morris and Rose would have four children: Ira born on December 6, 1896, George on September 26, 1898, Arthur on March 14, 1900, and Frances on December 6, 1906. As the family changed the last name would change as well, Morris would use the name Gershvin. Ira would keep that name, but George would change is to Gershwin (Jablonski and Stewart). In school George was always being a trouble maker. His teacher Miss Smith would always have to talk to him about disciplinary problems. Music didn't really interest him, he liked to spend his time with the boys, causing trouble in the streets. He would find his love of music while walking through the streets of New York. He went inside a penny arcade to find a mechanical piano. He put some money in the machine and listened to the sounds of Ruben stein's "Melody in F". George was in awe. Although the music stopped, the music in his soul would never leave him (Jablonski and Stewart). He would later meet a boy, named Maxie Rosenzweig, that would get him started on his path to stardom. They would become the best of friends. Maxie taught George everything that he...
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added: 11/24/2011
Rock and roll music is very influential in the lives of young people. From the origin of rock music to rock music today, many lives have been affected. Rock and roll music accompanies people everywhere they go. In the article, ?Rock and roll as Music; Rock and Roll as Culture? by Jack Santino, he discusses how people relate and identify with rock and roll music. Also, in the article, ?Rock ?N? Revolt,? Isabelle Leymarie examines the relationship between music and violence. People hear rock music when they ride in cars, when they shop at the mall, and even when they browse the internet. There are elements of rock and roll music that influence the identity formation of young people. First, rock and roll music affects a young person?s clothing style. In the article, ?Rock and Roll as Music; Rock and Roll as Culture,? the author Jack Santino discusses how rock music affects the way a person dresses. For example, he says how rebellious young people wear ?motorcycle jackets, shoulder-length hair on men, spiked bracelets, and razor blades? (197). Another style of dress is typical of heavy metal or rock listeners. For example, the band Metallica has a great impact on the way young people dress because when people hear their hard rock music it makes them want to dress in a violent way. Most people who like Metallica wear black shirts and chains hanging out of their pants to look like the lead singer. Rock and roll music also influences the appearance of one of my friends. To illustrate, he listens to the hard rock band Linkin Park, and he shaves his head and wears baggy clothes to look like the drummer of Linkin Park. He told me that the sound of their music made him want to him want to...
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added: 12/09/2011
recd the call letter from Madras Bearings today. They hv offered me the position of Product Manager for the industrial bearings. I would hv loved to be the senior product manager, because I am currently the area sales manager. I can't figure out if I should accept it. I am used to be a manager of a territory. Rima will not like it. Mom was happy; to her a job is important, not what I am known as. To her I continue to be rahul. When I told her, she planted a kiss on my forehead, for which I had to bend like a bow. Dad didn't even remove his eyes from the sixth page of Delhi Times, as he asked, "when r u joining?' I informed Mr. Handa that I would join on the 1st of next month, as desired. He told me that a letter detailing my induction programme would reach me within a week. …………………………………………………………… 1/02/2k1 hv just reached home. It was a tiring day. So many speeches, meetings, videos, papers. How do I remember so many names? What was Handa – VP or GM – HR ? I remember Simran – she's the ceo's secreatry. Hv to tell Rima abt simran rather dispassionately. I know she'll hv a couple of questions abt her, jus to check me out. My boss is Mr. MSRV Murthy. Everyone calls him MS, barrings the CEO; she calls him murthygaru. I hv to remember the programme they hv fr me. Oh (%#@*) forgot the paper. I hv an IQ of 136. I should remember. Let me write it down . Day one – Today – I met Mr Handa at 9; he was waiting fr me. He's a naïve, well-meaning guy. Most HR guys r. He welcomed me, gave me the Orientation Folder and asked...
