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Although sexual education has been improved a lot, there are still a lot of women who think the possibility getting pregnant is very small. They think it is not necessary to use contraceptive products when they have sex; finally, they get pregnant accidentally. Since this result far exceeds their estimation, most of them do not want the babies, so abortion becomes their only choice. However, in my opinion, women should not abort because of the value of human life, emotional effect and physical effect. Most people oppose abortion because of the value of human life. Many women think that a fetus is not a human before it is born; it is only a blob of blood. But this is not true. According to the pregnancy schedule provided by Mother¡¦s Choice, ¡§the organization of the embryo¡¦s brain and spinal cord will develop in the third week, and in day twenty one, the embryo will have the heart beat. In the second month, it has all the thought that a human should have.¡¨ This source shows that the embryo is a life, a human being that is slowly growing up inside the womb. In addition, Over 50% of American women think abortion is kind of murder. Many religions think abortion is unethical and forbid this action. Lots of women suffer from emotional effects after abortion. Catherine Cozzareli, an associate professor of psychology of Oxford University said: ¡§60% women feel regret and are unhappy after they aborted.¡¨ They may feel anxiety and ambivalence after abortion, and always feel sorry for what they have done. An American girl, Christina Stratmanu said: ¡§I really feel sorry about my abortion¡¨ she had an abortion when she was eighteen, and she was filled with guilt after the operation. ¡§I know it is irresponsible. Two years later, today, I still...
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added: 11/13/2011
Applications for college admissions usually require one or more autobiographical essays. Essay questions may vary but all serve the same purpose, to evaluate the fitness of a candidate. The essay portion of a college admissions application is an important tool for deciding your worthiness as a candidate. It is a tool that admissions officers use to get to know the applicant better and to separate candidates from numerical scores. This is the time to prove yourself and to be able to stand out among the other applicants. Each year, Harvard rejects four out of five valedictorians and hundreds of students with perfect SAT scores, leaving applicants and parents wondering what went wrong. While there is no secret formula for gaining admission to a top school, there are many ways to ensure rejection, and the most common by far is taking the admissions essay lightly. Whether you are applying to the Ivy League or to a state school, your job is the same. You must distinguish yourself from hundreds or even thousands of applicants with similar grades, activities, and SAT scores. To achieve this, your essay must not only demonstrate your grasp of grammar and ability to write lucid, structured prose, you must also paint a vivid picture of your personality and character, one that compels a busy admissions officer to accept you. The college admissions essay plays a very important part in terms of setting the tone for the rest of the application. It is where the committee starts to evaluate the applicant on their minds and try to decide whether you will be a positive asset to their school. Although academic performance is the most important variable and no one is admitted on the basis of an essay alone, the essay can many times make or break the student. The...
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added: 11/22/2011
Reminecing back to when I was in high school I was terrified of writing. I probably could say that I continue to feel that way at times. Teachers usually think of themselves first as teachers and not at all as coaches, at least not when I was in school. As I read the topic of "Teacher as Coach" I thought that if my school teachers had that mentality I probably would look at writing in a more positive manner. Most often than usual, we would turn in our writing assignments and when they were returned back to us there was red ink written all over our papers and a grade. (Usually not a passing one.) It seemed like we couldn't ever be good writers. I used to blame it on my Hispanic background. I thought that you had to use fancy words in order to be considered a good writer and there was no way that I, being Hispanic, could ever learn "big words". So I thought of myself as a terrible writer and I had all that red ink to prove it. We never had a chance to go back and correct our mistakes or sit down with our teacher and discuss what went wrong. This idea would have helped me overcome my writing anxiety and would have been a positive approach in helping me "adopt more effective writing behaviors" when "encouraged and corrected." If my teachers would have thought of themselves as coaches first my thoughts on writing would be positive and I would have enjoyed it a lot better. This section made me realize that teachers have a great impact on the way their students develop skills. We need to try to encourage our students to not be afraid of writing by showing them what they did wrong in a positive approach and by not paying so much attention to the little mistakes they...
