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Organisational development has become increasingly important as companies face a world of ‘generic uncertainty, (Peters, 1987), resulting in new problems and new challenges. Traditionally, firms have relied upon scientific methods to resolve these problems, but these have been criticised for failing to deliver realistic, understandable and timely solutions (Revans, 1998). As a result, ‘Action Research, has emerged; defined as ‘an inquiry into how human beings design and implement action in relation to one another, (Argyris et al., cited in De Loo, 2002; p246). This program seeks to allow managers the ability to tackle problems which are ‘complex, non-routine and for which no standard solution exists, (De Loo, 2002; p246). One technique which applies this approach is ‘action learning,. Developed since the 1920,s, its progress is attributed to Revans (1980), who suggests that there is no clear definition of the concept; rather, its form can vary according to the situation at the time. However, the basic principle revolves around ‘real people tackling real problems in real time, (Revans, 1980; p309). Revans, after studying the coal industry and NHS in the 1950s and 1960s, believed that people had the ability to solve their own problems. Action learning seeks to encourage individuals to solve problems (that have no obvious solution) without the need for advice from senior management or external consultants. The theoretical underpinnings of action learning lie in the work of Kolb (1984) and Revans (1980). Revans describes action learning as a social process by which managers and workers come together to form ‘sets,. Pedler (1997; p258) suggests that these sets represent ‘a collective search where everyone contributes their problems and insights to achieve a shared understanding,. In his work, Revans developed the formula: L = P + Q, i.e. learning equals ‘programmed knowledge, plus ‘questioning insight,. Revans states that ‘a surfeit of P...
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added: 02/16/2012
How mergers go wrong. The article "Merger Brief: First among equals" describes one of the biggest mergers in the American corporate history. In 1998 Citicorp, the world's most profitable company, merged with Travelers. Despite that differences in size of each company's success in operations and the fact that Citicorp was dominant in that merger, both executives, John Reed of Citicorp and Sandy Weill of Travelers, claimed that it was "merger of equals", becoming co-chairman and co-chief executive. For their merger strategy, they have adopted "Noah's Ark" approach to a top management, when every top-level position was made of two employees coming from both Citi and Travelers. Nevertheless, there has been some resistance from employees of involved companies; for example, some of Citicorp's staff wanted their services to continue under Citi's brand rather than switching to anything new. Furthermore, two ambitious executives, having their own points of view and own visions and strategies, got involved in scuffles, but their relationship worsened and led to misunderstanding and miscommunication in top-management. Consequently, they were forced to split their duties: Weill was taking over day-to-day operations and Reed taking charge of strategy. Further, disputes and tension between two executives led to Mr. Reed's retirement which he was forced into by the board. Sandy Weill then became a sole boss of that enterprise, and this fact had immediate impact on corporate structure. The new company was rapidly becoming "Weill's creature" which means that the most of the Citicorp's employees took off key positions in organization and became occupied by Travelers' employees. In spite of all the problems mentioned in the case that relate to HR, it indicates that company is being successful, sustaining growth, and increasing profits and stock price. Although the merger seems to be successful, based on financial indicators, I believe that in the long...
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added: 07/04/2011
HULT International Business School Human Resources Andreas Cseh November 11, 2003 "We are working within structures of yesterday with today's instruments on strategies for tomorrow – mostly with people, that have created within the cultures of the day before yesterday the structures of yesterday and the most likely won't survive the day beyond tomorrow within their companies." (Prof. Knut Bleicher) On Thursday, May 9th, 1998, Chrysler Corporation and Germany's Daimler-Benz AG formally announced a $36 billion merger, creating a new automotive giant stretching across two continents. The new company, DaimlerChrysler, combined Germany's biggest industrial company with the third-largest U.S. automaker which once used a "Buy American" slogan and which was best-known for Jeeps, minivans and light trucks. If DaimlerChrysler were a country, it would rank 37th in the world in terms of Gross Domestic Product, just behind Austria, but well ahead of six other members of the European Union. "The country flags have come down and the flag of profitability has gone up." (Times) On the day of the merger, DaimlerChrysler was number one worldwide in the premium car segment, world market leader with sport-utility vehicles and minivans, world's largest producer of commercial vehicles, aerospace, financial services, railway systems, automotive electronics, and diesel engines. DaimlerChrysler's strategy rested on four pillars: Global Presence, Strong Brands, Broad Product Range and Technology Leadership. In the pre-merger planning, both sides, Daimler and Chrysler, considered just the typical merger arguments: • too many companies (competition) • merging can cure overcapacity • size means success • global equals growth None of these arguments had an explicit cross-border element. It was important to agree to the broad terms to make the merger successful. In the article, it said that the parties would have applied the same methods had the deal been between two German or two American companies. But where were the people behind the story? Germans and Americans- two very different cultures yet cultural differences and its implications were not factored...
