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Visual arts is found in about every marketing device. My topic is fashion. Fashion is an extraordinary marketing device, people are always into fashion; so the entire fashion industry will most likely never go out of business. Secondly fashion is a medium to visual arts. The designers use their talent and their vision to produce some of the vividly brilliant clothes seen in malls and on the streets. One designer that attracted me is called Davoucci. Davoucci is an Italian clothing designer that has made its way into the urban street wear world. The designer was working originally well-known for his 'butta-soft' leather jackets, but now has expanded to sportswear, jeans, and t-shirts. In one particular ad the model is wearing a bright colored shirt, with blue jeans that have small whitestripes going across it and the name Davoucci stitched in cursive down the left side of the jeans. I see this ad as a visual art due to its scenary and how it compliments the clothing worn by the model. The patterns that are on the shirt are very simple; just large and small circles, but its the colors of these circles and how they overlap the other circles which gives it its artistic look. When a product is considered to be a work of art, it is that for particular reasons,artistic views are displayed in the work being presented. The artist sets their own boundaries at the same time their technique and individuality proves why their work is art....
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added: 01/18/2012
“Art’s inception occurred the instant man was able to think for himself." This fact, uttered by its anonymous speaker, holds true because artistic expression is what allows a person’s thoughts, feelings, and points of view to be represented. Art knows no limits, and has no boundaries. For example, humans today are able to decipher and understand relics of art from million-year-old societies, even though we no longer know their language or customs. Presently, a favorite genre of art to study by art enthusiasts is Chinese painting and sculpture. This is because although hundreds of years separate them, ancient and modern Chinese works of art share many similar characteristics. An example of this parallel can be found in the early painting known as The Great Wave and the contemporary piece known as Untitled, more commonly referred to as Ahead. The Great Wave, painted by Katsushika Hokusai, is one of the most famous pieces of art found in Chinese culture. It’s origin dates back to around 1831, during the Edo Period. The painting is part of a series of masterpieces entitled Thirty-Six Views of Fuji. The painting is mostly dominated by three main colors: white, blue, and brown. Hokusai most likely chose these colors because of their association with the harmony of nature; brown for earth, white for air, and blue for water. The painting itself depicts a torrent seascape with Mt. Fuji looming in the background. In this work, he depicted the darkened curves of the foam of the waves as claws that seem to reach for the fishermen. The forthcoming smash of water delivers tension and suspense to the scene. On an interesting compositional note, the largest wave is said to form a massive ‘yin’ to complement the ‘yang’ of void space below. In the foreground, a small peaked upsurge forms...
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added: 01/05/2012
In the field and history of architecture some works are considered as outstanding due to a number of qualities including structural and aesthetic value of their architecture. There are some architects in the history who have contributed remarkably in the field of the architecture and through their innovative ideas and several unique designs, have become an ideal for their descendant architects. One of such architect is the Sinan who is considered unanimously the greatest architecture of the ottoman architecture. This paper discusses the architecture Sinan, salient features of his designs and his contributions in the ottoman architecture. Sinan served as the chief architecture of the Ottoman Empire from the year of 1538 to the year of 1588. He contributed in the construction of more than four hundred buildings in the Ottoman Empire. His understanding of the art and architecture was superb and buildings, designed by Sinan were full of aesthetic elegance. In Toto, his time and architecture was tour de force for the Ottoman Empire. There was a unique variation in his working which gave birth to the new designs which were followed by his successor architectures for the centuries. Innovations done by Sinan in the architecture Sinan had introduced several structural changes to make the buildings according to his imagination. One can clearly observe these changes and the innovative designs which were designed by the Sinan. Jale Erzen writes in the book “the quality of sinan’s work depends largely on the tightly knit structure. In Sinan’s mosques the secondary structural and spatial parts are not just added to the core baldachin but are dependent on and supportive of it. This constitutes the basic structural principle of Sinan mosques. In fact, as the plan indicate, the structural as well as the spatial solution depended on the encircling the core with secondary spaces” (Erzen). 1....
