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What I will study and why I have chosen to study this product I have chosen to study the 'cello case as my family are very involved in 'cello's, my father makes carbon fibre 'cello's, my uncle owns a shop that sells different types of cases, and my sister and mother both play 'cello and have cases. The 'cello case has also evolved which makes its fulfilment of a specification greater. What I hope to learn I hope to explore and explain how and why different changes and improvements were made. I also hope to find out how the shapes in the body have been effected through time and why. I hope to find facts about the latest in the carbon fibre engineering that is being used by engineer's such as Laurence P. Green and the material properties of the fibres he is using. What I hope the reader will learn I hope the reader will learn about the changes in materials in order to suit the purpose and the overall design of the 'cello case. I hope the reader will find my product study interesting and useful. I hope that the product study will offer a good balance between factual issues and issues to do with the design and progression of the 'cello case. What issues of design I will cover During this study I will cover the following aspects of design; -The history of the 'cello case and its evolution in design. -The change in design to suit the changes in materials or new options available with new materials. -The user and function of the 'cello case with additional attachments involved. -Technological developments that have occurred in relation to the case's design. What issues of Manufacturing I will cover During the study I will cover the following; -The different processes used in some of the different types of 'cello cases. -Material choices, with...
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added: 08/05/2011
Plato once said, "Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination…and life to everything." It is important for every student to receive a worthwhile education. We all agree that basic subjects such as mathematics, history, science, and language are very important parts of the curriculum, but most tend to forget about another important part: music education. Music is a very important part of every student's education. According to the Music Educator's Journal, beginning more than 150 years ago, the importance of music in America's schools was emphasized by the efforts of what many call "the Father of Music Education", Lowell Mason. Lowell Mason was certainly one of the most effective advocates for public school music education. Music should not be viewed as just an extracurricular activity. Today, I would like to talk about why music should be considered a very important part of the education curriculum at all of America's schools and why funding is just as important for music programs as it is for sports and other activities. Music should be considered a very important part of the education curriculum program at all of America's schools. Lowell Mason believed that music was a gift from God and that it had to be nourished in education in order to reach the rest of the world. He played a very important part in getting music education recognized as an important part of a child's education throughout the United States. The College Board identifies the arts as one of the six basic academic subject areas students should study in order to succeed in college. Arts education also brings together varied cultural and diverse ethnicity, thereby expanding the walk of every classroom. The great thing about music is that it benefits the students in all of...
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added: 03/16/2011
Music of the WorldSocarras started by playing the Cotton Club and in black revues, recording the first flute solos jazz with Clarence Williams, Sidney Bechet's and Louis Armstrong's producer. Once he had built up a reputation, he founded a big band that mixed classical music, Cuban rhythms and jazz. His music was a total novelty at the time, and one contemporary American critic wrote of the savage intensity" of the band's rhythm section. Although Socarras was black, he overcame racial barriers in many clubs that had previously been closed to coloured bands, taking his tropical drums as far afield as Illinois and Nebraska. The Puerto Rican trombonist Juan Tizol also embarked on an American jazz career, joining the Duke Ellington orchestra in the late 1920s. For Ellington he composed the first Latin jazz numbers, Caravan and Perdido. He also introduced his boss to the structure of Cuban music which, unlike jazz which allows its soloists complete freedom of invention, is based on a very precise superposition of rhythms, each of which has its own particular part to play in an acoustic tapestry that is constantly changing. The conga follows one predetermined line, the bongo another. Bass and plano both also make their own contribution to the polyphonic rhythms. Whatever notes they may be playing, Cuban musicians must respect a particular style of phrasing that neophytes (and even experienced jazzmen) often find hard to pick up. Other American bandleaders, among them Chick Webb and Cab Calloway, fell for the charms of the bolero, guaracha and rumba-all three of them Cuban imports. In turn, jazz made its first tentative incursions into Cuba. Duke Ellington went to Havana in 1933, and American-style big bands began to be formed there. But New York in the early 1940s was the real home of the fusion of jazz...