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added: 09/17/2011
Introduction Selecting perfume is a rather prejudiced process. Given that a brand and its image are highly respected internationally, the acquisition for its newly launched perfume depends upon an individual's preference of scent. Waiting for consumers to approach, test and smell, be satisfied and pay for it is neither desirable nor affordable. A marketer certainly has some more to do. The following paragraphs illustrate how a marketer of a luxury cosmetic, from defining his target customers to understanding their consumption decision-making patterns, develop and implement a rewarding marketing strategy. Assumption Assumptions are made on a luxury cosmetic brand and its new range of perfume targeting a new segment in Hong Kong market. Estee Launder, having historically represented an impeccable quality taste and style, shares its expensive and elegant image with its consumers who are mature, feminine and attractive. A new range of perfume, namely, White Linen, and its extended product line of Body Crème and Bath and Shower Gel is to be launched. The target customers are, unlike its usual ones, young and adaptive office ladies. As such, a separate advertising and marketing strategy is adopted. Being a marketer promoting the captioned product range, it requires him to appreciate how people make their purchase and consumption decisions. A Consumer Decision Process (CDP) model (also known as EBM model) (Blackwell, Miniard & Engel, 2000) is employed to ensure the efforts of marketing strategy will not be wasted. Understanding the product The acquisition for perfume is based on selective need recognition as it is usually regarded as a non-necessity item comprising differentiated brands in the market. The Estee Launder's White Linen enjoys its strong brand equity as well as well established sales channels. It is considered as a high-involvement product because it gives benefits to those who are conscious about their self-images. Estee Launder has created this...
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added: 11/11/2011
There are many advantages of using Internet technology in a marketing strategy. The Internet offers potential customers three major benefits. The first is convenience. With the Internet, customers can order products any time of the day and from any location. Secondly, customers can find lots of information about companies, products and competitors without leaving their office. Due to this increased information source, objective criteria such as prices, quality and performance can all be compared much easier. Finally, with online services customers don't have to face salespeople or open themselves up to persuasion and emotional factors (Kotler, 1997). The Internet also offers benefits to the marketer. Quick adjustments to market conditions, lower costs, relationship building and audience sizing are all advantages that marketers can use when considering a marketing strategy. Therefore, marketers will be able to find, reach, communicate and sell over the Internet. Both large and small firms can use online marketing. Therefore SME businesses will be able to gain the benefits of using the Internet. Online marketing has no real limit on advertising space with costs being significantly lower than that of print and broadcast media. Given the online marketing opportunities, companies have to decide how to go online, with what products and for what audiences. There are four main ways that marketers can use Internet technology. However, not all of these methods can be used by SMEs. Some of these methods involve costs that some businesses may not be prepared to meet. An 'electronic storefront' can provide descriptions of the company and its products. It can be used as a catalogue, describing the company's products and features along with the company's news and financial standings. It can also offer the choice of placing an order. Product sales on commercial online services are between $100 million and $200 million each year...
