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Effective and efficient financial calculations play a very important role at quarter-end. At each quarter-end, there are strict time restrictions involved in preparing the Axis dataset model to run, outputting calendar year reports, reconciling and analyzing the results. The financial calculation software, Axis, plays a very crucial part in this process. It is vital that the calculations from Axis are accurate and produced in a timely manner. It is also important to keep up-to-date with all the new versions of Axis. Recently, the newest version, Axis 10, had been introduced with many new enhancements. These new features will be the key in efficient time management at quarter-end. Improvements to the software result in an initiative to convert all products from Axis 9.4 to Axis 10. This report will give a brief description of the Axis program, outlining the conversion process, and evaluate various problems faced. In conclusion, it will compare the advantages and disadvantages concerning the transition of the two version of Axis. Axis in General Axis is a software produced by GGY that can be used by all levels of people in an organization. It provides technical, actuarial and financial information. The software is also able to display results from a financial statement point of view. This allows the user to see how decisions can affect both the income statement and balance sheet. The versatility of the software allows user the opportunity to produce accurate financial calculation and make informed decisions. Recently, GGY had introduced a new version of Axis. This new version, Axis 10 has two main enhancements: Distributed Processing, Integration of Datalink and Object Explorer. Conversion Process Following is a user guide to a successful conversion from Axis 9.4 to Axis 10. It is very important to make sure that the datasets and databases are both converted into Axis 9.4 Maintained...
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added: 02/16/2012
Analysis of DaimlerChrysler Two of the world's most profitable car manufacturers, Daimler-Benz and Chrysler Corporation have agreed to combine their businesses in a merger of equals. The transaction has created a global automotive corporation ranked in the world's top car makers in terms of revenues, market after General Motors, Ford… The new company is called. It is leading by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Juergen E. Schrempp. It will be uniquely positioned to exploit the growth opportunities of the global automotive market in terms of geographical and product segment coverage. For example, Chrysler can improve its sells in Europe and Daimler-Benz in North America. With Daimler-Benz's non-automotive businesses, automotive electronics operations, DaimlerChrysler is a leader in transportation. First, I will talk about DaimlerChrysler environment, in 2001 then I will speak about its capability with a SWOT analysis and at last but not least, I will recommend a future strategy. The environment of DaimlerChrysler can be studied with a PEST analysis. Political: The Government's role is to stimulate the car industry, yet impose controls over the use of cars in order to provide an acceptable national infrastructure and the demanded perception of freedom. Governments can support carmakers because they provide jobs. For example, the United States (US) Government rescued Chrysler Corporation with a special Federal Loan Guarantee Program. Car makers have to deal with national governments about environment and security policies. DaimlerChrysler AG is organized under the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. Economic: It's the time for mergers. If companies want to stay alive, they have to grow fast and mergers are a good way. It's the motto "eat or be eaten". Car prices in European Union are likely to fall as the Euro. Europe's single currency will create greater price transparency. It will probably increase the merger mania. Economists and auto industries expect a...
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added: 07/02/2011
Jane Eyre - Close analysis of pgs 80 & 81 - The death of Helen Burns Influences in the authors mind are less, as being a author has no creative boundaries but influences from the society are quite a hefty load on the author. In this case Jane Eyre has many influences from the Victorian era which is when this book is written. In the following paragraphs I will analyze in detail the links between Victorian era and this novel in this specific scene. The few basic concepts of the Victorian era displayed in this scene are Friendship is a bond that is eternal. This is what is shown in the relationship between Jane Eyre and Helen Burns. This scene is the death scene of Helen Burns, this scene has occurred due to the poor conditions, etc in Lowood Institution. The scene starts as it portrays Jane in her bed, the time is an hour before midnight, Jane is constantly thinking of Helen's condition, Jane gets out of her bed and starts moving towards Miss Temple's room, this is where Helen is kept. Jane is narrating this paragraph, and she describes herself in a 'Quest" to find Helen. This shows how close Jane finds herself to Helen. The description of the environment is silent, stealthy and dark. Bronte uses words such as 'Crept', 'Unclouded summer moon' and 'softly' to set the atmosphere for the reader. Jane narrates and uses words as 'dread being caught' and 'must' to show the strong bond between her and Helen, the word 'I must' shows just how important Helen is to her. Jane says to herself "one last kiss, exchange with her one last word", which signifies that Jane already knows the condition Helen is in. Jane reaches Miss Temples room undetected. " A light shone " is a...
