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Padded Room In the quiet of my padded room, While insanity sets in, I am comfortable and safe, So either way I win. The monsters can't get me, And trhe voices will go away. Medication's no longer a problem, I'm slightly more sane today. Don't take me from my padded room. I swear I'll go insane. Well, insane again to tell the truth; Soft walls to ease my pain. Razor Blade Heart cracked but not broken Pride shattered into a thousand peices Cut myself just to feel the sting To replace the pain, if only for a moment I can't cut deep I'm afrid of what I will find Afriad of what will flow out Along with the scarlet hatred that is desperate for escape I watch the single drop of blood It nmbs my senses and clouds my thoughts Maybe I will sleep tonight Me, My Contry ad The Universe Lonley pains sink deeper Cleansing rains save me Thruth now fieghns the weaker Heart in chains for safety Pope ordains the willing Army gains a team In God's plains they're tilling Where Death still reigns supreme...
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added: 12/27/2011
From these past two three days , am afraid seems like you have gone away, please make a way atleast a ray. I dont want this rage, The way u rave , was like a wave. I hope this is blubder of my mind, nothing on its way go unkind. I know am not suppose to be scared , but what can i do when situations get weired. force me to think this dear , and thats when i tear . Inspite of being aware , that you gonna be always there. Then why do i have this fear What made you think i take your love for granted, love is all i wanted i never took it for granted . Why do you think i always pray, that you never get away , & our love always stays. Am sorry i have always given you pain, thats why i call myself insane....
pages: 1 (words: 153)
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added: 10/19/2012
My heart is filled with love for you, My soul wants to be with you, Can't stay anymore far from you, Come to me, I want to say I love you. I don't know what is there in you, That drives me so crazy about you, I tried a lot not to think of you, But my heart keeps saying I love you. This life I want to spend for you, Whatever I'll do, it will be only for you, I don't know why I am so mad about you, My heart keep reminds me, I really love you. Don't know what you think of me. But hope you also think same for me, These 3 words sound so precious to me, I want to ask you, do you also love me????? I want to ask you, do you also love me?????...
pages: 1 (words: 142)
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added: 01/30/2012
Cultural practices and traditions, have led to debates and wars for centuries. Cultural differences have enabled us to learn more about the world and the people around us. In Alice Walkers The Secret of Joy, the practice of female genital mutilation, is being discussed as ethical and cultural relativism at its finest. The idea of female genital mutilation seems barbaric and wrong to western society. With the pain and health problems that are directly inflicted by the practice, there is a reason why people believe it is unethical. The story of Alice walker can be perceived as an attack on ethical relativism. The practice of female genital mutilation has been going on for centuries. For people to understand the tradition of this practice without living through with in that culture is very hard. The tribal way of thinking may seem primitive, but it is a tradition that is seen as religious and ceremonial. The practice to them is normal and brings intrinsic value to them. The story shows a very horrible side o this practice. An opposing story could have been about a wife enjoying her life because of her traditional practice. There is an argument to the attack of ethical relativism. These tribes are usually male run tribes. The procedure is done for male gratification. Knowing that his wife will be a virgin, and will stay faithful, because sex will not be pleasurable. Could it also be an egocentric religion that says women are loose and unclean if female genital mutilation is not performed? By a religion saying this, it is sure that if you do not perform this practice you will be an outcast. Therefore you are put in a place as a lady in this society to have no choice but to perform these acts of female genital mutilation. Over...
pages: 5 (words: 1186)
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added: 01/05/2012
When a frosted swan raises eternal wings And the wind blows a thousand sacred songs When smoky note across the glorious rings And a dancer leaps even though the day is long. When peaceful laughter cascades across a room And clear eyes of earth fleet a heady glance When marble figures shimmer in the moon And I see two smiles entwined in radiant dance. Then I remember how in the day we met As dark images of reminiscence show The friendship forged, no looks I can't forget In the time we sat together, both our minds aglow. And we learnt and hoped and prayed, in that silent endeavour A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever…...
pages: 1 (words: 121)
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added: 02/03/2012
"Happy Birthday" means much more Than have a happy day. Within these words lie lots of things I never get to say. It means I love you first of all, Then thanks for all you do. It means you mean a lot to me, And that I'm proud of you. But most of all, I guess it means That I am thinking of Your happiness on this, your day, With pleasure and with love....