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added: 11/20/2011
Zoroastrianism was once a very widespread religion, but now it has few adherents (about 150,000). It connects more closely with the Bible than any other religion, excepting, of course, Judaism and Christianity. For example, the Bible mentions some of the Zoroastrian kings who ruled the Persian Empire. These kings (Cyrus, Ahasuerus, and Darius) are named in Isaiah, Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Haggai, Zechariah, and 2 Chronicles. This religion is the product of one man, Spitoma Zoroaster, who lived about the seventh century B.C. (his dates are sometimes given as 628-551 B.C.). Zoroaster is the Greek form of his name; he is also known by his Avestan name, Zarathustra. What little we know about Zoroaster comes from the Gathas, a set of hymns included in the Zoroastrian scriptures (the Avesta). Zoroaster was born in Persia at a time when the popular religion was the worship of the Aryan nature gods. In the third century A. D., a reformation movement within Zoroastrianism began, which helped restore its original monotheistic purity. However, the spread of Christianity and especially the spread of Islam all but eliminated Zoroastrianism in Persia. The Muslims defeated Persia (A.D. 651), and the Zoroastrians who would not renounce their religion had to flee. They eventually found refuge not far from Bombay, India (A.D. 717). The priests reorganized the people and the religious worship ceremonies in the new land. These Zoroastrians who moved to India came to be known as Parsis (Persians). Today there are only about 120,000 Parsis in India and another 30,000 in Iran. The Parsis are well-educated, moral people, and many of them are financially successful. They have kept themselves aloof from Hinduism, almost like a separate caste. The Zoroastrian scriptures, the Avesta (knowledge) are written in Avestan, a language similar to Sanskrit. A commentary (lend) was added in the third century...
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added: 11/13/2011
n Charles Dickens' novel Great Expectations there are many forms of "imprisonment", which the central characters encounter. Dickens' focuses on the theme of showing society their false values and imperfections. Imprisonment throughout the novel includes; imprisonment of the mind and of the heart. Dickens' is judgemental of the brutality of the justice system, penal system, Newgate prison and the hulks, throughout the entire novel. The physical imprisonment identified and criticized throughout the novel is analysed in a negative manner. This is evidently seen in the harsh treatment of convicts, who have suffered through the penal system and imprisonment on the hulks. Dickens' describes the society attitude towards prisoners as distasteful and pompous, and; "At the time, jails were much neglected, and the period of exaggerated reaction consequent on all public wrong-doing-and which is always its heaviest and longest punishment-was still far off." Magwitchs' first capture is a prime example of the entertainment gauged by the community from this repugnant behaviour. The injustice occurring in the courts, is the reason for such an increase in the imprisonment of many people, Dickens' is judgemental of this, expressing his opinion of Newgate prison in a negative manner. Pip begins with a common community attitude towards convicts; however, later on in the novel his attitude changes due to the tainted feeling of having a connection with Magwitch. This is clearly seen when he feels a sense of loss after Magwitchs' death; "what I look at, is the sacrifice of so much portable property." As Pip's attitude changes towards convicts, the representation of a true gentleman emerges from within him. Self-imprisonment is condemned throughout the novel, and Dickens' is clear in proposing his opinion of self-imprisonment in a way of committing a sin against others and ourselves. Dickens' describes this imprisonment as shunning human companionship, and this is mainly...
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added: 11/27/2011
"Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker: The 20th Century Duo" Laurel and Hardy. Abbot and Costello. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker? Chan and Tucker in no way can be placed in a category of these comedy legend duos. However, the duos can be compared. Law enforcement to Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker is like moving a piano up a flight of stairs to Laurel and Hardy. A given task can go wrong in so many ways and as a result leads to a laugh. As for the film industry of the 20th Century, Chan and Tucker are recognized as a famous duo. In this paper I will discuss a scene from the film Rush Hour 2 and explain how Chan and Tucker's performances bring a laugh to the audience. Crime fighting has never been so hazardous and funny. Chopsocky action star Jackie Chan (Lee) re-teams with motor-mouth Chris Tucker (Carter) in a Rush Hour sequel as the mismatched cop duo investigate several bombings in Hong Kong attributed to Chinese gang leader Ricky Tan (John Lone) and assassin Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon). A fish out of water in exotic Hong Kong, Tucker talks his way into reams of trouble, saved time and again by Chan's frantic fighting. Legs fly, torsos spin and heads are cracked as the boys take on the Chinese mob. In search for Ricky Tan, Lee and Carter go to a massage parlor called, "Heaven on Earth." The scene basically begins with Carter having the privilege to pick out girls of his choice out of many to give Lee and himself a massage. Carter is so excited and anxious at this point; drooling over all the beautiful women in front of him. Carter's eyes are protruding out of his sockets pointing at which ladies he wanted. Lee interrupts by saying,...