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added: 03/02/2012
Head of a Youth For this assignment, I viewed the Greek "Head of Youth." This piece is actually the head and face of a marble carving of a young, striding, nude male. I viewed this sculpture in room 102 of the Nelson Atkins Museum's Ancient Art Collection. It is, of course, very weathered an old, with the marble crumbling on the nose and mouth. There is also a large chunk of marble missing from its chin. Found in Attica, Greece, it is approximately seven and one half inches high, and was carved in about 490 B.C. during the Archaic Period. This period in Greek history lasted from 600 B.C to 480 B.C. Its most important event was probably the overthrowing of tyrants in Athens and the establishment of democracy in the city, which led to important advancements in art, literature, and science. "Head of Youth" is basically a vaguely triangular head, with a very flat shape. His hair is a series of spiral coils (two rows) on the crown, and closely styled over the back. His large eyes seem to be placed high on his head, and he has very full, slightly smiling lips. The eyes, ears, nose and mouth seem to simply be placed on a flat surface to create the face, which is probably evidence of a workshop environment used to create the sculpture. Usually, the ears, nose, eyes, and mouth were drawn onto the marble block and then carved out by workers. This process made for a very flat, geometric face, which seemed to almost contradict the accuracy with which the rest of the body is portrayed. "Head of Youth" is a prime example of a common type of Greek sculpture called a kouros, meaning "youth." Kouroi are said to emulate the general stance of many Egyptian statues, showing the...
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added: 11/05/2011
"My Mistress's Eyes" is a poem written by William Shakespeare about the love towards an imperfect woman. This poem is also known as Sonnet 130, which is one of Shakespeare's many poems. Shakespeare was a master at producing sonnets, and that ability helped him get his messages across to the reader. In this poem, Shakespeare explains that although his mistress is imperfect, he finds his love special and rare. With that understood, the reader can focus on some important details of this poem: theme, tone, and form; to better understand and appreciate it. The theme of this poem is to reflect and understand true love; true love is considered unconditional love. This poem explains the imperfections and even flaws of the writer's love. He speaks of her eyes being "nothing like the sun", her lips not as red as coral, her breasts an off-white color, her cheeks less red than roses, and her voice not as pleasant as music. He even becomes a bit insulting when he points out that her hairs are like black wires, her breath reeks, and that she treads on the ground when she walks. But despite all these things, he still loves "to hear her speak" and finds his love rare, recognizable by heaven. This is why Shakespeare's outlook on love is different because he found the negative in his love but looked past it, yet most people who truly love are not able to see the bad at all. The tone in this poem displays contentment in love as well as being very ironic. Even though Shakespeare sees so much wrong with his love and even pokes fun at her, he still loves her. Shakespeare realizes that love is full of imperfections, yet that only makes love stronger. This is a realistic look at his mistress,...
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added: 12/16/2011
Matt Cowell Film Noir Sept, 28th 2003 Dr. Greta A. Niu "The Lost Weekend" Film Noir or Not Though "The Lost Weekend" is considered to be film noir, there are major differences between it and other classic film noir movies. What makes The Lost Weekend a film noir movie? As we have seen The Lost Weekend has no femme fatale, no mystery, murder, private eye, and none of the leading ladies is particularly sultry or sensual. However as I analyzed the film there are many key areas in which The Lost Weekend is similar to other film noir movies. As I took a closer look I found some interesting parallels between alcohol and the classic femme fatale. The use of lighting in The Lost Weekend is also extremely important to show the despair and demise of Don Birnam and is a trademark of film noir. I will also show how the internal struggle that Don is dealing with parallels other classic film noir movies. Finally I will prove that the ending in The Lost Weekend is a prime example of a film noir and that this movie is indeed film noir. First, I believe that there is a femme fatale in this movie. Although we do not see a sensual woman who is manipulating men and using her sexuality as a tool to conquer men; we do have something in this movie that takes the place of the femme fatale. This substitute or alternate femme fatale has many of the qualities that a femme fatale posses. It is alluring, mysterious, controlling, manipulative, it makes men think irrationally, and it can also be deadly. What I am describing is the classic femme fatale character and in The Lost Weekend I believe that alcohol plays this role perfectly. Alcohol has become the alluring and sensual pleasure in...