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added: 01/06/2012
INTRODUCTION The point to ask oneself before embarking to discuss the role of entrepreneurship in electronic commerce is what is entrepreneurship and what is electronic commerce? Once this question has been answered and understood, then digging deeper into the two terms is recommended for further understanding of the concepts. Longenecker et al () pg. describes an entrepreneur as "those individuals who discover market needs and launch new firms to meet those needs". While Hindle, Legge (1997) pg. 80 describes entrepreneurship as "a managerial process of opportunity realisation through a creative approach to resource control." In essence, therefore, entrepreneurship is all about pursuing opportunities by providing or creating innovations that possess a market niche or market potential. Longenecker () pg describes electronic commerce as "the paperless exchange of business information via the internet. It is the means of conducting business transactions that traditionally have been carried out by telephone, mail or face to face in brick and mortar establishments." Emergence of new technology has led to new and various ways of conducting business especially now in the 21st century. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to separately view entrepreneurship and electronic commerce and then view how electronic commerce affects entrepreneurship. ENTREPRENEURSHIP It is known that an entrepreneur takes charge of a certain project that will deliver valuable benefits and bring it to completion. He or she also manages risk in that he or she reduces the risk that the other stakeholders if any would bear. By this, we see that the entrepreneur has some advantage. By this, we mean that the personal risk that the entrepreneur carries is less than the risk any other stakeholders would have had to achieve the same result. Many people have been attracted to entrepreneurship by very many various reasons. The most common reason is the issue of one becoming independent, their...
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added: 11/10/2011
HOW THE CENTRAL BANK USES DIFFERENT TOOLS TO COMBAT INFLATION The Central Bank contributes to economic stability when it uses monetary policy and banking reforms against storms such as inflation. Stability is both political and economic: it ranges from peace and order, internal and external security, and a functioning justice system to minimal movements in prices, interest rates, and exchange rates. Growth is the continuing and sustainable rise in output, income and employment. And equity is the widening of the sharing of the fruits of growth, with preferential attention to the poor. Growth is the business of the private sector working in a free market, with the government supporting it with basic services, infrastructure, and a sound policy and regulatory environment. Equity results from a whole host of factors, including the efficiency of the investment and labor markets, the profile of investments made, the structure of investment incentives, the pattern of government expenditures, tax laws, labor laws, and the like. The BSP strives to maintain domestic price stability. If liquidity from other sources threatens to heat up domestic price levels, in other words, inflation, the BSP will counteract it. The BSP does this by doing the following: • It sees to it that enough liquidity is provided to satisfy the operations and growth requirements of business, but with a wary eye on the inflation rate and on the exchange rate. • It works towards the lowest interest rates possible, consistent with keeping the real interest rate positive and without jeopardizing the stability of domestic price levels and of the peso's exchange rate. • It fines-tune and balance the movements of domestic interest rates and the exchange rate and keep them within a general band, to maintain a stable environment. • It keeps the balance between the levels of domestic with foreign interest rates, to prevent speculative capital movements whether inward...
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added: 02/03/2012
The fast food chains we have come to know and support make up one of the biggest industries in the nation. Every day, these corporate giants churn out Whoppers and Happy Meals to millions of consumers. However, it is not a coincidence that so many people are attracted to these chain restaurants. It is a result of ingenious marketing. Over the years, the fast food industry has used many cleverly planned tactics to provide the American consumer with products it can't refuse. They know how to take advantage of pop culture, they provide a sense of familiarity, and their convenience is very hard to match. Out of all the restaurants in the world, the fast food chains are the most "up-to-date." Every time you look, they have the catchiest ads, the most popular endorsements, and the coolest toys. For example, the Taco Bell commercials with the talking Chihuahua were wildly popular among kids and adults alike. During the LA Lakers' championship season, you could always see Shaquille O'Neal in Burger King ads. Also, whenever a new Disney movie comes out, you can always look for matching paraphernalia in McDonalds' Happy Meals. These strategies may seem petty and unimportant, but in reality, they do have a major effect in drawing in customers. Many customers show their support for these things by eating at the restaurants that advertise them, whether they do it consciously or unconsciously. On top of it all, the fast food chains get paid for sponsoring the movies. It's a win-win situation, and it has been proven to be very effective. Fast food chains originated in America, but over time, they have spread their influence throughout the world. Today, "McDonalds" is a household term in hundreds of nations around the world. This leads people to start feeling a sense of security...