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added: 08/10/2011
The Structure and Style of Renaissance Music In the Renaissance period, composers began experimenting with harmony in their work. Imitative polyphony, monophonic solo and polychoral music was the main style in the Renaissance. Imitative polyphony is when all the voices in a piece of music move at the same speed and share the development of the piece in a way that later became known as Fugue. Polychoral music is similar to polyphony but is written for choirs, usually to be sung in church. Monophony is simply a solo piece with one line of music and, naturally, one voice. Medieval and Renaissance styles differ in the way the music is written as well, in the order it’s written. Medieval composers built the music up layer upon layer, whereas Renaissance composers often preferred to write all the parts simultaneously, and blend them together rather than contrast them. There is a lot of emphasis on texture in polyphony music. Specific instruments were chosen because they had a certain texture in their sound and the composer would use that texture to compliment other textures within the piece. Renaissance Instruments The Renaissance saw many new instruments as well as old ones remaining popular. Different composers preferred to write for different instruments predominantly, but the basic availability remained pretty much the same. These are the main instruments that were used in Renaissance music: The Lute The lute is the ancestor of the modern day guitar. It held the highest respect of all instruments during the Renaissance, both as an accompaniment and as a solo instrument. It could be played with a plectrum but the best lutenists used only their fingers, giving a very distinctive, very expressive sound. Although the greatest repertoire for the lute is from England, the finest lutes came from Italy. The delicacy of the sound is reflected in the light...
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added: 03/16/2011
It was aural sensory overload as I collapsed on the floor of my best friend's living room. My eyes were completely useless in the pitch black of the room, but my ears were alert. I could imagine the sound swirling around my head. It was beautiful; like sirens calling to a restless voyager. I had found the music that I had unknowingly been searching for. I had landed on its shores and planted my flag. The sound I was hearing was exciting me to the point that sleep was impossible. It was the first time I had experienced the music of 311, and it was a sleep over that I would never forget. There are very few bands that have survived the eclectic and turbulent music scene of the nineties. 311 just so happens to be one of those bands. They are survivors. 311 is an amazing band for the following reasons, their longevity, their positive message and their amazing live show. They have worked for every success they have achieved, receiving little love from the media and radio alike. They have acquired a huge underground following, sold millions of albums, and have toured all over the world, often selling out many of the venues they play. 311 have acquired the success that every underground musician or band dreams of, and they did it their way, without compromising their values or their music. They are a band for the ages, but their drive remains ageless. 311 is unique for their longevity. They have been together for the past twelve years, and that is highly unusual in a world of passing fads and one-hit wonders. 311 formed in 1991 when self-proclaimed "best friends for life" Nick Hexum, Tim Mahoney, Chad Sexton, Doug Martinez (a.k.a. S.A.) and Aaron Wills (a.k.a. P-Nut), decided that they...
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added: 09/06/2011
INTRODUCTION Nietzsche once said, "Without music life would be a mistake." With this eloquent statement, he expresses the magnitude of what lies at the core of every human being and that is simply our inherent love for music. It is a human necessity that strikes a chord (no pun intended) with all of us and always seems to mark every emotion, experience, event, and time period. Music has no boundaries with its interpretations, evolutions and expressions being limitless. Though little could Nietzsche have ever imagined, a world-wide communication network allowing for the consumption of downloadable music from cyber networks by internet explorers on personal computers. In this paper, I will briefly explore the world of music swapping over the internet and how this new phenomenon has sparked one of the largest quandaries of legal episodes to ever hit the modern era. Millions of people are illegally downloading copyrighted songs from the Internet causing the music industry to be caught in a downward spiral as it continues to lose exponential amounts of revenue every year. There is no doubt that this is piracy from a legal standpoint, but who wants to see twelve-year old girls and young college students being dragged into courts because they downloaded Britney Spears singing "Oops! I Did It Again?" No one does. But this paper does not answer the ethical issue of whether or not people have the right to download music from the internet instead of paying $19.95 for a CD. Instead, it analyzes how the music industry, under the umbrella of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), has been legally enabled to do so because of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998. This paper is separated into five different segments that provide: A) a brief background on and current status of internet music swapping;...