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added: 11/26/2011
A true Veteran Artists The artist that I have chosen for this assignment is Jesse Treviño. He is a San Antonio based artists that is known for his photo-realistic paintings. He is also "internationally known for his realistic images of San Antonio landmarks and his family and friends from the Westside neighborhood" ( EyeonArt 1). What influenced me to write about Jesse Treviño was that he draws about what goes on around him. His life for example plays a big role in impacting how his paintings end up. When you view his paintings, it is easy to become aware of the facial expressions that he paints. The facial expressions seems to capture the struggles and glories of the people he is painting about. Even though, Mr. Treviño's paintings seem to follow the common Mexican struggles, in reality his paintings are showing the struggles of all types of people. In order to understand or appreciate a painting we must first learn about the artist intentions in creating the artwork. The painting that I'm focusing on is Jesse Treviño's, 'Los Piscadores' which was drawn in 1985. I chose this painting not only for its great artistic features but also because it captures so much emotion and life in this painting. The painting shows two persons in a big green field picking cotton. Before we get into the significance of the painting I would like to talk about the artist Jesse Treviño. Jesse Treviño's life began in Monterey, Mexico in 1946. By the early 1950's his family migrated into the United States. San Antonio was the town that would exert influence upon Mr. Treviño paintings. At the young age of six Jesse won his first art contest. When he graduated from Fox Technical High School he "won a scholarship to attend the Art Students League in...
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added: 12/31/2011
I believe that a knower´s point of view is relative. Therefore I think that it should be taken into account as an asset as well as an obstacle to overcome when pursuing knowledge. On one hand it should be considered an asset since it presumably is the opinion of someone familiar with the subject in topic, someone who has studied it deeply and knows a lot about it. I believe it could be helpful for people who aren't as well prepared, as the knower is, to consider this person's point of view in order to expand their knowledge in such matter. On the other hand I think that this knowledge should be analyzed and not taken as a universal truth. People should be able to take this knowledge into account, trying to obtain from it a personal opinion, but not being determined by the knower´s point of view. It is important for sources to be considered as ways of obtaining knowledge, but is as important to question them in order to really obtain it. There are many ways and many sources to consider in the acquisition of knowledge and all of them can be thought of as reliable, at least to some extent. Science for example is considered by our western civilization as an extremely reliable source and is sometimes not questioned by regular citizens who blindly believe in it. Marx said that religion is the opium of the masses; I personally think that nowadays we could (to some extent) consider that science, because of its accuracy, strength and reliability, has a similar impact to the one Marx saw in religion at his time. Everything is and should be doubted, if in the past science had been unquestioned we would probably continue to believe that the earth is flat. Concerning the knower...
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added: 09/16/2011
#1 Where: While I was inside Burger King eating lunch. Incident: A young male child about the age of five was eating lunch with who appeared to be his mother and sister. The child's sister appeared to be about seven years old or so. They both had a happy meal and the young girl was eating her lunch , while the young boy on the other hand was playing with his happy meal toy that he had just received. The mother was obviously annoyed by the young boys actions and said to him "Why can't you just eat your lunch before you play like your sister?." Guide: Avoid motivating children by making comparisons between one child and another or by encouraging competition. Conclusion: this was a defiant misuse of the guide. What the mother could have said instead would be "Could you please finish your lunch before playing with your new toy." #2 Where: While I was walking my dog through the park. Incident: A young female child around the age of four was running on the grass, her shoes were untied and who appeared to be the mother asked her if she could please stand steal until she tied her shoes so that she did not trip and fall. Guide: Learn to foresee and prevent rather than mop up after a difficulty. Conclusion: This observation was definitely a correct use of the guide. #3 Where: While I was shopping in the local grocery store. Incident: A young female about the age of seven was sitting in the seat of a shopping cart. This child was hysterically crying for a reason that I didn't know I walked up after the fact of what ever made her upset. The mother of this child tells her "Stop being a crybaby everyone is watching you act like a brat." Guide: Avoid trying to change behavior by...