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added: 01/31/2012
Part I The three automotive companies all placed a strong emphasis on equal opportunities. This is a very important factor as workers all want to be treated fairly. All employees need to know that if they work hard they will be rewarded. A workplace based on meritocracy is crucial to motivating people, because if it is not an employee would feel that even if they put in the efford they might be passed-over because of discrimination. In the global economy of today differences in ideas, perceptions, attitudes are vital to generating innovative ideas. Different approaches to problems and situations will help a company remain competitive and agile enough to change. Thus differences should be embraced and harnessed to the company's advantage. All three companies also promise a challenging career for new employees. This appeals as psychologically men and women want to be constantly challenged. No one wants to stay in a boring job that does not give one the chance to try new things and give one the chance to prove one's worth. Volvo promises, "to provide challenge, job satisfaction and opportunities for personal growth and development". Over at Volkswagen, "…people are our most valued asset… provide uncommon opportunities for personal and professional growth… We encourage and reward initiative, creativity, teamwork and performance within a fast-paced, stimulating environment". Whereas at Ford for the experienced worker, "take advantage of opportunities to accept different assignments that can broaden and deepen your valuable work experience". These are all catch phrases to entice talented new professionals. Ford's website provided the most details about the career development of their employees and the chances that will be given. In addition they made it a point to show their deep commitment to equal opportunities regardless of race, age, sex, religion etc. There was a section dedicated to diversity. For all the...
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added: 10/11/2011
Would you like to work at SAS? Why or why not? Would you prefer to work at SAS or at Microsoft? Ans: Yes, I would love to work with SAS if given an opportunity. The employees of that company enjoy working and serving the company. The basic reason that I would like working for SAS would be the Employee benefits provided to employees. These are of two types: - 1. Welfare benefits help protect current employees against losses associated with illness, disability, or death. Welfare benefits can provide flexible, low cost options that protect employees and their families against the high cost of medical expenses and the loss of earning capacity that can accompany a sudden accident, illness or death. 2. Retirement benefits help employees save for retirement and may provide income for employees in their retirement years. Qualified retirement plans typically cover substantially all employees and have special tax advantages. These types of plans are subject to somewhat complex rules to obtain tax advantages. Two broad categories cover most qualified plans: defined benefit and defined contribution. Also the work environment and the overall timings of the organization would help in reducing the worry of the employees regarding their families. It would also help them in spending time with their families, thus indirectly improve their productivity and satisfaction with the job. Question: - Would you prefer to work at SAS or at Microsoft? Ans: SAS gives a lot of benefits to its employees working with it. These benefits are very tempting but the company does not have a name and prestige as what Microsoft has. Working with Microsoft would be amazing as regards to the job content, but when it comes to choice I would prefer to work with SAS. They will not have the benefits associated with Microsoft, but yet we are working to make a living by...
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added: 01/15/2012
By November 22, 2002 Table of Contents Introduction………………………………………………………… 2 Economic Analysis………………………………………………….2 Industry Analysis…………………………………………………....7 Company Analysis…………………………………………………..10 Conclusion…………………………………………………………..12 Appendix…………………………………………………………….14 Exhibit A…………………………………………………………15 (Refers to pg. 2) Exhibit B…………………………………………………………15 (Refers to pg. 3) Exhibit C…………………………………………………………16 (Refers to pg. 6) Exhibit D…………………………………………………………16 (Refers to pg. 6) Exhibit E………………………………………………………….17 (Refers to pg. 7) Exhibit F………………………………………………………….17 (Refers to pg. 8) Exhibit G………………………………………………………….18 (Refers to pg. 12) Bibliography………………………………………………………….19 SBC Communications Inc. is a telecommunications company with operations in many states across the United States. It currently trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol SBC, and is a component of the DOW 30. "SBC has 60 million phone lines in 13 states; is biggest markets are California (Pacific Bell), Texas (Southwestern Bell), and Illinois (Ameritech)." (, 11/17/02) Not only does this company offer phone services, but it is also involved with another telecommunications company in offering wireless services. The reason that I chose this company is because I am an employee of the company when I am not attending school. Also, along with being an employee, I use many of the services which they offer. Some of the services I use include their local and long distance service along with their DSL internet service. Since I currently invest in the company, I thought that analyzing this security would help me with my investment decisions in the future. This analysis will further increase my knowledge in what the company is doing and how they are responding to certain changes in the market. ECONOMIC ANALYSIS Every company that offers securities is affected by changes in the nation's economy. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) can provide a company with a great deal of information from personal consumption expenditures and private domestic investments to government consumption expenditures and gross investments. This helps the firm to estimate the opportunity for sales increase by looking at the overall economy. In the past five years personal consumption expenditures for services have...