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added: 08/07/2011
Censoring things such as violence has become a part of both the public and government agendas in many countries. This includes the increased popularity of computer networks such as the Internet, music, video games, television, etc. It's not about right or wrong anymore. It's about whom to blame when something tragic happens. When a child is informed that her friends father is now among the deceased, she replies, "Who killed him?". Her response illustrates her assumption that his death is related to violence from a second party. For this we need a direction to point our finger. Who easier to blame than a group who has no definite persons to defend themselves such as the media. Berry then offers a second solution of whom to blame. What about the parents? The only reason that they haven't been blamed is because they're the ones that are pointing the fingers and refuse to accept responsibility. If we give the control of censorship to the government, what limits will they set? This largely cuts into our personal rights and freedoms endowed to us which are protected by the constitution then, in turn would be violated. Parents, not the government should decide what is proper and improper for their children. There are controls in effect now. These controls are called ratings. They can work if parents take the ratings seriously and enforce them. Passing censorship to the government imposes more controls on everyone's lives. Censorship leads to ignorance. Censorship is the method of which totalitarian governments gain power....
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added: 01/15/2012
Everybody wants to be a Gangster Hip-Hop is a driving force in today's entertainment and has also become a major influence in American culture. From SportsCenter to Headline News, Hip-Hop has become a part of many Americans' everyday life. Suburban teens especially seem to embrace the hardcore street lyrics coming from urban America. Two of these "Urban Poets," 2pac and 50 Cent, have captured the imaginations of youths across America. By weaving tales of the harsh reality of Black America, these two rappers in particular, have been able to give an insight into "Ghetto America" that the world has never seen. With often blunt and violent lyrics, 2pac and 50 Cent have become the voices for frustrated black men who do not have any avenues to express their ideas. On the surface, the parallels between the two men's careers are striking. However, the difference between the two is that 2pac almost single-handedly raised the awareness of White America about the plight of African Americans, be it with violent lyrics or by songs about young teenage mothers. While 2pac and 50 Cent are similar in their childhoods and careers, 2pac is also celebrated for his accomplishments outside of rap. The most obvious similarities between 2pac and 50 Cent are their upbringings and styles of rap. Both have the hardcore street lyrics that American youth enjoy. But the comparison between them runs deeper than lyrics. Both grew up on the mean streets of New York under strenuous circumstances. For example, 2pac was born to Afeni Shakur, a Black Panther accused of murder, and 50 Cent was born to a father who was in jail for a drug conviction and to a mother who was known all over New York for her drug connections. Without positive role models, both turned to the streets for the...
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added: 10/12/2011
Lyrics, Album, Get Rich or Die Trying Song, 21 Questions Featuring Nate Dogg [50 Cent] New York City! You are now rapping with 50 Cent! You got to love it! I just want chill and twist a lot Catch suns in my car You drive me crazy shorty, I, Need to see you and feel you next to me! I provide everything you need, and I Like your smile I don't want see you cry, got some questions that I got to ask and I, hope you can come up with the answers babe! Nate Dogg! Girl, It's easy to love me now! Would you love me if I was down and out? Would you still have love for me? Girl, It's easy to love me now! Would you love me if I was down and out? Would you still have love for me? Girl! 50 Cent! If I fell off tomorrow would you still love me? If I didn't smell so good would you still hug me? If I got locked up and sentenced to a quarter century, Could I count on you to be there to support me mentally? If I went back to a jail from a Benz, would you poof and disappear like some of my friends? If I was hit and I was hurt would you be by my side? If it was time to put in work would you be down to ride? I'd get out and peel a nigger cap and chill and drive I'm asking questions to find out how you feel inside If I can't rap because I flipped burgers at Burger King would you be ashamed to tell your friends you feeling me? And in bed if I used to my tongue, would you like that? If I wrote you a love letter would you write back? Now we can have a little drink you know a nightcap And we could go do what you like, I know you like that Nate Dogg! Girl, It's easy to love me now! Would you love...