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added: 01/15/2012
What does punk-rock taste like? Normally clean vocals that are easily understood, and etched into your skull because of their carefree wording. Drums that beat down in a melodic way, keeping everything bright and powerful. The guitar screams, but walks through the melody cautiously on other parts. The bass slaps its way through the song as well, giving the song some meat to chew on. For many people they shrug off the idea of listening to punk-rock mainly because it is different than other forms of popular music. These people often form bias opinions towards punk-rock before ever enjoying the experience themselves. However, the reasons why my friends and I enjoy punk-rock music, specifically the band Blindside, are deeper than just the outward sounds of their melodies. We appreciate punk-rock music because it is a form of support during difficult times, the music inspires us, and gives us an energetic outlet. Blindsides' lyrics are somewhat different than other punk-rock bands, whereas, Blindside incorporates Christian theology into most of their songs, this is the main way that I find comfort in their music. The lyrics, "And I know You're alive; And I'll give my heart to survive; This world has nothing to offer a human soul," from the song "Midnight" were exceptionally helpful about a year ago, when I faced the reality of my best friend Julie's serious state of depression. During this time, Julie began to doubt her faith and would occasionally slip into psychotic fits of suicide. Listening to Blindsides' records helped Julie on some level deal with what was going on in her life, and also helped me gain enough confidence to be a strong supporter. It almost became a ritual for us, when we needed encouragement we just popped in Blindsides' compact disk and for those three to...
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added: 12/02/2011
During the 1950s a man who revolutionized salsa with his incredible political conscious lyrics was born. To be more specific he was born on the 16th of July in 1948. He was born into a working family who lived in an old neighborhood in Panama. A mere boy at just four and he knew how to read and write because of his grandmother. His grandmother always stayed in his heart and was the subject to one of his future songs. Ruben Blades grandmother was an early feminist who sent only her daughters to school, she thought it was them, who would need it the most to make their way in life, more than her sons. As a result to Ruben's grandmothers decision, his mother learned to play the piano, just this fact alone established music in Ruben's life. Now Ruben's father was not out of this picture at all, in fact his father was not only a musician, but he was also a jockey, basketball player, detective, and percussionist. At age six, Ruben Blades won a writing contest from his elementary school. Ever since he won that award he never stopped writing again, of course as Blades matured so did his writings and songs which intertwined with politics. During his childhood, Blades was not really aware of his families financial stability. He said, "I never realized my family was poor until I left my neighborhood." Not only did he start thinking about his economic problems, but also the country's political situation with the United States was also becoming more and more difficult. This effected young Rubens life, the led him to think about problems he had never even thought about before. Ruben said, "Up to 1964 I had been totally pro Yankee. In tastes, in music, in everything. But the events...
pages: 8 (words: 1946)
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added: 01/26/2012
If I had not known the name or where this piece of music came from, I would still be inclined to listen to it as program music. Even without the title, the song strongly portrays a series of powerful narratives. The first few seconds of the music serve to get our attention, we then hear a pause and the introduction of the violin. This violin acts as an introduction for the rest of the movement. It is as if it the narrator were preparing us for the series of events we are about to take part in. The first section of the movement named "The Baghdad Festival," indeed does take on the musical qualities of a festival. The tempo is fast and the music is cheerful. Even without knowing the title to this part of the movement, the excited tone of the music brings festival-like images to mind. For example at 2:50 I feel as if I am in the middle of a bustling carnival. The music also is very busy and gives me the sense that I am trying to escape through a crowded area, which might be the case if the character in the narrative is trying to get out of the Baghdad Festival. At around 4:00 minutes the direction of the music seems to change completely. Instead of a quick tempo like before, there is a slower tempo. The music creates a feeling of suspense and chaos. Unlike the beginning, now the narrative takes a darker turn. This point in the music probably represents the sea. Generally think of the sea I think of chaos and crashing waves. The music takes on battle like qualities, which probably represent the characters battle against the sea. At 6:14 the same melody from the beginning is repeated. This quick and light melody is...