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added: 10/30/2011
14th and 15th Century Italian Art Theme Essay 'The Annunciation' Throughout the 14th and 15th century in Italian art there were common religious themes depicted by the artists. Prominent themes tended to be fixed around Christ and showed stories that had something to do with his life, before, during and after. Each painting was based on a section from the bible. In the 14th century it is the Florentine artist Giotto with his frescoes that adorn the Arena Chapel that narrate important sections of Christ's life and Duccio with his similar depictions in the Maesta that best show paintings of prominent religious themes by artists at the time. In the 15th century artists such as Piero Della Francesca and Leonardo da Vinci continued these themes, producing paintings that had the same preoccupation with the religious stories of the bible as the artists of the century before. An important theme which runs through this time period is the story of the Annunciation to Mary, when Mary is visited by the archangel Gabriel, the moment of the conception of Christ, nine months before his birth into the world as depicted by another common theme; the nativity scene. The Annunciation has been painted almost obsessively by a wide range of artists which include Giotto, Duccio, Simone Martini and Pietro and Ambrogio Lorenzetti of the 14th century and Fra Angelico, Dominico Venezaino, Piero Della Francesca, Leonardo Da Vinci and Sandro Botticelli of the 15th. Despite the personal and also evolving style of each painter their Annunciation's are all similar in their close following of the moment as told in the bible and many elements in the painting are influenced by previous paintings of the Annunciation . Symbolic references are also common in the paintings with many similarities between them, as each artist was interested in portraying the narrative...
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added: 08/28/2011
1. The Godfather (Mario Puzo): Great characterization, vivid descriptions, fascinating look at a powerful subculture, well researched, much of it based on true people and events. The book is way better than the movies, and the movies deserved their Best Picture Oscars. 2. Catch-22 (Joseph Heller): Most original novel I've ever read. Brilliant, funny, thought-provoking anti-war tract. 3. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (the Bard). No bookshelf is complete without it. My copy has everything: sonnets, tragedies, histories, comedies. I particularly recommend Hamlet, perhaps the greatest play ever written. 4. Slaughterhouse Five (Kurt Vonnegut): Wonderful writing style, captivating story, original and funny way with words. 5. Johnny Got His Gun (Dalton Trumbo): Anti-war stream of consciousness from a World War I soldier who finds himself in an Army hospital after having both legs, both arms and his face blown off. He's alive, but he can't see, hear or smell or talk. Writing style is interesting, little attention paid to punctuation rules. Powerful. 6. The Right Stuff (Tom Wolfe): The Space Race as Cowboy Saga. Meticulously researched, reads like a novel, but all true. I loved it, but then, I've always been interested in space, astronauts, flight, etc. 7. The Way of Harmony, (Jim Dreaver): The book I'm currently reading. It's heavy on meditation and gives you the keys to the kingdom of inner peace and happiness . Probably won't be in my list two years from now, but today I think it's great. Makes you feel good just reading it. 8. Cosmos (Carl Sagan): The entire history of the universe, with special emphasis on the third planet from the sun and its silly inhabitants. Told in layman's terms, lavishly illustrated, thought-provoking and informative. Outdated in many ways now, but still a classic. 9. Shoeless Joe (W.P. Kinsella): The book on which the movie Field of Dreams was...
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added: 12/08/2011
(1st Q) Poussin's "Holy Family on the Steps (1648)" and Rubens' "Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus (c.1620)", these two contrasting styles picture influenced to art of the late 18th – early 19th each way. Poussin's "Holy Family on the Steps", this is a classical style picture. The beautiful architecture is placed in the background. The architectures and sculptures are from Roman style. The human figures wear classic clothes with natural color. Sculpture relief is inclined to be a same plane. Horizontal and vertical lines tend to construct a mathematical formation. All human figures make a big triangle and each small group makes some small triangles in the big triangle. So the triangles create a balance compositionally. And two women look at each other diagonally. Two babies also look at each other diagonally, and they are a kind of precision in the composition. Synthetically, the picture is a stable, symmetrical and concise composition. And there is a stiff composition, even though some slight movement is appeared. Rubens' "Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus" is painted with the subject from Greek-Rome mythology. The composition is very different with the Poussin's picture, briefly. One woman is twisting and the other woman is like airborne. Two women do not overlap. This scene likes chaos. Those movements make tensions and excitements. The power of movement is the salient traits of the picture. The picture's brushstroke that seems to be his gesture of power on the canvas is heavy. The emotional feeling oozes through the powerful movement. Neo-classicism artist, David is coming out of Poussin. Delacroix is, who comes out of Rubens, the great leader of Romanticism. These 19th century styles, Neoclassicism and Romanticism, are based on 17th century. The two 17th-century styles tend to parallel each other to 19th century. And each style influences Neoclassicism and Romanticism, separately. Poussin...