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added: 01/22/2012
Seventies and Eighties Rock Music The term ?rock music? has long been a subject of debate. With such a broad variety of artists under that genre, it is difficult to give rock a definition. Rock music today is the result of almost 60 years of popular music development, a descendant of 1950?s rock ?n? roll. Originating in the mid-50?s, from Afro-American Rhythm and Blues music, artists such as Chuck Berry and Little Richard paved the way for ?white rock music? and the likes of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Roy Orbison. This group of artists became the first generation or wave of rock music, and from the word go, launched the genre headlong into controversy. The next generation came in the shape of a ?British invasion of rock bands?[1] followed by new American artists as Bob Dylan and The Monkees. Rock ?n? roll in the early 60?s gave way to ?rock?, which was deemed not only a style of music, but a way of life. This ?way of life? was exhibited with enthusiasm by bands and artists throughout the decade, leading to the aptly named ?unholy trinity?, sex, drugs, and rock ?n? roll. Together with the likes of Cream, Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles, these bands became the predecessors, and in many cases major influences for the further two generations of rock artists. By the seventies, the very different brands of rock music were becoming apparent. These included, Art Rock, Glam Rock, Pop Rock, Punk Rock and Hard Rock. Art Rock: Pink Floyd, Genesis Glam Rock: Marc Bolan, Kiss, David Bowie, Queen Pop Rock: Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac, Boston Punk Rock: Sex Pistols, the Clash Hard Rock: Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple The fourth generation brought with it a host of Heavy Metal bands, such as Metallica, Van Halen, and Guns ?n? Roses, as well as many bands still surviving from the...
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added: 01/31/2012
Metallica have easily been arguably the best, most influential and most respected Heavy Metal band of the 80's and the 90's. Instead of drifting off in their own success, they brought the music back down to Earth, back to the street, where it belongs. The band formed after a series of events in 1981: Lars Ulrich, a Danish born drummer living in the Bay Area of San Francisco, was looking for someone to 'jam' with. He put an add in the local Trading Post, 'The Recycler,' stating that he was interested in playing drums for a band. To answer his add was James Hetfield, a 19-year-old guitarist, also living in the Bay Area of San Francisco. The two started playing together their favorite Heavy Metal songs, such as those by such bands as Diamond Head, and Black Sabbath. Hetfield later asked roommate (and part-time bassist), Ron McGovney to join the band, and McGovney accepted the offer. The trio then recruited lead guitarist Dave Mustaine, and the band was complete, or was it.... With Hetfield doubling up on vocals, the band recorded their first demos in mid-1981. The demos entitled "No Life 'Till Leather," became the product of bootleggers, and the band became popular among the Underground Heavy Metal community. Later, when Hetfield and Ulrich attended the concert of a fellow Bay Area band called Trauma, they were stunned by the 'volcanic' ability of Trauma's bassist: Cliff Burton. Subsequently, McGovney was kicked out of the band by Hetfield and Ulrich, and the very impressive Burton was asked to join Metallica. After some strenuous decision making, Burton decided to join. Metallica then started to play concerts, mainly as a warm-up band for established Metal acts such as Saxon, and Metallica's popularity grew, while they hadn't even released their first album yet. Mustaine, the band's lead guitarist...