pages: 1 (words: 74)
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added: 09/26/2012
On the road of life, many trials arise that one must overcome to make his or her life feel complete. In Langston Hughes's poem, "Mother to Son," these trials are a subject of concern for one mother. Hughes' "ability to project himself" is seen in his use of dialect, metaphors, and tone. Although the dialect by itself does not seem to be an important quality, however, "when it is presented with all dramatic skill", it is important. In "Mother to Son", Hughes uses dialect to show that the mother is not as well educated as many people. When she says phrases such as "For I'se still goin', honey," it is understood that she means that she is still going, even though it is not clearly said. The dialect may also show what area she may live in. When she talks about "boards torn up" it shows that she was from the poor part of the town. It does not seem relevant that she has torn up boards, but these are not found in a wealthy person's mansion. Although the grammar of this dialect is wrong, it makes the woman seem more like a real person and less like someone who is fictional. Another quality that is prevalent in this poem is its metaphors. The extended metaphor, which is a metaphor that is stated and then developed throughout the poem, is that the mother believes that "Life for [her] ain't been no crystal stair". By explaining this to her son, she says that her life has not been fancy or easy, but she is getting by. While climbing her stairs she is "reachin' landin's, / and turnin' corners, / and sometimes goin' in the dark". Although these are "homely" things someone may face on a staircase, they actually mean things that...
pages: 3 (words: 573)
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added: 12/14/2011
Am sitting in my balcony, being treated worse then a pony, even she would have had a better life, but see me hear my life is not nice. Seem to be in a prison, with so much of criticism. Don`t know why to live hear, when each day seems tough to bear. I know how i tolerate it dear, taking each breath with so much of fear, making me tear,tear and tear................... don't know what happened if there were know peer, wish just to disappear. It happens every second day making me spoil the day. i wonder ,i wonder what is the blunder. why was i born, just to behave as if on a sojourn. Just want to be on a somnolent, So may be could have someone benevolent. i am bereft, so lord now i request, just don't want to stay, so please take me away...............................
pages: 1 (words: 147)
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added: 01/30/2012
Elie Young, knind, resourceful Son of Chlomo Who feels the need to explore the mysticisim of his faith, empathy for others, and great love for his father Who fears for his father life, his own life, and his own people's future Who would like to remain as invisible as possible to the Germans, escape from his hell, and understand God, Resident of Aushwitz, Buchenwald, Sighet Wiesel...
pages: 1 (words: 66)
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added: 01/01/2012
"The Male God of I Am" I have a mind, energy, senses, and think; so therefore I am Just one of the two earthly genders, as a male; human man. The gift of a mind to learn, understand and a right to chose To believe, accept and more important; the sole right. to refuse. Our mind is condtioned by the environment, time and its habitat A lifetime of questions, thought and answers finally to give back. The mind is affected by corruption conflict and also confusion Years of denial , suppression and unauthorized, family intrusion. Thoughts produce words and actions and also their earthly intent Evil is acknowledged not just by acts but really what they meant. There is a right and wrong along with tragic accidents and mistakes Evil hides its intent by wearing the other side of a Janus mask face. Evil is cold, destructive, inhuman,and too often painful and cruel For centuries dnd too often painful and cruel have been singular with evil its fuel. Mankind requires the rule of law but not the rule of just only men Be fair and include the sacrifice and contributions buions of all women, Life is a shared responsibility never separate nor can it be undone Tomorrow's children need to be loved, protected; every, single one. God the creator's children suffer because of man's ways and laws Thoughts of women must be included to remove all mankind flaws. Aho Speaks...
pages: 1 (words: 240)
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added: 01/23/2012
Male Idego Man's righteousness and understanding not by the clothes he wears Nor by titles of ordination or birthright,or by oaths they do swear The individual mind interprets and discerns the words not a human ear. King Arthur and his knights spent a lifetime searching for a holy grail Knights of the round table planning their journeys without one single female If mankind's journey continues to be singular it is guaranteed to fail. Since time began man has lived with the grail as it sits upon his head A center for every and all human thought and intent until it is dead The evil one understood quickly that the mind just wanted to be fed. Questions, thoughts and answers separate man from any other earthly living form Also the purpose and blessing of a family from a Mother each one is born Truly humanities reason and purpose that childen must be adorned. Humanity is more than one culture yet reason and purpose are the same One child denied and not protected than whom will your God blame? Different cultures and religions but it is man who does bear the shame. There are many cultures, languages, religions and governments too Past empires ruled by exclusively men with power seldom ever grew For too long only the rule of men and his ideologies too many not new. The home is sacred and each one within including a father and Mother Only a family has endured for humanities future for sister or brother Singular purpose and reason for earth's existence as there is no other. Every sub-culture has its reason and purpose and unique thoughts Also many times its own language to communicate what it wrought Man refuse to accept knowledge is earth bound or else they just forgot. 03-04-06 Aho Speaks...
pages: 2 (words: 299)
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added: 01/05/2012
Prepare yourself If death were to come calling Bursting through your door Would you stand and face it Or faint onto the floor. What if death came calling? And said I want you now Would you say I'm ready? Or would you fight, and how? Parting from your loved ones Would you say good-bye? Could you bare their pain? When you see them cry. Death will some day find us all And its coming may be swift Therefore be resolute Treat life as a gift. Treasure every moment Share the gift of life Give unto your children Give unto your wife Live each day in harmony Stay away from strife Death is not a gateway Unto eternal life. A.Petros@nec 2000...
pages: 1 (words: 120)
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added: 10/25/2012