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added: 01/22/2012
Abstract The purpose of this paper is to provide analysis of the SASC performance appraisal system as seen by a number of its participants. Ten surveys were handed out to a representative sample of employees, and nine were returned completed. The first section of the paper is an analysis of the survey itself: its effectiveness and suggestions for improvements to it. Next is a basic description of the performance appraisal system used by SASC, followed by the analysis of that system as a result of the survey. The last section details how the current performance appraisal system could be improved and made more effective. Analysis of the Survey Question 1 I received a timely performance appraisal. What is the definition of a timely performance appraisal? Is it one that is done to meet a scheduled deadline? Or is it one that is done frequently enough to be of benefit to both the individual being appraised and the organization? If this question were rewritten to ask if the current system provides the correct frequency of appraisals it would provide more useful results and would also provoke more comments in response. Question 2 I received a fair performance appraisal. The question would be better if it asked about a 'balanced' appraisal rather than a 'fair' one. A balanced appraisal that shows an understanding of the individual's strengths and weaknesses would be more useful than one that is 'fair'. Many individual's only criteria for judging an appraisal is the amount of the raise they received. A balanced appraisal would provide benefits to both the individual and the organization by identifying areas that need work and what steps can be taken to improve the individual's performance in those areas, while recognizing the areas where their performance is adequate or outstanding. Question 3 My performance appraisal results were what I expected. This question is...
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added: 02/06/2012
A few years ago, the frozen dairy segment was populated by family-owned businesses, and a couple of big American companies that focused on certain regions. In 2003 the segment is becoming an arena for two huge international consumer products companies seeking to control a bigger chunk of the branded ice cream business. Nestle S.A. of Switzerland, the world's largest food outfit with more than $46 billion in annual sales, and Unilever PLC, of London and Rotterdam, with over $26 billion in annual receipts, now own or are involved with several of the best known brand names in the ice cream aisle--Nestle, Haagen-Dazs, Dreyer's/Edy's, Good Humor, Breyer's, Ben & Jerry's, Godiva and Starbucks. With $750 million in annual sales, Marigold Foods is competing with its Kemp's premium ice cream line for a share of this market. What are they "playing" for? This year's Ice Cream Industry trends show a continuation on the increasing demand for premium products (44% of the total sales) 5 FORCES ANALYSIS OF THE PREMIUM ICE CREAM INDUSTRY Alternatives Available To The Consumer Now, And In The Foreseeable Future (Threats Of Substitutes) Premium ice cream undoubtedly has substitutes although not so much in comparison to the quality of the products. There are two main competitive arenas that exist: 1. The first would be other ice creams not in the premium category and the now, very popular, frozen yogurt lines which target the same audience. 2. The second, the expensive (or not) chocolate, cakes, croissants and other post meal consumable that are realistic options for the consumer. For instance, Ferrero Roche will assure you that their product is the perfect accompaniment to any meal. These brands need to be wary of how the customers make their choice for ice cream, as opposed to chocolate etc, and then premium ice cream, as opposed to the regular kind. The...
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added: 06/20/2011
Analytic Geometry Analytic geometry was brought fourth by the famous French mathematician Rene' Descartes in 1637. Descartes did not start his studying and working with geometry until after he had retired out of the army and settled down. If not for Descartes great discovery then Sir Isaac Newton might not have ever invented the concept of calculus. Descartes concept let to calculus and Newton and G.W. Leibniz would not be know as well as they are today if it were not for the famous mathematician Rene' Descartes. Analytic geometry is a, "branch of geometry in which points are represented with respect to a coordinate system, such as Cartesian coordinates, and in which the approach to geometric problems is primarily algebraic." (Analytic Geometry) Analytic geometry is used to find distances, slopes, midpoints, and many many other things using special equations and formulas to determine what a person is looking for. Analytic geometry concentrates very much on algebra, generally, it is taught to students in algebra classes and becomes very helpful when being used in geometry. It is not very often when geometry is taught not using the algebra to solve the problems, unless proving statements, analytic geometry is used most often when speaking of geometry, it is the guidelines of geometry. It is a set way to find out answers to problems. There are many simple formulas to analytic geometry, but some of them get very complex and difficult. Analytic geometry is not only used in math, it is very common to see it being used in any kind of science, logic, and any other mathematical subjects. There are formulas in this form of mathematics in which the volume of a gas is measured, and other formulas along those lines ( Some formulas and equations of analytic geometry are: The midpoint formula- (change in...