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added: 11/24/2011
Introduction For my whole life I have loved eating out and have done so on a regular basis. It is only recently, however, that I have become more aware of what is in the food that I am consuming. This has come about from the many articles in the newspaper, and on television programs about fast food outlets and how they prepare their food, which is sometimes alarming. I believe that society has these concerns also. I am particularly interested in the nutrient value of food and also concerned with the many food poisoning scares within Australia over the years. This is why I decided to choose a topic relevant to this for my Food and Hospitality Independent Study. My topic is ¡¥Are fast food outlets bowing to consumer demands to be more accountable for the type of food they produce?¡¦ The course objectives that I will be relating my study to are: i. To investigate the nature and scope of, and the trends within the Food and Hospitality industry. ii. Identifying and examining management practices that contribute to the success of catering enterprises. In order to research my question more thoroughly and address the course objectives, I have broken the topic up in a number of aims to discuss: „« What is the trend in eating habits today? „« Is society more conscious of what they eat when dining out than ever before? „« Has fast food trends changed over the years? „« Has the media played a part in fast food trends? To complete my report I plan to conduct interviews, surveys and collect research from books and the Internet. My intended audience for this assignment is society in general, but is more for people that eat out on a regular basis. I think both children and adults will be interested in reading this report to gain more information...
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added: 11/09/2011
You leave for up to seven months at a time on missions that you can't even tell your wife about and when you are home most of your time is spent training for more missions. You've had years of the best and hardest military training in the world. You have the best weapons, the hardest missions and the best technology. You are part of an elite branch of the U.S military known as the Special Forces. The Special Forces is actually not just one group but a group of different specialized groups. These groups are: The United States Navy Special Warfare Command which includes The Navy SEALs and the Special boat Squadrons, The US Army Special Forces which includes the Green Berets and Delta force. The Airforce Special Operations Command and The Army's 4th Psychological Operations Group. The first of these is The United States Navy Special Warfare Command which is in charge of the SEALs and Special boat Squadrons. The SEALs were created in WWII as under water demolition men. In the few hours before the invasion of Normandy it was the SEALs that cleared the beaches of mines and other barriers placed by the Germans to halt the invasion, the SEALs did so under heavy fire and suffered many casualties. Becoming a SEAL is one of the hardest military tests in the world it's a 26 week long ordeal. First you must already have passed a very precise physical exam for Navy divers, have eyesight at least 20/40 in one eye and 20/70 in the other, adjustable to 20/20 without colorblindness. You must be younger than 28 and a male and pass a very tough fitness test and you must already be in the Navy and have certain ratings. For seven weeks you train and precondition for BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/School) which...
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added: 11/03/2011
Imagine having gratifying work, respect, and the ability to help those around in a worth while way. What kind of satisfaction would one get in helping another? There are many sacrifices one endures in training to be a doctor. However, these sacrifices eventually lead to some amazing benefits. These sacrifices effect early youth, family, and financial matters. However, the outweighing benefits are receiving respect, having the satisfaction of helping others, and living "large" financially. The sacrifices and hardships involved in training to be a doctor are worth the eventual outcome. Becoming a doctor starts with sacrifices in childhood and adolescence. When a young child decides to be a doctor, he or she enrolls in math and science classes. A large amount of homework is given, leaving little time for sports or video games. Despite the work, there is great pride in doing well in these classes and knowing that a goal is getting closer. Other sacrifices in becoming a doctor occur within the family. Aspiring doctors cannot always spend the time desired with their family due to the fact that they have so much homework or studying to do. Since a medical student must spend a great deal of their time studying or in the lab, their family may feel left out. Luckily, most physicians are able to make their own schedules, so this is not as much of a problem after they graduate. Studying for exams is probably the most grueling for the student and the family. All-nighters are common and the student should have very little distraction. If the student has children, life is even harder. A young child may grow up not seeing much of their parent. A medical student takes on a huge financial burden when they are in medical school. If the student has a family, they are not...
