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College Application If you ask me who the most influential person of my life Is, I wouldn't have to think about it twice. My English Teacher from my junior year in high school Is the most positive person I have ever known; her name? Is Mrs. Schoenbucher and she is encouraging, always Friendly, permanently offering help and always there For you when you need somebody to talk. You might ask What does that have to do with my college application? I have always been a really good pupil, always went to Class on time, never skipped school, permanently good grades In addition,I Have never been disrespectful to a teacher. In my junior year I had a math teacher , Who really took the fun out of math ; he didn't treat Me fairly and really gave me a bad time in math. I lost my Fun on math and stopped to study for it. I even started Skipping my math classes because I had such a hard Time getting along with this teacher. I am pretty Sure you can foretell what happened when I stopped studying for math and started skipping it –exactly, my Grade dropped –I failed the class and I have never Failed a class before. The math problem led to other problems, too ;it took away all my passion for Attending school. Consequently, my other grades started to get Worse too. I was afraid to talk to anybody, I didn't Have the courage to speak up and discuss the problem. I Felt lost like a wild animal imprisoned in a small cage. I was walking in a dark tunnel and couldn't find the Exit. My English teacher Mrs. Schoenbucher, with whom I get along very well was the first person to recognize that something was wrong with me, so she Took me aside and asked me what was wrong. I said "Nothing", but I just couldn't hold it in anymore my eyes Were starting to get watery and I started to cry .Mrs. Schoenbucher encouraged...
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added: 12/04/2011
When you are watching your favorite college team play in a championship game and the team is winning, then all of sudden the other opponent comes back to win by some kind of miracle. Do you ever wander if that game was fixed? We'll if your answer is yes, then your probably right. This is a major problem for the NCAA, to sports clean on the collegiate level. A problem that used to go unnoticed, but now it is major concern for universities and the NCAA program. Gambling by college student athletes has become one of the greatest concerns among coaches and athletic directors around the nation. You have college players risking their athletic career betting or shaving points on their team for money. Some players into gambling by accident, like for example, a friendly bet can turn into a gambling addiction. Some athletes get into gambling as a way to support themselves financial, since NCAA rules restrict college players from working. Although law enforcements have tried to fight gambling in college, it hasn't stopped athletes from getting involved into gambling. Players that do get caught gambling lose a year of eligibility from playing on their team, and even lose all their eligibility (meaning that they may never again be able to participate in college sports). But college athletes will continue to gamble in school, unless the NCAA comes up with way to better help students financially. Over the years, ever since college football and men's basketball have become big, big business. The NCAA at least can give these college athletes something, rather its money to go to the movies or even laundry money. Universities get paid a lot of money for being in tournaments, I think they can least share the wealth and reward these players. Some experts say that...
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added: 12/06/2011
Some say a college education isn't worth the time and money, but personally I do think it is worth it. What would you do without a college education, work at McDonalds or some other fast-food restaurant? A college education is worth the time and money because it's a lifetime investment, you'll acquire lifelong skills, and you'll make good money doing what you like to do. First of all when you go to college you're establishing a lifetime investment. This is something that will make the money and time that you invested in college worthwhile. It's like a CD account or stock shares, except you're investing yourself and each year you're in college the more valuable you get. On the other hand though some don't do well in school so their investment is not greater then others who do. After school is done with, you can except to make more money then what you were before. Secondly, besides acquiring a lifetime investment, you're going to be getting a lifelong skill that no can take away from you. This skill will make you money for years to come, and can possibly be taught to your children. This skill can be used to make money at work or outside of work such as your own business where you're the boss and set your own hours. Last of all after graduating, assuming you found a job in your chosen field, you'll be making money doing something you enjoy. Because you will be doing something you enjoy, you will be more enthusiastic, rather than dragging into work and complaining about how they don't like their job. Since you will be more likely to perform better doing what you like, more raises, opportunities, and promotions are likely to happen. A lifetime investment, lifelong skills, and doing what you enjoy are...