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added: 01/09/2012
I am a waitress. In the past couple of years it has been a big part of my life. When I am not at work, I am thinking about it. I believe everyone should be a waitress at some point in his or her lives. It teaches you many helpful life skills that will be helpful for a long time to come. Appearance and confidence are both important parts in a job like this. Your clothes must be ironed and clean, and worn proud. In my job our uniform is a very essential part of our job. We are required to wear black pants, a white button up shirt, a sophisticated tie, and a very clean apron. Training for the job is by far the most important part. If you were not trained well, you will not do well in this job. You must learn the menu to the restaurant you work at by heart. It should be imprinted in your mind like the back of your hand. You need to know what every word on the word on the menu means. The customers will ask questions and if you cannot answer them quickly and confidently then you appear weak. You must be ready to answer anything. Next you must learn the tricks of the trade. Suggestive sales are your best friend. When you go to a table, instead of asking saying, "Do you want a drink?" you should say, "Would you like a glass of wine with that, or maybe some ice tea?" This way, the customers' mind gets rolling on different ideas and is much more likely to order something. Study after study has shown how effective this technique is. Thirdly, It is very important to hear exactly what your customers say and know what they mean. You have to know if...
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added: 01/08/2012
How to be an Effective Manager. A manager is a leader who leads the team and influences his team members. It is the leader's duty to provide an environment for team members to achieve team or organizational objectives. There are several competencies required in order to be an effective manager. Good qualification, knowledge of business, intelligence, emotional intelligence, motivation, and self-confidence are very important to have in order to be a successful manager. A minimum of four years degree in management is required to qualify for a manager's position. However, that requirement varies according to the organization. Some organizations may require higher qualifications, and some organizations prefer someone with lots of managing experience and not concern themselves with the minimum education required.. One's must have above average cognitive ability to process massive amounts of information. He or she must have superior ability to analyze alternate scenarios and identify potential opportunities. Emotional intelligence is very important to have in order to be a successful manager. A manager should be able to monitor his or her and others' emotions and then use the information to guide their thoughts and actions. Emotional intelligence requires a strong self monitoring personality, because a manager must be sensitive to situational cues and readily adapt his or her own behavior appropriately. The manager must know him or herself in order to get to know his employees. And also a manager should have the ability to empathize with others and the social skills necessary to build a relationship as well as network with others. A manager should be able to motivate him or herself and others. Money isn't the only thing that motivates people. Many employees are motivated by being appreciated or feeling that they have made a difference when they are rewarded for their achievements. Also enthusiasm is infectious. When a manager...
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With the job market offering few opportunitiies for advancement,many in the workforce are going back to school, as a resultapplications to the natoins graduate school are study that important? sure,leaning provide us a good chance of improving,some one will say no knowledge does ont mean no money, but i will say no knowledge does mean less moey. Every one grow in the process of study,just as Aristotle said:"Learning is an ornament in prospetity,a refuge in adeversity, and a provision in old age>"james lehre also daid:"Acollege diploma does not mean you aree educated.Quite the contrary,it means that you have been openned up to a perpetual state of ignorance and thus a life long hunger for moreideas,more knowledge, more good thhoughts,more challenges,more of everything!however it is not enough to succeess .we have to change us to a bettrer situation all the time,for exaple,China has been develop so fast these years , but its currency stays unchanged all the time,China's competitive prowess,i respond, has littlee to do with currency.China competes mainly on the basiss of labourcostss, asnd tech,infrastructure,human capital,and its passion and commitment to reform,just sa the wold has to ,ive with China ,she shoullddd also know how to live with the ressst of the world.Let every nation know wether it wisheeees us well or ill,that we shalll pay any price , pay any priceeee,bear any burden,meet any hardship,support any friend,opposeee any foe to assure thesurvival and the success of liberty....