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added: 11/04/2011
The word vegetarian, coined by the founders of the British Vegetarian Society in 1842, comes from the Latin word vegetus, meaning "whole, sound, fresh, or lively," as in homo vegetus-a mentally and physically vigorous person. The original meaning of the word implies a balanced philosophical and moral sense of life, a lot more than just a diet of vegetables and fruits. Most vegetarians are people who have understood that to contribute towards a more peaceful society we must first solve the problem of violence in our own hearts. So it's not surprising that thousands of people from all walks of life have, in their search for truth, become vegetarian. Vegetarianism is an essential step towards a better society, and people who take the time to consider its advantages, will be in the company of such thinkers as Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Clement of Alexandria, Plutarch, King Asoka, Leonardo da Vinci, Montaigne, Akbar, John Milton, Sir Isaac Newton, Emanuel Swedenbourg, Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin, Jean Jacques Rousear, Lamartine, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Leo Tolstoy, George Bernard Shaw, Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Schweitzer, and Albert Einstein. Now, medical researchers have discovered evidence of a link between meat-eating and such killers as heart disease and cancer, so they're giving vegetarianism another look. Since the 1960s, scientists have suspected that a meat-based diet is somehow related to the development of arteriosclerosis and heart disease. As early as 1961, the Journal of the American Medical Association said: "Ninety to ninety-seven percent of heart disease can be prevented by a vegetarian diet." Since that time, several well-organized studies have scientifically shown that after tobacco and alcohol, the consumption of meat is the greatest single cause of mortality in Western Europe, the United States, Australia, and other affluent areas of the world. The human body is...
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added: 11/29/2011
Censorship is a word that breeds strong emotions in many people. Whether it is associated with speech, fashion, or the access to information. Censorship has been around since before the time of the bible. It has caused wars and revolutions. Censorship has always been a staple of Dictatorship and Totalitarian governments. These types of governments thrive off censorship because it gives them power to control, restrain, and limit what people hear, read, see, and speak. Since the beginning of mass media mediums such as newspapers, radio, and television some form of censorship has been attempted. Often only subtle forms of censorship are accepted in most nations but in the totalitarian governments absolute censorship is the way of life. Absolute, Prior, or Formal censorship requires getting approval from the government or a high leader before any content is broadcast or published. In the early 90's a new medium, the Internet was opened to the public and its' popularity grew in enormous amounts. The growth rate of the online community continues to grow and the Internet has become almost an inevitable part of our daily lives. And like all its predecessors attempts have been made to censor it. This is a political issue that has yet to be concluded on. There are many who feel the Internet should face strict censorship like supporter Senator Jim Exon, coauthor of the Communications Decency Act (CDA). Senator Exon would like to make it a criminal offense to make available anything that is indecent using the protection of children as his basis: "The CDA makes it illegal to transmit or make available indecent material to children…The Decency Act stands for the premise that it is wrong to provide pornography to children on computers just as it is wrong to do it on the street corner or anywhere...
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added: 11/14/2011
How many times during the night do we toss and turn, check the clock, and find it ticking away and tell ourselves, "If I could fall asleep right now I would get at least five hours of sleep"? But, sleep doesn't come so we continue to toss and turn. This happens to many people and may suffer from a disorder known as insomnia. People who suffer from this disorder have many complaints, and many have similar symptoms. Symptoms can vary from stress to pain to always feeling tired. Insomnia is a very difficult disease to have to live with. It is hard for both those that suffer from it and their family members. According to Linde and Savaley's, The Sleep Book, (1974), "the person who has trouble sleeping is not alone" (p. 9). They also claim, "An estimated thirty million people suffer from chronic insomnia" (p.9). Many non-insomniacs have occasional periods when they wonder if they'd make it through a sleepless night. Many insomniacs can't fall asleep because of pain and discomfort. Those that can fall asleep but can't stay asleep might be caused from depression, or too many things to worry about. In Ernest Hartmann's The Sleeping Pill (1978) some causes of insomnia (p. 113). He states that pain and discomfort do indeed play an important part in the difficulty remaining asleep. For those having difficulty remaining asleep might be because of depression or having too much to worry about. In Linde and Savary's, The Sleep Book (1974), Dr. Dale C. Friend claims, "insomnia can be classified by four causes: tension, fatigue, discomfort, and in and out insomnia" (p. 100). Tension insomnia occurs mostly in executives or people who worry about their businesses. Tension builds up inside during the day and is still inside at bedtime, it won't come out, so...