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added: 02/16/2012
The catering business in this area is a very competitive market. Since we live in the capital of the US, people tend to be more elegant and throw more parties, especially wealthy people. In order to survive in this market, or in any kind of market, you have to get a feel for how your top competitors do business. This will help avoid mistakes made by them and see the positive things in their company so I can adjust them to mine. I did some research and found the top two catering companies in the area Events Catering and Occasions Catering. I got the opportunity to interview one of the owners of Events Catering, John Jackson who is also the CEO of the company. We had an extensive conversation on how they do business. They are the top catering company in this area. This is mainly because they don't only offer you the catering service, but also the rental of the equipment needed for the party. They have an enormous warehouse were they have everything from complete kitchen stoves to forks and knives for party rentals. Another service offered by this company is that, since they have been in this business for many years now, they have people that you can contact for the decoration, flower arrangements, music and any other thing aside from the food that you will need for you event. As John Jackson said, Events Catering is has and is controlled by three owners; one of which is the president, the other one is in charge of the warehouse and the third is in charge of handling business with extremely important customers. The company counts with a general manager, who oversees all of the company including the warehouse. Then there is the sales associate manager who is in charge...
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What is a fishbone diagram? A fishbone diagram, also known as a cause-and-effect diagram, is a visual tool used to systematically list the different causes that can be attributed to a problem (or an effect). This tool is most useful in identifying the reasons why a process goes out of control. Its' creator, Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa of Tokyo University, developed this technique in 1943 to address process inefficiencies found within the Kawasaki shipyards of Japan. Causes within a cause and effect diagram are typically made up major categories. The categories themselves may be anything that is appropriate to the problem that is being analyzed, however, you will often see: • Manpower, methods, materials, and machinery (in a manufacturing environment) o These are known as the 4 M's • Place, policies, procedures, and people (in an administration or services environment) o These are known as the 4 P's • Surroundings, Suppliers, Systems, Skills (all environments) o These are known as the 4 S's While these guidelines can and are helpful, they should not be used, however, if they limit the information that could be contained within the diagram or are inappropriate for the given problem. According to Dr. Ishikawa (1982) there are three main applications of cause-and-effect, or fishbone, diagrams (p. 18): 1. Cause enumeration is one of the most widely used graphical techniques for quality control and improvement. It usually develops through a brainstorming session in which all possible types of causes (however remote they may be) are listed to show their influence on the problem (or effect) in question. Cause enumeration facilitates the identification of root causes because all conceivable causes are listed. 2. In Dispersion analysis, each major cause is thoroughly analyzed by investigating the sub-causes and their impact on the quality characteristics (or effect) in question. The key to this diagram's effectiveness lies in the reiteration of the...