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added: 12/17/2011
The painting called Madonna and Child with Saint Francis and Dominic and Angels by Giulio Cesare Procaccini is one of many paintings labeled masterpiece. This painting contains brilliant brushwork and messages that are indirect. This painting was done in Milan Italy any where from 1574-1625. It is 101 1/8 x 56 3/8 in. (256.9 x 143.2 cm) and painted on canvas with oil. In the picture all the faces are looking at the child that is held by Mary. Saint Francis is dressed in a long cloak with a hood in one hand he hold a wooden cross and in the other hand an apple that he giving to the virgin mother. Saint Dominic is on the other side of Mary who is elevated above everyone else. Saint Dominic seems to be falling backward in awe of Mary. There are angels all around with roses in a vase. One angel is playing the guitar the others are just hanging around Mary. The Christ child is on Mary's lap he looks straight out. Giulio Cesare Procaccini shows the figures as full and having realistic mass. He gives the illusion of layering that one person is in front of the other. The artist leaves no space between figures; every spot is filled with a body or object. There is an emphasis on the Christ child his eyes look directly at you through this portrait. There is a sense of rhythm that everyone in the painting is just flows around Mary. There is balance in figures and the proportion is exact. There seems to be a unity that everyone hovered around the virgin to watch her. The emphasis on the child gives a focus point to help tie up the picture together. The tight composition and the perfect brushstroke aids to make this painting perfect....
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added: 01/27/2012
For this assignment, I chose to read the modern Canadian fiction book, Unless by Carol Shields. I first noticed this book was when reading BC BookWorld for assignment 1. However, I did not have much interest in this book at first, not until I was doing research on the internet. When I was trying to find a Canadian fiction book on the internet, I found out Unless by Carol Shields appeared almost everywhere. Therefore, it started to grab my attention. Then, I found out that the book, Unless, will be Carol Shields¡¦ last novel due to her illness in breast cancer and it may be her most despairing book. Therefore, I decided to read this book for my assignment. In this paper, I will briefly summarize the book and talk about my reaction to it. Also, I will discuss what seems to be distinctly Canadian about this book. In Carol Shields¡¦ Unless, the main character, Reta Winters, is a forty-four years old writer living in a suburb of Toronto. She has a loving husband who is a successful family doctor and is faithful to her. Although they were never legally married, but they have lived happily together for twenty-six years and have three teenage daughters. Also, Reta is an author of a successful novel and a translator. It seems that Reta¡¦s life is happy and almost perfect, but under many reasons, her life is not so wonderful at all. Her oldest daughter, Norah, is a 19 years old girl who suddenly abandons her normal life and starts to beg on a street corner in Toronto. Reta and her family do not quite understand why their lovely daughter suddenly changed. It seems that Norah is searching for something, searching for goodness for her life in this world. Even though Reta wants to...