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The Relationship Between Europe/EU and US â€" Iraqi war The relationship between the US and the EU is tense in regards to the war in Iraq. ... Also the fact that Europe was very divided in its opinions and involvement in the war against Iraq makes it harder to come to an agreement with the US, because EU itself does not agree. The Americans see the European opposition against war as a typical European indecision and cowardice. ... Europe wanted to be certain in the decisive question of war. ... The anti-Americanism was expected to get worse if US started the war alone together with the British. ... EU also gets divided because the members have to choose sides, if they want to support the US in a war or if they are against. The French-German disapproval of the war has created a focus against the US, and the other countries in the EU had to choose if they were on their side or not. Presumption â€" EU, NATO and UN After the War It was expected that the conflict between the US and Europe concerning the war in Iraq, would lead to serious problems in world organisations and in the relationship between US and Europe. ... While war was approaching, the question of how it would effect world organisations arose. ... France and Germany already have plans about common defence-obligations, ahead of the other countries. UN: Despite the major military that the US has at its disposal, the US does not dare to go through with the plans of war without the UN. By going to war without a mandate from the UN, it will be considered by Europe and other countries in the world, as an insult against the multilateral system of decisions, which still has massive support. ... If the US does decide to...
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added: 11/13/2011
1.) School of universal learning. 2.) School of knowledge of every kind. 3.) A place where students from all over the world come together to learn. 4.) Books are just one special instrument. 5.) Its a place where you'll be challenged in everyway. In this essay, Newman expresses a couple different opinions on education. He explains them well, and repeats his theory throughout the essay. A university is a world wide school or learning. A place where people from all around come together to learn. Universities are places where different kinds of knowledge are brought together in uniform. He also tells you how education isn't everything. Books don't always have the answer to what you're looking for. They don't teach you personal characteristics. Ideal education What is the importance of education in our society today? Have we put an extensive amount of pressure on ourselves, and our children to succeed in school? Education is the ticket to everybody's future. In our world today, a college degree is essential to start a career or hold a well paying job. Education is the most important thing in our world today, and it can't be stressed enough. Why is an education so important? Our world revolves around education and educated people. We have grown up knowing what it takes to be successful in school. Going to college is the beginning of a new life. Its sets us on our passageway to being a successful well educated person. Newman said that a university is a school of universal learning, where people come together from all over to enhance their own knowledge. People go to college to learn and learn with other people who share the same or similar interests as them. Here we are with knowledge sitting right in front of us. We don't even have to travel...
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added: 11/06/2011
Before contact with the western world, the Inuit were a relatively healthy population. However, the severe climate in which they resided posed challenges in maintaining health and well being. Here are some of the difficulties they faced and their adaptations to combat these problems: Avoiding Vitamin Deficiencies: The vegetation in the arctic habitat is relatively scarce. In order to prevent disease such as scurvy and rickets, and to assure calcium absorption the Inuit needed sufficient amounts of vitamin A and D. In order to preserve the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals they avoided cooking their food. They consumed raw whale skin, a good source of vitamin C, and seal oil and fish, excellent sources of vitamin A and D. Vitamin D was needed to aid the absorption of calcium, in which the mostly meat diet was lacking. The Inuit combated this problem by eating dried fish, soft parts of animal bones and bird bones. Avoiding Heart Disease: The Inuit population had a low incidence of heart disease. This is partly due to the large amount of physical activity that was required to survive the arctic climate, and the diet which they ate. Caribou and rabbit meat have a high amount of polyunsaturated acids which are associated with healthy cardiovascular system. Omega - 3 rich foods such as whales, seals and fish are associated with a decreased rate of heart problems. Additionally, the Inuit did not participate in high risk activities such as smoking associated with heart disease. Staying Warm: In order to maintain body heat the Inuit had cultural adaptations as well as biological ones. First and foremost, people kept themselves warm by having good insulation. They used animal skins and furs. For example, caribou fur which had hollow hairs acted as excellent insulators for coats, blankets and, in combination with seal skin, boots. Babies...