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added: 12/28/2011
Both Louis Menand's "College: The End of the Golden Age" and Joe Quenan's " Matriculation Fixation" present us with many misconceptions that the ordinary public and those employed by our educational institutions struggle with. We are faced with many challenges within our institutions of higher education because of the many contradictions that they embody. We need to re-evaluate our goals and missions within our nations universities to produce graduates that will better help society as well as themselves. Education, a word that can mean so many things. While in the past thirty years colleges and the expanse of knowledge that they offer have continued to evolve, oddly enough, the concept of a four year liberal arts education has remained relatively unchanged. The truth of the matter is that vast majority of students will have very different college experiences. Even though almost half of all Americans have attended college at some point in their lives, scholars in the field feel as though higher education is hopeless. The higher education system has been growing steadily since the 1970's and with this significant increase in the number of students and ultimately graduates, the value of most degrees has been severely lessened. This, coupled with other outside influences has sent our education system into a state of depression. We need to reassess our reasons for pursuing higher education, and adjust our expectations of what a college degree can and cannot do. There are many problems that affect scholars working within our learning institutions, the young men and woman attending them, and the parents who are sending their children off with certain expectations in mind. Many of the serious issues threatening today's higher educational system rise out of the extreme value Americans place on monetary success The idea of success by the accumulation of wealth and status...
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added: 02/04/2012
Why do you want to pursue your college education at Hampton University? Growing up, I always envisioned myself being at a historically black university, one with prestige and a high academic standard. I have not only found this with Hampton University, but I also found a school located in an area where so much of our country's history has occurred. At the present time, I plan to pursue history as my major, and I believe Hampton would be the perfect place to study this. A school which opened its doors to educate my predecessors continually seeks to instill in its students the "precepts of efficiency, character and service to society-standards that continue to remain both timeless and relevant." Contrary to what many people believe, history is not just memorizing facts and dates, but it's an in-depth look at the many people and the many events that helped change things and people in the world. Those who major in history are taught to become brilliant readers, writers, and communicators. These three things are major characteristics shown in many lawyers, which is the career I plan to pursue after schooling. I think Virginia would be the perfect place to study history. For one, it is site of the first American settlements, the place where the first slaves were bought to our country, the home of four out of the five first presidents, the main battleground during the Civil War, and the state that elected the very first African-American governor. From research, I have found Hampton to be comprised of about 6,000 undergraduates. Being a historically black university, it does not have very much racial diversity, but the regional diversity is incredible. This means so much more to me to meet and learn from people from different places, cultures, and backgrounds. We learn more from the...
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added: 01/31/2012
In High School, college seemed to be the scariest thing that I could think of. Whenever I thought about it my stomach would immediately begin to spin in circles. Although I was ready to go off and be by myself and meet new people I was scared to death at the same time. I didn't know much about the "college experience" and what I did know (or thought I knew) scared me. I pictured hard classes that I wouldn't be able to keep up with, people that wouldn't like me, long hikes to get to my classes, and horrible food. I couldn't imagine leaving the security of my own room, my own stuff where I want it, my friends that I've spent practically my whole life with, my family who put up with all my little quirks, and my car!! What was I going to do without my precious car? Some of my friends that had already been to college and had come back to visit seemed so much older and more mature. I felt twelve years old in comparison. I thought that I would never be able to fit in. Everyone else that I talked to didn't however seem to have this problem. They all were thrilled at the thought of being on their own and not having to worry about their parents telling them what to do all the time. And sure, the thought was extremely exciting to me as well, but how would I survive without my family and friends and the things that had taken me eighteen years to get used to. I felt like going to college was pretty much taking everything that I knew and had grown accustomed to and throwing it up in the air. The worst part about it all was that...
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added: 02/16/2012
Education is an important part of everyone's lives. From early age until death people go to school to learn. Even though it may seem like all schools and students are the same, there are many differences. As a recent graduated student from high school, I have observed notable differences between high school and college students. First of all, high school students differ greatly in age, styles, and interests. In high school, all students are teenagers between the ages fourteen and eighteen, while in college there is a noticeable age difference. For example, in my math class in college some are in their late teens, some range from young married people in their twenties and thirties, to people of my grandparents age. High school students are very much alike. Their so-called "uniform" consists of jeans, a T-shirt, and tennis shoes. They use the same popular slang, talk about same movies and TV shows, and know the same music artists. College students are much more diverse. Generally, their clothing is more formal because some are dressed for a workplace and not for a typical classroom. Many of the women wear skirts or dresses; the men often wear dress shirts or sweaters. Since the students are much older, they are more comfortable talking about their work schedules, world news or child care rather than what was on TV last night. College and high school students have very different responsibilities. For high school students, school is the major responsibility. They don't have a choice of going to school. Parents make them go to school. High school students live at home with their parents so they don't have to worry about anything. Some choose to work part-time at a fast food place to have some spending money. But school is the only major responsibility. However, college students lead...