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added: 02/10/2012
Expressionism is a quality of inner experience the emotions of the artists communicated through their art The Expressionists era was an art movement dominated in Germany that enhanced this idea In Germany, experienced ecoomic political, and social upheaval after Word War 1 The uprise of Hitlers Nationalist Social Party, debt of World War 1 lots of artists at that specific time wanted to expose the negative aspects of that The Late Romantic Era was one in which composers took music and pushed it to its boundaries..they were the rebels sort of speak of the period This period was also known as Post Wagarian Arnold Schoenberg was born on Sept 13, 1874 in Vienna Germany Austro hungarian Composer was an orthodox jew He started off playing violin when he was young and soon started composing thereafter he didnt have any real mentors that trained him excet Zemlinsky who was a teacher and friend for a short while He said his greatest mentors were Beetoven and Wagner All music up to the Late Romantic Period of time was all tonal music A period of Chromatism came into play By playing tones that arents supposed to be in the key creates a stronger and more effective dissonance thought that it brought out more mood Schoenberg along with other composers like him, thought that Tonal music "governed" theyre way of composing so decided to compose and conduct atonal (free tone) music Schoenberg Developed the 12 tone system also known as dodecaphony (all twelve notes of the chromatic scale) which became a leading way in composing this kind of music Early in Schoenbergs" career he public hated his music and acted to it violently. Left germany in 1933 because of anti semetic laws in Germany Fled to france and then America came to Boston and later Died in Los angelos July 13th in 1951...
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added: 11/10/2011
In nearly every country around the world people are dancing, singing, jiving, or chillin to their favorite tunes. There is just something about the variations of musical notes all mixed together that can alter the way we act, feel, and even think. It is generally agreed that music causes some kind of increased arousal in those who are the least bit interested in it and are listening with some degree of concentration. In depth studies have shown that music can reduce pain in childbirth, strengthen immune systems, and give surgery patients fewer complications with a much faster recovery (Take two?108). The latest claim is that listening to classical music can enhance ones ability to reason abstractly, in turn boosting a person's IQ (intelligence quotient). The question is, is the claim really valid? Astonishingly, this idea is taken as fact in most parts of America when really it is a theory based on much exaggeration. This idea of there being a link between classical music and a person's IQ is commonly referred to as the Mozart Effect, a term coined by Alfred Tomatis. This was first suggested about six years ago by a group of researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (Halpern 1). Using music as treatment for psychological or physical disorders is an idea that has existed in many forms, in many cultures, and for many centuries (Marwick 267). Well, so what. Music may play a role in how a person acts or feels. But does becoming smarter by listening to this same music fall along similar lines? Braddock 2 Some agree and others disagree; nevertheless they are basing their beliefs on three areas: experimental data, scientific research on the brain, or personal experiences. Among the many supporters of the Mozart Effect is the author of The Mozart Effect, Don...
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added: 08/28/2012
Flip through the radio dial today and you will hear all kinds of music. From classical to country and hard rock to oldies, the all have something a little different to offer the listener. Any music in popular culture today serves as a medium for self-expression. Hip Hop artist Eminem (aka Marshall Mathers) is notorious for sharing his views on murder, drugs, and sexuality through his lyrics. Many people can relate to him through his songs, but others take offense, calling his music "repulsive and misogynistic." Eminem lashes out at the media in his song "The Way I Am," saying: "I'm so sick and tired of being admired that I wish I would just die or get fired and dropped from my record label…" He continues his frustration later on in the song, singing: "And all of the controversy circles me and it seems like the media points a finger at me and I point a finger back…" These lyrics are tame compared to other songs from his albums. He tells listeners what he thinks of women in his song "Kim:" "Don't you get it bitch, no one can hear you? Now shut the f—k up and get what's comin' to you." Whether you understand Eminem or not, he doesn't seem to care. He is using music to get his frustration out. Artists also use music to share hope or send messages of hope. The Five Stairsteps, in their song "Ooh Child," promise the listener that "things are gonna get easier," and that "things are gonna get brighter." The song is upbeat and it sends an uplifting message of hope and happiness. Another example of sharing hope through music is the Dave Matthews Band singing "Everyday." The lyrics "Pick me up from the bottom…Pay no attention to taunts or advances. I take...