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"Business has only two functions -- marketing and innovation", Peter Drucker. Anheuser-Busch remains focused on three major objectives to improve shareholder assets. Their first goal is to increasing per barrel profitability. The second is to expand international beer operations. There last objective is the continuing support of profitable growth in packaging and entertainment. Proper packaging brings cost savings and assures the quality for there products, while entertainment enhance the company public image. The company's most important technique is target marketing. Anheuser-Busch sponsor's events and runs advertising specifically aimed at all sorts of consumers: blacks, whites, blue-collar workers, computer-buffs, and sports fans. Sports fans make up a large, diverse population. The beer industry can be segmented into the following divisions: (Stack) 1. Worth-More = Aggregate of the Import, Super-premium, Flavored Malt Beverage, and Craft/Specialty segments. Brands within these segments, in general, sell for higher prices and have higher margins. (Stack) • Imports: Brands brewed in another country and imported into the U.S., e.g.: Corona, Heineken, Pilsner Urquell • Super-Premium: Domestic brands (excluding craft) which sell at prices higher than Mainstream brands, e.g.: Michelob • Flavored Malt Beverages (FMB's): Also known as RTD's or FAB's, e.g.: Smirnoff Ice, Sky Blue, Jack Daniels Hard Cola, Mike's Hard Lemonade • Craft/Specialty: A niche segment, characterized by small domestic brewers who brew brands which are darker and have unique flavor which differentiate them from mainstream brands 2. Mainstream = Aggregate of the Premium Full Calorie and Premium Low-Calorie • Premium - Full Calorie: Mainstream full calorie beer brands, e.g.: MGD, Budweiser, Coors Original • Premium - Low Calorie: Mainstream light beer brands e.g.: Miller Lite, Bud Light, Coors Light 3. Economy = Aggregate of the Near Premium, Budget, Malt Liquor, and Non-Alcoholic beer segment. Brands within this segment typically sell at prices below Mainstream brands • Near Premium Brands whose selling prices are typically below Mainstream but...
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added: 10/18/2011
Iams and Procter and Gamble. An investigation taped and recorded by Peta, shows the horrible pain these two companies have put animals through. Not only do they make animals suffer, they animals they have enslaved, have been there for 5 years or more in conditions that are so bad that even the peope who work there complain of the horrible ammonia stench that burns their eyes. Iams and P&G both promised that animals in their studies would never be euthanized, but in Peta's investigation they documented the destruction of 27 of the 60 dogs whose muscles were hacked out of their legs. 2 more of them were found dead in their cages several days after the muscle surgery, one of them had been suffering for 11 days prior to her death. If any of these dogs get sick or have broken bones, they are killed rather than treated. This is only 1 labortory, there are dozens of other Iams labs across the country. This is only the beginning... if your heart can take anymore, and there is much more, read on ... This is only one chapter in the book of cruelity by Procter and Gamble. They also have many products in which they use cruel animal testing that is not required by law. Each year, thousands of animals die in P&G labs. If we can decrease sales in all of their products, P&G might decide to use more modern, non-animals test methods used by other companies.Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus suck. The last time I went, I was in the first few rows, and when the tigers came out and I saw the look on their faces I could not help but cry. Everyone around me was amazed at the tigers and I wondered how they...
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added: 01/25/2012
Eli Rouimi 12/1/2003 Animal Testing – Argumentative Essay Animal Testing has led to dramatic improvements in the quality and quantity of life throughout the world. The veracity of this matter is crucial to every individual due to the fact that the experiment that is done on the animals can save lives for the reason that it can bring new medicine to aid people's existence and reproduction. To all the scientists who are interested in animal issues and who think that it's immoral and it should be banned, the next few paragraphs might make you think otherwise. Animal testing offers results that benefit the well being of humans. It can enhance understanding of the group under examination, and amplify the development of cosmetic surgery. Animal Testing can introduce effects which are beneficial to the health of individuals and animals. Scientific research on animals is excellent since it can help in finding cures for many diseases. All scientists should realize that animal research is brilliant for the reason that we are able to survive through countless diseases, and not expire after every cold. If scientists did not use animals for evolutionary purposes, we wouldn't be able to survive or reproduce. This is what has been keeping us alive until now. The world has accumulated many negative viruses and germs that by this point in history, the human race would have disappeared. Inuit's used to pass away with just one illness. Nowadays we have medicine that can keep us alive and help our bodies fight just about anything. The credit should be given to the animal testing that researchers do. Laboratory exercises, as well as classroom demonstrations involving live animals can be valuable as instructional aids. Every student should understand that every lab and information given, are tools that can improve and continue all the research...