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added: 12/28/2011
In the woodwind family of instruments, there is a very unique set of instruments; the saxophones. There are actually six different saxophones in this family: soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, contrabass, and bass saxophone. The saxophone was invented in the late 18th century when composers wanted to fill out their orchestra's with a sound that wasn't quite like a brass instrument, and not exactly a woodwind. Thus, the uniquely sounding saxophone was created. I have had the experience of playing the alto, tenor and baritone saxophones. These three saxophones can be classified by using key signature, size, and tone. The alto saxophone is used mainly for the melodies of tunes with fast tempos. The alto is in the key of E-Flat, meaning that the alto plays a standard B-flat scale starting on the note of G. The alto's range allows it to play the melodies with instruments like the trumpets and clarinets. The size of the alto is not as small as the soprano, but not as big as the tenor sax. The alto's tone is higher pitched to play like a trumpet with the capability to play like a clarinet. Likewise, the tenor saxophone can be compared to a few instruments, such as, the trombone and the French horn. The tenor saxophone is in the key of B-flat. The tenor usually has the harmony parts in a composition, but sometimes plays melody when the piece calls for more of a middle range of sound. The tenor plays best in the harmony parts because of its ability to play low and middle range notes very well. Tenor saxophones are usually paired with the French horn because it has the same type of sound, but has a unique woodwind sound at the same time. Simmons 2 The size of the tenor is a little larger than...
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added: 01/30/2012
Pop music often simplifies gender and communication issues to a Cinderella-type story: Boy sees girl, boy falls in love with girl, they consummate their love, and then live happily ever after. Real life unfortunately, is not this simple. Relationships go through many stages, and not all of the stages are pleasant. Relationships also come to an end. The one-dimensional aspect of relationships is interesting to children who are experiencing the emotions associated with love for the first time in early and simplified stages. However, once one gets older, one wonders why music is not able to communicate the things he or she is feeling in a more adult manner. That is where The Loud Family comes in. The Loud Family is a San Francisco-based guitar pop band that writes adult songs about the situations and emotions relating to relationships. In this paper, I will offer a short history of The Loud Family, then discuss relational issues and situations relating to their 1996 album, Interbabe Concern. The relational issues I will discuss are gender reversal in relationships, initiating and ending relationships, and gender violence in relationships. The Loud Family is basically Scott Miller as lead songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist. He began writing and recording music in 1979 under the name Alternate Learning while at the University of California at Davis. He was awarded a record contract in 1981, and changed his band name to Game Theory for his first album, Blaze of Glory. Game Theory went from "regional obscurity to national obscurity" (Miller, 1989) when his band released Lolita Nation, which spent six weeks at the top of the College Music Journal charts in 1987. He changed his band name to the Loud Family in 1993 for the release of Plants and Birds and Rocks and Things. 1996's Interbabe Concern was his...
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added: 10/17/2011
Joan Morgan captured the aspect of misogyny from hip-hop artists in a compelling way. When she explained about her semi-abusive relationship with her boyfriend of many years, I felt how she might have been feeling. I felt this way because I caught myself doing the same things that he was. Not that I just outrageously or belligerently disrespected my girlfriend, I unconsciously say things that I do not mean, but not meaning them how they are said. What I am explaining is that the words I say like, "well I guess you're just being a punk" or "shut up cry baby" when she is upset when I've done something is harsh, but I don't mean it how it sounds. I understand how women feel when they say that men have no emotions towards "little things," however; I just don't understand how most of these "things" are relevant. Ms. Morgan also hit topics such as how men see women as just sex tools. This statement is true; nevertheless, there is a vast majority of men in every race (not just black) that degrade women on television and in real life situations. Myself, I do not fall into the category of chauvinism because of the love I have for all women. These rappers that are up and coming and in the industry now are all into the misogynistic approach to rap. The reasons are because of how the women that are behind the scenes with the rappers act. What I mean is that most of these girls that are doing this are young in age, and out to get some money from rappers. Rapper Guru of Gang Starr said it best when he wrote "A yo fellas you gotta be careful today / Watch out for games that these females play /...