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added: 10/23/2011
English 101 Should Artists Be Banned from Expressing Their Opinions? Alexander Berkman said, "The cure for evil and disorder is more liberty,not suppression." We are guaranteed in the First Amendment of the Constitution the right to free speech. Just because an artist's opinion may offend some,it is still their opinion and that opinion is guaranteed in the Bill of Rights to be heard,if so desired. People view artists as role models,and feel they should play the part of an altruistic figure. Being famous doesn't make you invincible,as we all know. Everyone can do wrong,everyone can make mistakes,and everyone feels differently about all kinds of issues. Not everyone has to agree with an opinion for it to be played. Thats the beauty of America. We are able to think for ourselves. It is true that artists have always had a strong influence over people. Music is something you can't ignore,and it plays a special part in everyone's life. People have grown to respect,idolize and take pride in the artists and bands they love so much. Take the Beatles for instance. Girls all over the globe became starstruck and obsessed with this band. No one opposed them however,because they had lyrics such as, "Yeah you got something,I'll think you'll understand when I tell you,I wanna hold your hand." There is nothing "offensive" and therefore,nothing controversial about it. Another harmless band of the '90s for example,is the Backstreet Boys. Their lyrics don't touch upon issues of debate, therefore, nothing they had to say was ever questioned. These types of bands make it easy for the government,because they don't stress violence,insinuate causing riots, or express any opinion at all that could be sought as destructive. Although many people loved and respected these bands, many didn't. It's what appeals to an individual,not the masses. In the past decade there has been a surge in banned songs from artists such as Marilyn Manson,Eminem,and Rage Against the Machine. People tend to fear...
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added: 02/03/2012
"Ok, ok… I'm working all right, now can you please leave me alone. If we have to write a dumb story then can I please do it without you looking over my shoulder?" Good. I think that's gotten rid of him at last. Stupid bloody Mr. Jones, Expects me to write a story with him looking over my shoulder and telling me how perfect my sister Ella is. Well I've got some news for him. My name's not Ella and I'm not perfect. "Tegan, what do you think you're doing? I thought I told you to sit over there on the computer in the corner? Now get back to your seat and do some work for once. The only reason that I'm not sending you to time-out young lady is that I know that's where you want to be." Damn, I thought I' gotten away with it too. This class is so boring so I decided I might go for a little 'walk' outside. I'm actually quite surprised that he saw me; he has that much crap on his glasses that usually couldn't see the difference between a ladybug and a cup of coffee. Maybe he took out a loan and bought a rag to wipe them with. This is boring this is boring this is boring this is boring this is boring this is boring "Mr. Jones, can I go to the toilet?" "No" "Why the hell not" "Don't use that tone of voice with me young lady" "Why not" "Because recess was twenty minutes ago, you should've gone then" "I didn't need to go then" "Tegan that's enough, sit down" "You can't not let me go, it's a human right to be able to pee" "SIT DOWN" "Ok, ok, don't get your knickers in a knot." God, its like he wants me to piss on the floor or something. Oh I get it, that's...