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added: 11/25/2011
Ann Hopkins Adianice Correa November 4, 2002 Ann Hopkins When an individual is qualified for a particular position in business, it is readily assumed by most people that this individual should be equally considered as other candidates, for the position in question. The most acceptable reason for Ann Hopkins to be made partner has to do with her credentials and experience. Price Waterhouse's Office of Government Services in Washington, D.C. had honored Hopkins for her "outstanding performance," and that "no other candidate's record for securing major contracts was comparable." (1) This nomination for Hopkins proved to show that she was equally if not more qualified for candidacy in favor of partnership that year. Hopkins has a clear interest in being facilitated with equal opportunity rights by means of being offered partnership to the company. Therefore, she feels that what is "morally right" for her is "morally right for others," where "everyone is of equal value."(2) This has to do with the level of fairness as to how candidates are selected to become partners. After Hopkins initially learned that she was not going to be promoted, she discovered that one reason for her rejection towards partnership was for the reason that she "had irritated some senior partners," and that she "should look more toward appearing more feminine" and "dress less in 'power blues.'"(3) If one were to rightfully oppose Hopkins from becoming a partner in Price Waterhouse, the reason would have to be that interference as to who does and doesn't become a partner in the company should not be acceptable. When Hopkins was informed that she was denied partnership, she decided that she was left with four options: leave the firm, join the international area to hopefully be proposed for partnership the year after, continue her work at Price Waterhouse, or sue the company with sex...
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added: 06/22/2011
For my term paper, I researched on Cyber Terrorism. I believe that Cyber Terrorism is a big problem in our society and may even be a worldwide problem for all humanity today. I want to do my term paper on Cyber Terrorism because I had some personal experience with this sort of terrorism. About a two years ago, I encountered a Hacker on America Online. I opened an unknown message in my mailbox that was titled “Free Nude Teens”. Then about a couple weeks later, we received all sorts of bills that had to be paid. My father received bills for many different things such as electronics, clothes, and other items that had been purchased under our account on the Internet. My father was so pissed off because he thought that my brothers or I had purchased all those items. So we called the Company and found that our computer had been hacked into. And the so called hacker purchased items on our account number. And we found that the hacker gained entry by a message that I had opened . So we ended up paying only a thousand dollars out of almost six-thousand dollars worth of goods purchased on America Online. I want to do my research paper on Cyber Terrorism because I want to stress to people that this is a big problem and will become worse in the future since everything is being done in Cyber Space these days. In this research paper, I will prove that hackers gain power and publicity with crimes they commit through cyber space. And it is easy for even amateur hackers to gain information and money from powerful organization without any detection or suspicion. Hacking is also a costly and destructive force for people in Cyber Space. Cyber Terrorism is such a...
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added: 06/21/2011
1. Introduction to the industry Companies that design, manufacture, market, and/or license brands for men's, women's, and/or children's clothing, footwear, and accessories (1). The fast-paced exciting apparel industry is one of the largest industries in the United States. Americans spend billions of dollars each year on soft goods ranging from the latest apparel fashion to basic underwear. 2. Recent economic trends The apparel sector is an important element in early economic growth of countries in early stages of development. The abundance of low-skill workers fits well with an industry that requires physical labor rather than mechanized production methods to produce its goods. As the economy develops in time, the education and skill levels of those workers rise, and with them rise workers' wage rates. They become less and less able to produce apparel at prices competitive with other countries that are not yet as developed. But they become better able to manufacture products that require greater levels of skill, like cars or steel. Apparel production begins to shift gradually out of the country to countries that still have an abundant supply of low-skill workers. 3. Major firms, their size in sales, number of employees, assets Table 1. The top 5 companies of the apparel industry (2) Company Name Revenues($ Millions) Number of employees Assets($ Millions) Nike 9,893 22,700 6,443.0 VF 5,182 60,000 3,503.2 Jones Apparel Group 4,341 17,112 3,852.6 Levi Strauss 4,137 12,400 3,017.3 Liz Claiborne 3,718 12,000 2,296.3 4. Segments, niches, and competitive patterns Segments and niches: The consumer apparel segment includes jeanswear and related products, women's intimate apparel and children's apparel, occupational apparel, knitwear, outdoor apparel and equipment. The outdoor apparel and equipment segment consists of the company's outerwear and adventure apparel, plus daypacks and technical equipment, sports apparel and distributor knitwear operations. Competitive patterns: The branded companies of the apparel industry are capable of designing, manufacturing, and marketing apparel products, thus...