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added: 02/05/2012
Richard Strauss (1964-1949) was born of the famous virtuoso hornist and composer Franz Strauss. The father Strauss was known for his opposition to new musical forms. Richard's mother was also musical and he began studying music in his hometown of Munich at a young age. Through his father's dislike for emerging musical style, Richard was educated in the classical style, therefore used this to his advantage in composing a unique type of music using some elements of classicism, but qualifying still as 20th century. He made himself famous with his series of programatic tone poems such as the ones listed above. Tod and Verklarung (Death and Transfiguration) was written in 1889. It depicts a man on his deathbed as he remembers his happy, earlier days and reflects on some of the trials, tribulations and triumphs of his life. Struggling with the acceptance of his imminent death, the piece moves through Strauss' trademark sweeping sections which lead to quite sections back into more fast-paced music. The piece ends in calm giving the listener the impression of a peaceful and finally satisfying end. The finish of Till Eulespiegel's lustige Streiche (Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks) is slightly more disconcerting. The story of Till, the mischievous bug that he is, goes like this: Till causes some discord in the marketplace, and later among some scholars. He is tried for his wrongdoing and put to death by either hanging or beheading, thus the gigantic diminished chord about 2 minutes from the end with heavy low brass. There is a woodwind line which could make one think of the severed head dropping into a basket. Don Juan is Strauss' take on the Nicolas Lenau fragmentary poem under the same title. It is the story of an idealist in search of the perfect woman. Don Juan, being of a new...
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added: 08/10/2012
It was a bright summer day, when my mother reunion my sibling and I in the living room. "A big change in our lives will occur in a couple of months, " She said with a smile on her face. Looking at her face with that big smile, the first thing that went in trough my mind was: something excited is about to happen. Mom, with her long black curly hair, sitting down with her legs crossed said: " We are moving!" she said. "Where mama, where?" I said anxiously, "Which part of the city, mama?" I lived in Morelia Mexico, three hour away from Mexico City. It is a beautiful city. The average weather is from 65 to 75 degrees; it is always sunny and warm. All my friends lived near me; I walked to school with friends, school was two blocks from the house. It was very important for me to know to what part of the city we were moving to. "Where, mama, where?" I insisted. "A los Estados Unidos" she said, which mean to the United States. My brother, Seb, was so happy to hear that. He got up from the couch, started running, jumping, screaming with glory. "Calm down, calm down" mom said, "You'll be attending to school there, and I'm sure you will like it". My sister, Yanni, with her big eyes fully opened, just stayed sitting down like if nothing had happen or said. I, of course, did not like the news, exclusive I was begging mom to stay were we were at. But I knew this day was going to arrive. My parents' married in Chicago. And most of my relatives live in the northeast part of the United States. After having my brother and lived eleven year in Madison Chicago, I figure they sometime would want...
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added: 12/25/2011
Since the creation of the Internet people have found different ways to use it at their advantage. More recently people have used it to download music from any artist off huge servers, the most popular of which was Napster. This program was originally created by Shawn Fanning as a way for him and his friends to share MP3 files. Now it has grown to the most popular place to share pirated music over the Internet. So how has this program affected the music industry? An article arranged by David Gray entitled, "Sound off Napster" is a roundtable discussion on the pros and cons of Napster. Some ideas discussed here are the affects on the consumer, the artists, and what are some possible solutions to the problem. The big question here is how does Napster affect the artists themselves. CEO Marc Geiger explains success as an artist is, " really having your music owned by as many people as possible. If someone said their music was illegally downloaded a gazillion times, that's a measure of success, not failure." Geiger expresses a valid point here. In order for an artist to make money off their music and for it to become popular is to have more and more people listening to it. Recording artist Chuck D. labels file sharing as, "the new radio. It's a fantastic way for art to get exposed." So how does this free publicity negatively affect artists? The most obvious reason is music downloaded is not music purchased. Many artists rely on the sale of albums to support themselves financially. CEO Hilary Rosen also points out that, "Though most people don't realize it, only 15 percent of all releases sell enough copies to make a profit, and those record sales support the other 85 percent, including those from new...