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added: 11/18/2011
Some styles or techniques used by Hip-hop emcees, or rappers, may be shared by more than one person. Each emcee uses these styles or techniques in their own inimitable way. The difference in two prominent rappers, Slug and Sage Francis, is remarkable. Each uses his personal "twist" of rhyming to bring music to a microphone. Slug and Sage Francis are most notably different from each other in their voice, flow, and lyrics. A Hip-hop emcee, Slug, has a voice, flow, and lyrics identical to no other. First off, the voice of Slug is unmistakable. He has a deep and soothing voice. He has a knack for accenting certain words or syllables when trying to make a point. In one song, "Don't Ever Question that," Slug emphasizes the word "ever" to make his point. Second, Slug has a flow as smooth as silk. He raps at a mellow pace, rarely changing his speed. Slug uses his flow to express opposing feelings in his rhymes, which he does without altering the rhythm of a song. For example, in the song "Travel," he goes back and forth between the positives and negatives of touring without changing the speed or emotion in his flow. Finally, Slug uses thorough, yet poetic, lyrics to explore a variety of topics. Sluggo, as he is often called, enjoys relating his own life and personal issues into his lyrics. Some topics of his lyrics are women, traveling, and magazines. He raps about subjects that people ranging from age ten to ninety can relate. For instance, in the song "Nothing but Sunshine," Slug reminisces about growing up parentless, due to the death of his mother and his father's suicide. As one can see, Slug brings his personal style to a microphone through his voice, flow, and lyrics. On the other hand, Sage...
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added: 10/20/2011
Some Rap Music is Pornography Webster's 10th Edition Dictionary defines pornography as " the depiction of erotic behavior intended to cause sexual excitement" page 570. My personal definition is any elicit photograph, story, drawing, song, phrase or words used to incite sexual fantasy. Also, pornography creates lust or demeans the God-given act of love or the human body! Therefore some rap music is pornography. The intent of the artist is determined immediately with the title of the song and sets the tone for the song to follow. First impressions are usually accurate and long lasting. When a song has a graphic title, you can easily imagine the content and intent of the song. The title is considered to be the hook that captures the audience for which it is intended. The problem with Rap music is the intended audience. Most Rap music listeners are young adults and teenagers. Pornography doesn't have to be visual it can be lurid or sensational material. The words in songs draw explicit pictures and create fantasy. While these songs may be reality to the artist they are fantasy to the listener and fantasy creates lust and dilutes reality. When fantasy takes over, our reality can never stack up to our new world. The act of making love in reality will never be as good as we can create in our own minds. The largest sex organ we as humans have is our mind. When we allow suggestive thoughts or Montoya 2 songs to penetrate our mind, and then try to apply them, our real life can become disappointing. Word pictures are as pornographic as any printed material, and can be more explicit because we are allowed to interject ourselves into the picture more easily. When the pictures in our mind create arousal, the chemicals released into the brain act as a drug...
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added: 10/07/2011
still breathing is a christian band that played at cornerstone almost a year ago , back in 2002 . they have a heavy metal style that seems not to be able to fade like most . the band consists of three guys and one girl , the odd thing is the girl , Dacey , sings as though a guy in a metal band would . they all have a gothic appearence . an even odder thing to all of this so far is that they are a christian band and that their cds were available at hot topic at one point . they seem to prefer smaller concerts where they can get with thier fans after wards . thier cd is called september , i think . it is mostly brown and color and looks pretty pathetic . they have a bassist , a guitarist , a drummer , and a lead singer , i believe the guitarist also sing as back-up vocals . they are an underground group that can be quite hard to locate a concert of since they only do local concerts it seems . i have listened to thier last cd for almost a year now and haven't tired of it . my friend's have heard thier music and they think that they and her are the best , my friend's also believe she is one of the best vocalists they have ever heard . when you put the cd in be careful they start instantly with heavy music so it can scare you as some friends found out . in my opinion they are one of the best undergroudn groups left the other best have since broken up ....