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added: 12/21/2012
In the article, Education, written by E. B. White, he tells about the subject of school-in- country vs. school-in-city. He tells us about the life of school in the country side would be like, and then he compared the life in the city side. The shift from the city school to country school was a strange way for the author and his family to accept the new environment. He and his wife never knew anything about public school before; therefore, moving to the city is something he and his wife worried about because they had no idea what it would be like to live in the new environment. To compare the subject of school-in-country vs. school-in-city, the author described the experiences of his son in two schools. He described that schools in the city were more formal; students had to wear overalls and an old sweater. Kids would see angry bus driver's face whenever they arrived on the bus to go to school in the morning. Whenever a student got hurt, teachers and nurse would make breathless phone calls for help. Then the author described the situation in the country is much different, and it was more casual. In country schools, students dressed in corduroys, sweatshirt, and short rubber boots, and carrying a tin dinner-pail and the school was only two and a half miles down the road. White's son usually walked home from school in the afternoon since the school was not far away from their house. However, after the author and his family lived in the city for a year, they came to accept the new environment. White's son said the difference of the two school experiences that he had were that he slept well in the country side than in the city, and school seem to go much faster in the country for him. Frankly, for me, I wanted to describe my experiences in college vs. in high school. The shift from high school to college was something that I worried during my...
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added: 04/15/2012
Ms. Little 1st period Vandana Murty The people who explored or had life-altering experiences in the New World were the informative writers of colonial times. Most of the books were a product of remarkable experiences by gifted individuals who felt the need to share with other people. Some of these said writers were; Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, Pedro de Castaneda, John Smith, William Bradford, and Mary Rowlandson. De Vaca, Castaneda and Smith were the professional explorers in this group and Bradford and Rowlandson were settlers. Each had something different to write about, but still related to one another in very significant ways. Many writers of the day wrote about the opportunistic land to inform their reader and perhaps to encourage them to settle in the New World. Others, like de Vaca weren't blessed with a wonderful experience to write about. When de Vaca arrived to the New World in the 1530, he wandered around in Texas for eight years before traveling home again. The journey was very tough. Out of three hundred men, only three, including de Vaca survived. De Vaca in unique because he was one of the few writers who did not keep a journal, instead de Vaca wrote his book out of memory. Considering that de Vaca wrote his book in the 1550's, twenty years later, this resulted in very broad details, a traumatic view of the New World and probably some exaggeration in descriptions. He wrote chronologically by what he remembered and wrote from the first person view. De Vaca's intent for writing The Narrative of his Journey was far from sincere, he needed money and wanted to give some honor to his name as an author. However, his book does provide some interesting facts and a different perspective of America as we know it today. Pedro de Castaneda...
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added: 12/28/2011
In the dawn of the nineteenth century a drastic change was taking place in technology, economy, and wealth among first world countries. As a result, business flourished and the "material age" was ushered in. It is no surprise that morals then took a distant backseat to profit during this era, one fine example being the greed and lack of compassion shown by trading companies. These companies often raped what they deemed less civilized land and horribly abused the native people by forcing them into labor and stealing all of their resources. This practice, known as colonialism, is depicted perfectly in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Heart of Darkness follows Marlow, a sailor for an English trading company, deep into the Congo jungle where the practice of colonialism exploits the land and natives in hope of exporting large amounts of ivory back to Britain. The company masks these horrible actions by telling the public that their main goal is to civilize the savages inhabiting the land. Through the book, Conrad shows the imperialism taking place in the Congo to be hypocritical, absurd, and truly evil through an ongoing negative tone and brutal detail of the inhumane acts taking place. A key issue pertaining the extent of exploitation taking place is the inhumanity by which the white men looked upon the Africans. Conrad describes them as savage beasts. "It was unearthly...They howled and leaped, and spun, and made horrid faces" On many accounts he also refers to Africans as machinery only used to serve labor purposes. This dehumanization Conrad assigns to the Africans is very accurate in the way which the white man had to look upon the natives to morally commit such horrible crimes. To further advance the level of exploitation the colonialism was achieving, the use of bureaucracy, or the breakdown of a function into...