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added: 10/29/2011
In today's world, we all should not be scared of technology. Technology should be considered an Enabler not as a means. Always creativity and commonsense will be the one that will prevail and would be the source of success. If any body thinks technology is the root cause of success, they will not be successful at all! Take the case of myself, when i went to business, i bought a huge amount of hardware and invested a lot on IT people and software. I only found that the expense grew! I made sure that from the second year of operations, i cut short investment in IT and fired all the fancy IT people who are not contributing. Made the business users to take charge of the business, Presto, I was successful! management as their route to faster, more profitable growth. Enterprise marketing management is a system for enhanced marketing effectiveness based on: Capturing and codifying marketing best practices from both within the corporation and from selected third. The Marketing Knowledge Center is a networked digital repository where a corporation maintains its marketing memory and expertise, deploys it to individual practitioners throughout the organization, and measures and learns from the effectiveness of its application in the ,marketplace. Every form of marketing asset can be tored and retrieved – documents, TV and Radio Commercials, print advertisements, historical research reports, annual plans, promotion details, and every item that a marketing practioner or manager needs to do their marketing job. best practice knowledge and processes throughout the organization so that they are applied productively and effectively. Enterprise marketing management has In addition to marketing assets, marketers need access to data to do their jobs. The Data Management Module includes an integration layer to access both external and internal data, and the tools and analytics to process this data into information that can be...
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How To Create Powerful Testimonials And Why Using Even Just ONE Could Double Your Income! Ninety percent of all marketing efforts, emails that go out to customers, letters, etc., do not have testimonials within them. This is usually because (a) you didn't think to use them, assuming you had some, or (b) you don't have any testimonials because you've never asked one of your happy customers for one, or (c) you don't know how to best use the ones you have, or (d) all of these. Here is some invaluable advice on how to get (the best) testimonials, and how to use them. Testimonials are the single most important marketing tool available to you. Your own self-promotion can never have as much impact as what others say about you. The Winning Testimonial Formula Here's what all testimonials should include: 1. "I AM LIKE YOU." We had this problem….We were concerned about….We badly wanted to consolidate…We didn't believe you at first, since… In this step the ideal testimonial describes the situation the customer found themselves in with enough details so that others with similar situations will say, "Oh that's just like me!" 2. "HERE'S THE RESULTS OF TRYING HOME 123." Now we know that HOME 123 does a great job… You delivered the benefits you said you would…. Actually, you delivered FAR MORE than you said you would…than my wildest dreams. Here's exactly what we learned…. This step shares very specifically the results that the customer got from your loan and your service. 3. "I HIGHLY RECOMMEND L/O /HOME 123." If you want these same benefits, you should use L/O / HOME 123… So, the formula tells people, "I am like you. I had a problem like you do and wanted to achieve the same benefits that you do. Like you, I was concerned about what I should do, wondering if...
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added: 01/10/2012
Before you can buy shares in a company you must first understand what they are and how they work. When you buy shares in a company, you are doing exactly that, purchasing your very own part in a business, even though its only a small part, the results can be rewarding. When the business makes a profit, it reflects in the share price and you make a profit as well. Managed funds are on offer for people who are not entirely certain about going head down into the share market as in individual. Managed funds are offered by a number of stock broking companies in a wide array of values, starting at $1,000 and going right up into the hundreds of thousands. Managed funds give the investor the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits in the stock market, without all the hassle of knowing what to buy or sell, and when to do it. Of course this kind of luxury comes at a price, there are a few upfront fees to be paid, but generally beginners are treated pretty well. A lot of brokers are offering some kind of security attached to their managed funds, something along the lines of, increase your profit by 25 percent in the 1st 5 years or get your money back. As is often the case, this is the best way to go for quite a number of people with a little extra cash around, and looking to put it to good use. All that is needed to do by you is have the cash up front, detail how much you want to spend, and if you have any particular companies you wish to invest a percentage of your money in. Stockbrokers are highly trained professionals with great skills in summarising where to invest your money to insure...