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added: 11/26/2011
2) The English sonnet (also called the Shakespearean sonnet after its foremost practitioner) comprises three quatrains and a final couplet, rhyming ababcdcdefefgg. An important variant of this is the Spenserian sonnet (introduced by the Elizabethan poet Edmund Spenser), which links the three quatrains by rhyme, in the sequence ababbabccdcdee. In either form, the 'turn' comes with the final couplet, which may sometimes achieve the neatness of an epigram. quatrain, a verse stanza of four lines, rhymed or (less often) unrhymed. The quatrain is the most commonly used stanza in English and most modern European languages. Most ballads and many hymns are composed in quatrains in which the second and fourth lines rhyme (abcb or abab); the 'heroic quatrain' of iambic pentameters also rhymes abab. A different rhyme scheme (abba) is used in the In Memoriam stanza and some other forms. The rhyming four-line groups that make up the first eight or twelve lines of a sonnet are also known as quatrains. couplet [kup-lit], a pair of rhyming verse lines, usually of the same length; one of the most widely used verse-forms in European poetry. Chaucer established the use of couplets in English, notably in the Canterbury Tales, using rhymed iambic pentameters later known as heroic couplets: a form revived in the 17th century by Ben Jonson, Dryden and others, partly as the equivalent in heroic drama of the alexandrine couplets which were the standard verse-form of French drama in that century. Alexander Pope followed Dryden's use of heroic couplets in non-dramatic verse to become the master of the form, notably in his use of closed couplets. The octosyllablic couplet (of 8-syllable or 4-stress lines) is also commonly found in English verse. A couplet may also stand alone as an epigram, or form part of a larger stanza, or (as in Shakespeare) round...
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added: 12/10/2011
I have chosen to compare and contrast the different representations of the female form by researching artists Andy Warhol who is known for his pop art, Brett Whitley who is known to be more romantic, Gyula Halász Brassai who was a photographer and Henri de Toulouse Lautrec who was a painter. One focal point which links all these artist together is there different perspective on women and the female form, also the way they express it. I plan to compare the different eras, from the 1800s to the 1980s, also the different ways they express their lives and surroundings. Henry de Toulouse-Lautrec was a famous painter of parison nightlife. He stayed in the Montmartre section of Paris, the centre of the cabaret entertainment and bohemian life. Another similar artist around the same era is Gyula Halász more famously known as Brassai a photographer. Brassai photographed prostitutes, opium addicts, lovers, street hoodlums and performers, similar to Lautrec. Brett Whitley is an Australian born artist recognised for his paintings of his wife and the female figure. Andy Warhol raised in America is best known for his pop art. Brett Whitley is an Australian artist that is well known for his bathroom seris, he is a contempary artist. The painting I chose of his is 'wendy drunk', this painting is of his wife many of Whitleys paintings are of his wife. The reason I chose this painting is because its unusual composition. It's made up of plain black and dark brown brush strokes that make up his wifes arms, face and hair while she is leaning over the back of a chair. Unlike many of his other 'wendy' paintings it is very plain, it captures the relationship between him and his wife. Whitleys influence from japanese brush work is clearly evident in this spontainious composition....
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added: 01/27/2012
Impressionism was the art movement from about the 1860s to the early twentieth century. Impressionist women were painted during a time of great discovery and aristocracy, and many of the women painted appear to be middle or upper class. These women were expected to play the role of daughter and eventually a good wife. Furthermore, women were also relatively inferior to the men. Now, women are generally accepted more in society equal to men and have become more independent and financially secure. With the continual growth of the media and photography, women are portrayed differently. During the Impressionist art movement it was difficult for women to establish themselves as artists and to do so they had to give up conventional family life. Mary Cassatt took years to be publicly acknowledged and accepted, whereas women like Tracey Emin can often have more opportunity to become part of the contemporary art scene. However, Cassatt was driven by her determination to become a successful woman artist of which she achieved and was reputable as one of the era's finest painters. In the late nineteenth century there were many constraints on professional women artists such as no free state education for women in fine art, and many art schools did not admit women. In fact, women were thought to be better off at home making and mothering. Women portrayed in media often seem to revolve around the idea of sex and are used as objects in which to promote and sell. In today's society, the two ideas of sex and women can often not go unnoticed. If you switch on the television, there is often a provocative woman enticing viewers to a certain product. Even the general lifestyles of women have evolved. Clothes have changed, careers have changed. In fact, the scene of a party of...