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added: 01/25/2012
Published in the October 9 edition of the Wall Street Journal, the British historian Paul Johnson¡¯s essay entitled ¡°The Answer to Terrorism? Colonialism.¡± is an open declaration calling for the return of the old forms of colonialism in the anti-terrorism war. As a theme of this article, a new form of colony, the conquests and annexations which, according to the author, belonged to a bygone era are once again on the order of the day. But in my opinion, the value of colonialism which Paul Johnson has heaped praise on is rather a reorganization of the world through the imposition of military power than the way out of the swamp of terrorism. And the whole article is but to provide a justification for the opening of a new epoch of imperialist conquest, which hides itself behind the anti-terrorism cause. What is colonialism? It is not a policy defined by Paul Johnson by which to suppress the well-organized criminal communities, networks and states with political control, but rather it is by which a nation, in quest for expansion of power, maintains or extends its control over foreign dependencies, supported by the notions that such territories and people are inferior and thus deserve domination. Colonialism bases its intrinsic value on inequality of human races and targets on the colonies its hegemony and domination. In Johnson¡¯s article, he first argues that America has no alternative but to wage war against states that habitually aid terrorists. Then he proceeds to give a potted history of the 19th century in which he asserts that the expansion of the major imperialist powers, above all the British Empire, was aimed at bringing a halt to piracy and finally succeeded by taking the form of colonialism. With the comparison made between today¡¯s anti-terrorism cause and the old-day anti-piracy wars, Johnson...
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added: 11/28/2011
Color-Blind Justice within To Kill a Mockingbird In To Kill a Mockingbird Lee wrote about a black man named Tom Robinson, who has been accused of raping a very poor white girl named Mayella Ewell, when in all actuality he did nothing but help her out. Mayell taunted Tom and made advances on him but when she pulled a move on him her father saw and thought Tom was raping her, for which he was convicted for. This makes me ask, Can justice ever be color-blind? I thought that this was the main issue that Lee made in the book with a black man is being accused and found guilty even though all evidence points that he is innocent.. Being color-blind is not recognizing racial or class distinctions, this is an important part of finding true justice. Justice is the upholding of what is just, fair treatment and due reward in accordance with honor, standards, or law. People cannot be treated fairly when they are being judged by a bias society, especially when the bias is against them. People often relate to people with similar backgrounds, to the jury the Ewells were from the same racial background so it was only natural that they would be looked at as being truthful. 'First of all,' he said, 'If you can learn a simple trick, Scout, you'll get along a lot better with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view-' 'Sir?' '-until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.'" Page 30. There Atticus was telling Scout the importance of being well rounded and learning about everyone, basically walking in there shoes before you can fairly judge them. I don't think Atticus could have put it any better, if people would just take the...
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added: 12/04/2011
You're stupid; you smell. You cant ever do anything right! You're dirty, lazy and rude. You are truly nothing. My kind will always be better than yours. Why? Because I'm white. Racism is a cruel disease and words like that should never be thought or spoken. Many people are tormented and teased because of their woman, or because they're disabled or because their skin is a different color. Racism is a huge problem in the United States and it needs to be solved before this disease spreads and infects more and more people. A main cause of racism is that some children are brought up by their parents to torment and batter their peers inside and outside of school. Children are great learners and many times if they see their parents tormenting another person or even saying vulgar things. Most children see this type of behavior when their young, and since their just starting out and learning they think that its okay to act in this manner. This kind of behavior towards someone who is different is wrong and has many negative effects. Racism leads to suicides, attempted suicides and homicides. Another leading cause to racism is slavery. Slavery is a main reason that some whites always thought that they were superior to the black race. If slavery had never taken place, then maybe the world would respect everyone for who they are and not for the color of their skin. But that's not the case. The case is that we have racism and we had to deal with slavery. Some of the white race was upset when slavery was put to an end and didn't want blacks shopping at their local supermarkets, going to their local cinemas, using the same publish bathrooms as them, working in the same work areas as...
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added: 02/10/2012
The community in the Color of Water, by James McBride, is defined as the family. While it is a negative force during Ruth's childhood, the community becomes a positive force during Ruth's adulthood. The community is a negative force in Ruth's childhood because nobody in her family loved her. Ruth's father molested her repeatedly when she was a child. Her mother just sat idly by like a ghost while all of this took place. Her family disowned her because she married a black man, and then when she thought things couldn't get worse her parents got divorced. Ruth ran away and married a black man. Ruth expresses her right of individuality when she runs away and marries a black man. Through Ruth running away she was able to be alive again. For example it said in the Color of Water, "Rachel Shilsky is dead as far as I'm concerned, She had to die in order for me, the rest me, to live." The men she married were men of principle, and men of god. They helped create a strong foundation full of love, respect, and individuality for James McBride and his siblings. Throughout the book the author James McBride, is searching for the individual in which he wishes to become. He is blinded by the complex emotions of not knowing where he fits into the society. I believe that the individual that you become is based on the society surrounding you. I don't think the book is really about individualism, but it is about the individual that you become. All the characters in this book experienced individualism, but each character develops very different ways of showing their individuality An illustration of the individual aspects is how James always seemed to be in the wrong crowds (community). When James was young...