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He is part of a community that preserves the contents of books before they are destroyed by fire. They possess no books apart from those that are being consigned to memory. The members of the group are the books, and in this way signify their rebellion against the system. As you might expect, most of these outcasts are well-educated, being former professors, doctors etc. They have their own technology to combat the likes of Beatty and the Mechanical Hound. Grainger has the means to change the chemical makeup of sweat, and they are able to reintroduce long-forgotten techniques such as total memory recall. The reader should not forget the part played in this story by Clarisse. She was the one that inspired Montag into reexamining his life and that of his wife. In fact Clarisse acts as a foil for Mildred. Just as Clarisse inspired Montag, so he now inspires Faber to be more than a pseudo-rebel - to be an activist. He leaves the city for St. Louis in order to help the cause. The Mechanical Hound is the real science fiction ingredient of this story, part alive, part machine, half dog, half spider, a concoction of copper wire, storage batteries, and blue electricity. It is an ever-present menace throughout the book. It carries a lethal sting in the form of a four-inch hollow steel needle, containing morphine or procaine. Once it has your scent, it will track you down and eliminate you. It is a development from other such evil creatures, which are found throughout mythology....
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1. Introduction The process of change is often seen as a necessary evil within most organisations. Unfortunately more employees naturally resist change than those that actively seek and embrace it. It is for this reason that when a planned change is scheduled to occur, that a thorough project management process is utilised. This should include: - documentation of a decision to begin the project - a charter which outlines the requirements and limitations of the project - identification of key stakeholders and team/members roles - a project plan that outlines the required deliverable¡¦s and how they will be prepares - documentation of the decision-making process - methods of evaluation and project close-out report All of these aspects combine to assist keep the project as smooth as possible as well as ensure that all customer requirements are met. This includes monitoring the three key areas of change ¡V time, quality and cost ¡V and ensuring they are kept at the required levels. With this in mind, ABC College of TAFE has charged us with the task of developing a project layout that includes all of the above as well as documentation of all aspects of the intended project. 2. Project Charter The purpose of the project charter is to convey the purpose and requirements of the project to the project team ¡V it will outline what the customer requires, and what is expected of them to achieve this. 2.1. Project Scope The project scope will describe the objectives, deliverable¡¦s and the customers of the project. It is important that all team members understand the project scope and what it is the project hopes to achieve because it is crucial that the end product meets the customers requirements. 2.1.1. Objectives „h Choose an appropriate HRIS for the College „h Develop a project plan for implementation of that system „h Keep within the customer¡¦s budget „h Increase employee¡¦s acceptance of the...
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I for one is not the managing type but but I make it through. You Know how, I manage things. If you are still reading this essay than this the advise you want. When I was in middle school I could not handle all the work. I was stressing out alot and could not get no sleep intill I met this cool guy. He told me to relax and quit trying to not do everything at once to get done. you have to manage the work not the work to manage you. So to make things simplle I started to wait till thie last minute on things and started to feel better about myself. and to this very day it has not failed me yet. So try to relax for a whaile and don't stress out on things that don't need to be stressed out on. You get one shot at life, don't weast it over strees. Because I know a person that that doses not manage there time and is always stress over work. There is one thing I have to say about work and that is if you dont like the job then get a job that you do like. A job were you can manage things and have fun at the same time. But what do I Know I only a teenager that has not had not have a job yet. I hear my parents always yelling because they don't have any money. I know how much my parents make and if they would have manage their maney right then there would not be yelling. I understand that there is bills to pay but don't you think that the money sould spen onthose bills. this also what I mean manageing spend you money things that need to...
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The Project Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Program is a fine example of Team Dynamics, as it shows successful implementation of a vast, highly improbable technological task within a finite period of time, by the teamwork of dedicated people. "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" In this simple statement, astronaut Neil Armstrong acknowledged that his feat of stepping on the lunar surface was not an individual achievement. It was a result of the determination and hard work by a team. Though he may have used the statement to express humility and modesty, Neil Armstrong was far from the truth. The lunar landing remains one of the finest examples of team dynamics in the history of mankind. On 25 May, 1961, President John F Kennedy, set a goal for his country. "…. I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth." According to author Ayn Rand, when he set forth this goal, the President asked the nation's space agency for "an achievement of reason, of logic, of mathematics, of total dedication to the absolutism of reality." How the President pursued and achieved this task is a classic example of Team Dynamics and Peak Learning at their best. When NASA accepted the challenge, it was evident that no single individual possessed all the skills to achieve the daunting task. The result was the formation of teams comprising members with diverse professional backgrounds, experience, intelligence and skills. These teams had a common purpose, to achieve the task. According to Leigh Thompson, Eileen Aranda, and Stephen Robins, "A team is a group of people who are interdependent with respect to information, resources, and skills and who seek to combine their efforts...