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added: 02/07/2012
Now resident in France Tadeus Jaroszynski work has always been pitched somewhere within his European roots and his years spent in South Africa. Born in Yugoslavia to Polish Finnish parents; Jaroszynski received his training as an artist in Helsinki where he also met his wife Karin. They subsequently relocated to South Africa in the late 1950's, where they carved out a unique artist's niche for themselves. Flooded with a gentle melancholia and nostalgia that is associated with the artists Eastern European past, and a quality of light, colour and form that is reminiscent of the Northern European painting tradition, these figures stand before a luminous karoo landscape with a single windmill. But their gazes are averted from the landscape, suggesting that it is not the site of their meditative attention, but that they are recalling or dreaming of other places and other times. Walking into the Oppenheimer library in the University of Cape Town two things are noticeable. Firstly, the fact that the old architecture outside masks the freshly painted, "new" finish of a place that holds such much intellectual content brought together over a considerable period of time. Secondly, the fact that this area is surrounded by a relatively vast art collection. Browsing through the collection, I am drawn to various works but one sticks out from others. It is not even particularly accessible as obstructing the work are students and desks. As part of the collection, its appeal lies in its overwhelming serenity. There are no hard lines or dramatic statements being made. Rather it appeals because of how much it invokes one's own experience of certain feelings. The low-key bustle of the university library is a reminder of reality and of how easy it really is to be carried away to another place by a medium. Flanking it are large...
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added: 01/21/2012
In his article ¡°Multiculturalism and the hyphenated Canadian¡±, David Leslie uses many examples and resources to describe the phenomenon and the incurred problems of multiculturalism in Canada, as well as the negative side of hyphenated Canadian. He points out that diversified cultures in Canada are acceptable and unique; however, different ethnic groups are hyphenated (e.g. Indo-Canadian), and by doing so, this also create gaps among different groups. Leslie believes that the Canadian tendency is to slowly melt different cultures into the dominate culture, but the problem is that minorities are very difficult to enter into Canadian mainstream members¡¯ midst. Developing high level English skills and avoiding using some names or labels which are not accepted by North American cultures are helpful to access to the public life of Canada. At last, Leslie argues that many minorities¡¯ cultures which against democracy should be prevented. The things are just like what Leslie mentioned in his article, Canadian multiculturalism has emphasized difference. It is true that hyphenated Canadian groups makes many new immigrants feel rejected by Canada. More seriously, it sometimes may create race-based apartheid. Although Canada calls itself ¡°a mosaic¡±, there is still only one major culture. Minorities are easily excluded. The author argues that the tendency is accrue to a dominate culture and minorities should do some work to get into the mainstream. Unfortunately, the process of integration can not be achieved only by minorities¡¯ personal struggles, it is also very important to mainstream members to accept minorities and to help different cultures melt into together. With struggles of both, it¡¯s easier to speed up the process. I strongly agree with the author¡¯s point of preventing some cultures which ignore individuals¡¯ rights, such as discriminating and enslaving women. Multiculturalism is a complicated issue. Government should not use multiculturalism as an excuse and allow some...
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The cultural and developmental aspects of American history in the 17th and 18th centuries are certainly among the most important and influential factors in the shaping of this country's long and storied history. Historiographically speaking, there are undoubtedly thousands upon thousands of different studies and opinions on the most influential cultural strides of early Americans well as the pros and cons that each colonial region developed in shaping America and readying it for the Revolutionary Era. Each of these four studies brings a slightly different and even, at times, conflicting approach to analyzing the cultural and social roots of early America, but each one provides a fresh perspective that enhances the idea that America is a true "melting pot" of ideas, social values, and cultural traits. Zuckerman, in his article, focuses his attention on the middle colonies and the erroneous tendencies of historians to ignore controversial or pertinent historical issues in favor of obvious, harmless social arguments. Historians have focused on New England as the true "birthplace of America" because of its early literature and thought that focused solely on Puritanism, and therefore offered an obvious and easy starting point with which to measure the region's cultural metamorphasis. However, as Zuckerman points out, New England was fairly unrepresentative of the real America, as it was a homogenous society dominated by English Puritans and their inflexible doctrines and unstatic customs and economy. The middle colonies, on the other hand, were made up of people of many different origins, races, and creeds, and their interrelationships are definitely more symbolic of American culture. Like most people's idea of America, the middle colonies developed a commercial culture ba! sed on a balanced economy, and, besides that, showed no real homogenous cultural traits that ran through the region. Indeed, most of the different groups that coexisted in...
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