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added: 02/02/2012
Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter is story about Hestor Prynne, a woman who commits a sin and is filled with many feelings, including pride, surrounding that sin. Many of those around Hestor's sin reflect similar emotions and feelings. Hawthorne employs many symbols throughout The Scarlet Letter. Hawthorne uses the colors red, black, and white to represent Hestor's emotions and the emotions of those around her. The most frequently employed color symbol by Hawthorne is red. Red most obviously represents Hestor's sin, as shown by her scarlet "A" she is forced to wear. Her scarlet letter, like her sin, is something she must always deal with and is something she can never escape. Pearl, the product of Hestor's sin, is usually dressed in red clothing, representing the sin. Pearl is also called the names "Ruby," "Coral," or "red Rose," and "a little bird of scarlet plumage," further extending Pearl as a red representation of Hestor's sin. Red is employed by Hawthorne to show passion and sensuality. The sin is also represented by the letter "A" being formed in the sky by meteors, and an "A" appearing on Reverend Dimmesdale's chest. The first encounter with red is the description of a wild red rosebush growing outside the prison where Hestor was imprisoned. This is representing Hestor's pride and passion, growing in a place not fitting, similar to how Hestor's passion did not fit in with the Puritan society. As the sunlight shines through a red and yellow window in the governor's house, a red light shines throughout the room. This is symbolizing Hestor's passion spreading throughout the Puritan society. Hawthorne also uses black and darkness as symbols throughout The Scarlet Letter. Black is used to represent evil and hiding. Hawthorne calls the prison the "black flower of civilized society," meaning it is evil and a place concealing the truth. Frequently Hawthorne makes references to darkness turning to light, suggesting darkness as a state of hiding...
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added: 01/09/2012
Throughout the novel "The Great Gatsby", F. Scott Fitzgerald consistently uses colour imagery to create atmosphere in different scenes, to bring out the characters' personalities, and to reinforce theme development. Even though he refers to a vast array of colours, they differ in prominence and influence. The most prominent colour Fitzgerald uses is green. Gatsby can be said to be green with envy over the fact that he lost the love of his life, Daisy to Tom Buchanan. He is also envious of the "old money" people he invites to his parties. This fixation with old money and his belief that Daisy rejected him because he did not have enough money is what drove him to be rich. This desire for money brings out the dark side of Gatsby's character, because of the illegal and unethical means by which he obtained his money through his connections to Wolfsheim. When Gatsby was rich enough to move into his own mansion in West Egg he would at night watch "a single green light, minute and far away, that might have been at the end of a dock" (26). This green light at Daisy's house and the " green breast of the new world" (189) symbolized to Gatsby hope, a chance to revive his love, to relive the past with Daisy, and a promise of his dream of being reunited with the American dream. The most frequently mentioned colour is white. The author uses it to enhance the character of Daisy. He notes that the first time Nick Carraway meets Daisy at her home, that the house itself was " …white Georgian mansion" (11) with "windows gleaming white"(12) and Daisy was dressed in white (22). All of this reflects on the wealth, cleanliness, innocence, purity, and beauty associated with Daisy. Daisy herself recalls her "...
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added: 02/05/2012
In the post 9/11 era just about everyone in the world has heard the word terrorism. But what is terrorism exactly? By definition terrorism is to coerce by use of terror, but this definition is far too broad. Scare tactics are used all the time. Teachers often use them to encourage their students to study but this does not make them a terrorist. Terrorism is better defined as the illegal use of deadly force to instill fear in a population and its government to further political and social ideals. For an act to be considered terrorism it must meet all of these criteria. The shootings at Columbine High School are a good example of terrorism. The attack was very violent, was on a large scale, and had a social agenda. Terrorism is intended to create fear in the targeted population. To do this terrorists use deadly force to attack their victims. In order to be considered terrorism an act must use a great deal of force. A suicide bomber is considered terrorism because the amount of destruction the bomb does. However a shooting is very rarely deemed terrorism because of the lack of extreme levels of force. Terrorists look to do the most damage possible to create the greatest amount of hysteria. Take the two attacks on the World Trade Center for example. "An explosion below the World Trade Center plaza in New York City on February 26, 1993, killed six workers, and resulted in injuries to over 1,000 occupants as they made their way out of the affected buildings." (Human). On September 11th, 2001 two jumbo jets were flown into the towers creating huge explosions that ultimately collapsed the buildings. The attacks of 9/11 created a great deal of fear in our country as well as the rest of the...