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added: 01/14/2013
Igor Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring (Le Sacre du Printemps), Part II, excerpts Introduction The piece discussed in this paper is The Rite of Spring (Le Sacre du Printemps) by Igor Stravinsky. It is music written for ballet, which is sometimes performed in concert by an orchestra. It was first performed at the Theatre Des Champs-Elysees in Paris on May 29, 1913. The outrageous costumes, unusual choreography and bizarre story of Russian pagan sacrifice as well as the piece's musical innovations that tested the patience of the audience to the fullest, made its premier scandalous. The impact on music ever since has been tremendous. The choreography that contributed to the infamous premier was created by Vaslav Nijinsky. The excerpts addressed in this paper include three scenes from Part II: Glorification of the Chosen One, Evocation of the Ancestors, and Ritual Action of the Ancestors. In the Rite of Spring, the composer declares a modernist style combining folk melodies from Russia, combinations of sound never heard before and hard-driving complex rhythms. One cannot miss the huge orchestral forces, contrasts in volume and polyrhythms that give this work its individuality among ballet music. However, most people will have met the Rite of Spring through Walt Disney 's Fantasia , a 1941 animated movie showing imaginative illustrations to classical music. The Rite of Spring is the fourth piece to be played, illustrated by a "a pageant, as the story of the growth of life on Earth" according to the narrator. The sequence shows the beginning of simple life forms, evolution up to the dinosaurs, and their eventual destruction. This paper focuses on the timing of this work by paying special attention to rhythm (the combination of longer and shorter durations), meter (the creation of regular groups by placing an accent or stress on a pattern of beats), and tempo...
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added: 12/31/2011
Taiko reflects the spiritual side of Japan in that it combines irregularity with simplicity, suggestion with perishability. There is nothing else that sounds like a Taiko drum yet, the rhythm, which is said to be like a heartbeat, is so simple. It helps one confront their fears and overcome obstacles yet, while doing this it suggests a beauty never seen before and emotions never felt. Taiko, which means "big drum" in japanese, has been apart of the Japanese culture for hundreds of years and is considered the music of the people; it is not only a musical experience but, a physical one as well. The playing of the Taiko drum demands stamina of both the mind and the body. A Taiko drum is made from one piece of hollowed out wood with cow skin stretched over each end. They range anywhere from six inches to six feet in diameter and a Taiko group can contain two to fifteen members. There is currently around 4,500 taiko groups that display a wide range of style and sound. The drum can be played in many different positions; anything from sitting down with light sticks to banging with a baseball bat. Drummers can mimic the patter of rain as well as the harshness of a typhoon. Instruments, such as Taiko, have had such an important role in the Buddhist tradition and taiko music is more popular now then it has ever been. The Japanese have known about Taiko drumming since the 600s. This was when Japan was under the influence of the Chinese and during this time, came to see the great importance of Buddhist and Chinese culture. "Over the centuries the Japanese have molded these foreign influences into their own" ( Dave Leong The drum was first used to drive away evil spirits and...
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added: 10/23/2011
Excerpt from "Claire de lune" Moon dribbling honey on the lips of lunatics Orchards and country town tonight grow greedy Stars resemble bees of a luminous liquid that drips from trellises each honey beam oozes from heaven taking it's own sweet time The Edge Come to the edge, He said. "We will fall." They said "Come to the edge," He said. They came. He pushed them... and they flew. I enjoyed Claire de Lune because it is a classic example of how this poet can take an ordinary thing and morphe it completly. Appolinaire is an artist of poetry in the way that a painting can seem like a dream. His poems are so strange and unique it seems like the brainchild of a wild and adventurous imagination. In that sense I see more of a presense in his poems then most other poems I've read. His poetry features overlooked observations of everyday life as well as deep and meaningful thoughts on life as we see in The Edge. This poem really makes you think about some choices you have to make in life and I find myself referencing it mentally whenever I have a tough decision to make. He must have been an interesting person, seeing the world through fantastical eyes. I would have liked to meet him. Guillaume Apollinaire Much of Apollinaire's early history is unknown. We do know he rose to literary prominence in early 20th-century France, is known mainly for his attempts to synthesize poetry and the visual arts. In the forefront of various new trends in artistic thought, he was also an outspoken defender of cubism, an art form that very much influenced his work....
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added: 12/17/2011
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