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GOING HOME THIS WEEKEND? LET ROCK UNITED TWO GIVE YOU A REASON TO COME BACK TO SCHOOL EARLY. ON SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER TWENTY-EIGHTH, SIX OF PITTSBURGH'S MOST RAVED ABOUT LIVE ROCK BANDS WILL PERFORM AT CLUB LAGA ON FORBES AVENUE IN OAKLAND FOR AN ALL AGES SHOW. EXPERIENCE THE PEACE, THREE CAR GARAGE, DOWN ON JANE, LEONAID STAND, ONCE NOTHING, AND INATE. TICKETS ARE SEVEN DOLLARS IN ADVANCE OR TEN DOLLARS AT THE DOOR. WPPJ Mailroom pick-up authorization Jessica Scherder Andy Coleman Rachel Contrucci Nick Matoney Liz Ruby Cori Shetter Any questions…call X4725 WPPJ Mailroom pick-up authorization Jessica Scherder Andy Coleman Rachel Contrucci Nick Matoney Liz Ruby Cori Shetter Any questions…call X4725 To all the wonderful on-air personalities, members and friends of WPPJ: Thank you so much for the last three weeks! It's been great so far and I've not heard anything but good news and compliments about how people are sounding. Keep up the great work. I hope you all take this fall break to relax and recover from the first half of the fall semester. The radio station will be closed from Thursday, October 24 until Monday October 28. Normal shifts will resume on Monday morning. As you know, the 22nd annual Rock-a-Thon begins on Tuesday, October 29 at 5pm and broadcasts straight through for 67 hours until Friday, November 1st at 12 pm. There are fliers everywhere, but a little bit of word-of-mouth advertising never hurt anybody. Let your friends know, and come out and support WPPJ. Thanks again, Jes Scherder WPPJ General Manager WPPJ VAULT MUSIC November 11, 2002 # 311 Amber CD Single A Adams, Ryan Demolition Full Length A.I. Artificial Intelligence Full Length All American Rejects All American Rejects Full Length Amos, Tori Live Tracks Scarlet's Walk Full Length A Sorta Fairytale CD Single Apex Theory, The Advance Apple, Fiona Limp CD Single Audiovent Sampler Authority Zero A Passage in Time Full Length One More Minute CD Single Avail Front Porch Stories Full Length B Badly Drawn Boy Have You Fed the Fish Full Length Beck Sex Laws CD Single Sea Change Full...
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How to recruit, select and motivate a workplace to be productive Brief You are a Human Resources manager for a large business. You have friends who wish to set up a small business. They have not owned a business before but they have the skills and capital required. However they have no experience of employing people or the laws governing employment. They would like therefore for you to advise them on how to recruit, select and motivate their workforce to be productive. Recruitment Recruitment is where people from the public are found by businesses. Every worker has a two-week interview, which will give the employer of the company a idea of what the candidate is capable of. There are many things that recruitment includes. When a member of the public had read advertisement for a job and is interested they have to be able to understand and be willing to take part in the job description that has been supplied by the company. Companies recruit experienced professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds, as well as graduates and school and college leavers for a wide range of full and part-time positions. In addition, they offer industrial and vacation placements to current undergraduates, and if you're a graduate looking for a career in IT, the John Lewis Partnership also has opportunities. In all cases, they look for adaptable team players with commercial awareness, good communication skills, and the energy and resilience to work in an intense environment. Selection` Once the closing date for applications has passed, the firm will look at all the CVs, forms and letters of application it has asked for. At this point some applicants will be rejected because they haven't followed the instructions. Applications that are untidy, illegible or messy will also be rejected. An interview will be arranged for the few remaining...
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