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added: 02/13/2012
David Peng June 26, 2003 Grade 8 Comparison with the play Romeo and Juliet and the movie Westside Story Although the movie Westside story and the play Romeo and Juliet had the same theme, there are many different principles that led to the different endings. Since the movie Westside story took place in present time New York. The level of civility, the amount of individual freedom, the laws, the loyalty and friendship between the people made a big difference in how the story was performed and how it ended. In the movie Westside story the party was planned by the owner of the gym. Both gangs the Sharks and the Jets came to the party. In the play written by William Shakespeare, the party was planned by the Capulets and only three people from the Montague's family came. This difference has a lot to do with how civilized different groups of people are. When a city becomes more civilized over time the citizens in their city must peacefully coexist with other people. Since the society was more stratified years ago only the invited relative or friends could come to a party. In the play Romeo and Juliet, Romeo had to run away in order to meet Juliet. In the movie Tony walks to the place where Maria lives freely. This difference is caused by the individual freedom of the people who lives in a city. Some time ago many young people didnft have a lot of individual freedom so they were mostly locked away in the house of their family. Since the movie took place in present time New York, people were given more freedom. Consequently Tony doesnft run away to meet with Maria instead he walks confidently to Mariafs house. Instead of fighting on the street as in the play Romeo and Juliet, the two gangs...
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added: 12/08/2011
that companies target the correct audience and ensure their message is seen, remembered and ultimately acted upon. Fistly, the advert must be eye catching so the person notices it. An advert could use colour and pictures. It may use different font types etc. Next the advert needs to be memorable so that the person can recall and possibly buy the product. This may be done by use of a jingle, logo or slogan. Word association is often used too e.g. SURF >>> Strong, white, clean, pure, waves. It is also important that it maintains the viewers' interest - this may be done by using humour, continuing storyline, music etc. Finally, the advert needs to persuade the person to buy the product. This is mainly done by using special types of language such as: persuasive, emotive or exaggerated. Companies often utilize other factors such as special offers / limited period only to entice customers to buy quickly. These methods are used because it is believed that most purchases are made within a relatively short time after the initial advert. A delay may mean a purchase is never actually made. Plan 1. Introduction: Explaining what I am going to do in the essay, and how I am going to set about it. 2. where the image is from 3. denotations and connotations of the advert. 4. devices of persuasion: Reward: Physical Psychological Punishment: Physical Psychological · apply the above to the advert / image 5. content of persuasion: Grabbing the viewer attention Proximity and Prominence Co-option Co-option and stars Co-option of genre Slogans Popular songs Controversy Arousing curiosity Challenge or contest The unusual, entertaining or amazing The mythical world Narratives Fear, guilt and insecurity Fantasy, Escape, Nostalgia Consistency, Familiarity, Authority Memory and Action · apply the above to the advert / image 6. Conclusion: Summerising what has been said in the essay, and condensing it into a paragraph Media essay "Using a print based advertisement for a charity of your choice, discuss the devices and content of persuasion used." For this...
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added: 11/09/2011
The book "come back gizmo" I have recently read, is an adventure comedy book. The setting is in a small ordinary town, and ordinary characters with a normal life. The main characters in the book were Jimmy, Biscut which is the dog and the Mum and Dad. The characters develop; Jimmy and Biscut build a stronger relationship together. Jimmy learns that looks aren't everything. The story is about a boy and a dog, when the dog got pitched up by the pound and was retired home. The pound man gave him a ball, but it wasn't just any ordinary ball, it was a gizmo. The gizmo turns Jimmy into a dog and Biscut into a human. In the end they turn back normal. Paul Jennings wrote this book. He is well-known children's author. I thought the book was pretty good. I don't think I would have changed too much from what Paul Jennings wrote. MY STORY There was a boy called Geraldo. He loved to play soccer; he had a hidden talent for soccer. He just moved to a new town. It was almost soccer season, time for trials. Geraldo trained everyday in his backyard. Soccer season finally came. Geraldo tried out and gave it everything he had, but he didn't have much chance of making the side because this team has kept the same team for 3 years in a row. Together they had gone undefeated for those 3 years in a row. As usual the team had stayed the same for the 4th consecutive year. Geraldo had the talent but wasn't given the opportunity to express himself just like all of the other kids who tried out for the side. He was named on the reserve bench, which was only the few players who could have a chance of playing if someone got hurt,...
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added: 02/11/2012
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