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added: 12/24/2011
c o n t e n t s v Group Profile v Goals and Objectives 3 v Group Locations 4 v Group Structure 5 v Company History 6 v Chairman's Statement 8 v Corporate Governance 10 v Auditor's Report 15 v Annual Financial Statements 16 v Operating Costs 24 v Financial Highlights 25 v Ratio Analysis 26 v Efficiency 27 v Risk Analysis 28 OBJECTIVES Our medium term business objectives are to secure as much of the Taxi market from which we can expand the South African operation into other related segments. GOALS Apple commuters will aspire to achieve the following key targets over the next three years: · Increase our installed base and secure our market position · Improve our service offering and implement systems and controls to measure our performance · Improve on our profitability · Implement a Key Account Management structure · Improve staff training on all levels in line with BEE and labour law requirements. GROUP LOCATIONS Below is a map of the areas represented by Apple commuters. The red indicates currently supported areas whereas the black indicates potential expansion points. « Head offices u Regional offices u Potential expansion areas COMPANY HISTORY Executive Chairwoman of Apple Commuters Kathy A always dreamed of working on computers. In the early 1970's – she enrolled for a computer course at LamDin in Johannesburg with a view to making that dream a reality. Kathy then lived in the sprawling township of Alexandra and transportation to and from Johannesburg CBD was having an adverse impact on her studies. Little did she realise that this frustration would change her career path and her life forever. "I was shocked at the quality of public transportation in Johannesburg. I spent four hours a day commuting to and from the city. It was ridiculous – something had to be done about it!" From humble beginnings Apple Commuters has evolved into one of South Africa's most well known and well-respected group of transport companies. It boasts...
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added: 01/14/2012
APPLE 2002 CASE ANALYSIS STUDENT NUMBER 899 Executive Summary Apple began with the mission to "change the world through technology." More specifically, the company sought out to make the personal computer an accessible and affordable device to the mass market. The proliferation of new software and hardware technology drastically changed the landscape of the industry and Apple adopted a differentiation strategy. Software and hardware integration allowed Apple products to be more "versatile," reliable, and superior in performance. Rapidly changing industry dynamics dictated Apple's competitive strategy. In essence, the intended strategy did not develop into the "realized" strategy. In fact, empirical evidence shows us that realized strategy tends to be about 10-30 percent of intended strategy. What really determines strategy is the "patterns of decisions that emerge from individual managers adapting to changing external circumstances and the ways in which the intended strategy was interpreted." . What is Apple's mission and strategy today? Apple's mission is to deliver a highly innovative and superior solution to a customer's personal computing needs. Apple's present day competitive strategy is a return to differentiation. Key elements to this strategy are an emphasis on design, service, branding through advertising, and quality. Drivers needed to attain these objectives are through the firm's unique marketing abilities, engineering skills, creativity, and R&D. Apple's long range objectives are to obviously regain market share leadership and return the company to profitability and maximize shareholder return. Can Apple do so by continuing a differentiating strategy? Yes. To do so, every aspect of the way Apple conducts business and relates to its customers must be involved and driven by strategy. Apple's distinctive core competencies lie within their ability to provide quality products through their vertically integrated inbound activities. Not only are Apple's finished goods differentiated by quality, they are innovative and cutting edge. Innovation is driven by consistent...
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11 March 2003 Dear Ms Boe RE: HR Administrator I would like to confirm my interest in applying for the HR Administrator position currently advertised on the seek website 11-03-03. I have been an employee of the City of Moonee Valley for the past 6 months where I was required to undertake and manage different projects for the Environment Department. I have completed my Bachelor of Business degree in Human Resources at Victorian University, where I undertook many exciting and challenging studies. This coupled with my training, and experience gained through work experience across a range of industries make me a worthy contender for this exciting role. I am a motivated and responsible individual seeking for a challenging career in Human Resources. My honesty and trustworthiness has been displayed through my ability to successfully manage both staff and company monies. I see myself as a hard worker who is always interested in further developing my skills. I believe my skills, academic abilities and experience would make me a valuable asset to your organisation. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss this opportunity further. Yours Sincerely GENERAL SELECTION CRITERIA INFORMATION Human Resources Management As Second Assistant Manager at McDonalds, I was required to provide advice on many issues to some 90 staff. I have implemented a complete change of policy and procedure including staff morale in the transition from a Franchise store to a McDonalds owned store. I have undertaken Store Management responsibilities being sole shift manager on a day to day basis. Recruitment I have attended McDonalds Management courses specific in how to conduct selection interviews in line with good HR practice and legislative requirements. Training I have been involved in the process of creating a yearly staff training plan with ongoing training needs analysis depending on individual development requirements. These individual experiences included areas such as religion, cultural background, ages from 15...
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