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added: 06/25/2011
Concert Report I attended the Pacific Symphony Orchestra's classical concert series "Beethoven's Fifth", conducted by Carl St.Clair, the internationally renowned American conductor, on Thursday, January 31, 2001 in the Segerstrom Hall (Orange County Performing Arts Center). The first half of the concert was introduced by a short and lively movement Rondo in D major of Mozart, and continued with Bernstein's Symphony No. 2. The second half of the concert was devoted to the four-movement work, Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 in C minor. The concert was scheduled to begin at 8:00 p.m., but I arrived at the hall one hour earlier for the preview. The hall was much more crowded than I expected. Everybody dressed nice and talked quietly. Moment later the concert host came out and gave a brief description of the piece that was about to be played. It was very informative and fun. I was impressed by the way the host handled some of the questions asked by the audience. After the preview the musicians came out and tuned their instruments, cued by the concertmaster. The orchestra was seated on the stage; the men wore tuxedos, the women wore black dresses or pants. At exact 8:00 p.m., the conductor Carl St. Clair came out with the guest piano soloist Benjamin Pasternack, they were applauded by the audience. The conductor shook the hands of the first violinist. There then was a moment's pause for complete quiet and the concert began. Mozart's Rondo in D major, K.382 This piece was composed by Mozart in 1782, when he lived in Vienna. It has a homophonic texture, and its form is a concert rondo, which Mozart used as the new finale of his first original piano concerto (K. 175). Besides the solo piano, there is a variety of aerophones, chordophones, and membranophones used in this...
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added: 01/30/2012
Listing „] Crowd waiting in anticipation „] Different kinds of people „] Roar of crowd when band started to perform „] Band screamed and jumped on the stage „] Audience followed the band „] Everyone was singing along „] Head banging „] Loud electric guitars „] Band member threw himself into the audience „] Sang all their greatest hits „] Drummer did a fantastic solo „] Closing song was topped with fireworks and confetti Final Draft The Rock Show It was the most anticipated rock concert in the history of Dubai. Slipknot, were to perform live at the Dubai Aviation Centre. As we entered the arena, we saw big and small groups of devoted Slipknot fans, some sporting Slipknot T-Shirts or caps. Everyone was talking excitedly, expecting an evening of raucous fun and noise. As the initial chord was struck on the electric guitars the crowd went wild. The band jumped and screamed on stage and the entire audience, as one, followed them, chanting the lyrics as though in a trance. The guitarists were terrific and were major crowd pleasers. The louder they were the more we enjoyed them play! In the middle of the band¡¦s most famous song, ¡¥Wait and Bleed¡¦, the lead singer threw himself into the audience. We, the audience acted like his ¡¥trampoline¡¦, as we threw him into the air and caught him repeatedly. The drummer then did a fantastic solo, where he really showed off his talent and got a great ovation from everyone. To end this stunning concert, there was a spectacular display of fireworks which had everyone mesmerized. Thus ended one of the greatest concerts Dubai has ever seen....
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added: 01/30/2012
Wear It On The Sleeve its a break in the chain that stops you from aching and if you knew then what you now know there would be nothing you would have needed to defend open mouth, close your eyes, say the words you have to, you have to... upfront about feeling down but frowning is legalised die trying for a cause that you have put on pause dont jeopardise what you believe in for the sake of a phone call and feeling tears stream down your naked flesh.. shes a winner with sinning and forgiving is the last thing on your mind when your stuck with storms and waves and thorns that stick in your side out of the question is her suggestion and you;ll never head down that path again Cry these words from the top of the mount And hope that she hears them from there Singled out and cross hairs are in their sights Sing the words, scream the pain away You can never go back Dont ever think you'll have it that way again You'll just punish yourself (and beat too slow) Circulation slow down, and poison in the blood She'll jump the leads you broke and throw you to the flood Hurry on across town to find the target now Seems like apathy has taken a back seat We have to fight these wars and these hearts But no one can ever fight it for you Sad to lose but worse to be abused Dont let yourself fall, fall back to how things were In the end you'll smile and watch as she falls apart From the moment you're in denial, she won't even feel you're near...again...
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