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Henry Fleming was a young man when he joined the Union Army with dreams of the heroic deeds that he would perform. Against his mother's wishes, Henry enlists in the 304th Regiment of New York Volunteers. He lived in the North during the Civil War and through his experiences he learned a great deal. Henry wasn't too smart. But he learned quickly, which was a good asset to have in war torn times. He was a boy when the novel began and a man at its end. This transition is the story of private Henry Fleming's life. Henry spent boring months in training and inaction and looked forward to taking part in a real Civil War battle. During this time, Henry thought about how he will act when confronted by the enemy fire for the first time. He wonders if he will stand and fight or run from his fears. Henry finally got a taste of war in several skirmishes. However, more importantly was the battle that was going on in Henrys mind. Henry thought that he faced inevitable death, so he threw down his rifle and ran away along with others. At first he attempted to rationalize his dilemma, but failed and became increasingly agitated because of his failure. While wandering in the rear of the fighting, he encountered a dead soldier. With this event and having seen the death struggle of man, he experienced the shocking reality of how horrible war really is. Jim Conklin was the man dying, and a close friend of Henry's, which made it all the more difficult for him to watch. Thus, he deserted Jimmy Rogers because he didn't want to see another comrade die. At this point in the story, Henry began to understand that the type of romantic warfare that he had...
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Some may ask, "Why should the Eiffel Tower be recreated in California?" A good answer for this is why not? The Eiffel Tower is the one monument that can easily be identified internationally without the usage of words, only a picture of itself. Its beauty attracts around six million visitors each year; however, many Americans are unable to visit due to the fact that it is so far away. If it were recreated in California many more Americans would be able to visit and have the experience of visiting and learning about the towers, its creator, Gustave Eiffel, and France's history, but would also aid in helping scientists to continue to learn more about aerodynamics, meteorology, and radiotelegraphy just from visiting the tower, all while staying in their home country. For example, many do not know that the Eiffel Tower was created not only for an entry to the Paris Exposition of 1889 to celebrate the centenary of the French Revolution, but it was also created to house several experiments on aerodynamics, meteorology, and radiotelegraphy. The height and openness of the tower enabled experiments in meteorology and aerodynamics to be easily conducted. In fact, the first mercury barometer was invented due to experimentation at the Eiffel Tower ( Basically, recreating the Eiffel Tower in California would not only enable Americans to visit the Eiffel tower and learn the towers, France's, and Gustave Eiffel's history, but would also aid in helping scientists to continue to learn more about aerodynamics, meteorology, and radiotelegraphy. The original Eiffel Tower was constructed for the Paris Exposition of 1889 to celebrate the centenary of the French Revolution. When the tower was completed it served as the entrance gateway to the exposition ( It was built in the heart of Paris, France by Gustave Eiffel, assisted by engineers...
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added: 11/30/2011
The title of my investigation is 'The Average student'. I am going to investigate into whether the students in my year (11) are normally distributed. I have chosen to investigate into this topic because we were required by this subject to produce a piece of coursework assignment, so we decided this would be easiest and most feasible. This leaves me with the predicament of trying measuring certain people in my year group. Are the people in my year at completely different ends of the scale or are they round about equal. To determine a population for my course-work, I am going to go to each form and then measure people's height and shoes size. My year compromises of 5 forms. Each form contains roughly 30 students giving a total population of 150 students. Obviously this population is far too vast, so I what I propose to do is to number each student in a form and then I will ask someone who hasn't seen the number configuration to pick a random number. I then match up the numbers with the corresponding students and select 10 students from each form, 5 boys and 5 girls. I will therefore end up with a sample of 50 students, fulfilling the criteria of a sample of at least 50 items of single variable data. To ensure that my sample of students is as accurate as possible, I have cross-referenced my data with that of other students carrying out the same task. They have confirmed that these are the correct measurements, my cross-referencing will not affect my mathematics skills as my skills will be used on the data, no matter what the data is. On this page I have included results that I calculated with the help of a spreadsheet application (Microsoft Excel). I can then later...
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added: 11/18/2011
Education is all about life. When you're done four years of attending high school, it's time to become ready for the big leagues. Post secondary education can be divided into two major parts, College and University. Canada has a lot of both ball parks, but we have more Universities then colleges. Canada's educations system is highly recognizable in the world. In the United States a lot of students decide to attend Canadian Universities or Colleges. Although colleges have a big population, a University should be more considerable as postsecondary education. The cost of college is not really high. The expectations for college aren't high either. College is pretty much a lower funded, lower educated University. College has more broad studies. For example at any college we can take business/industry linkage. This business/industry course is very broad, it sounds like a course in high school. Regardless, you shouldn't judge it by the sound of the course; you should always take in mind the content of the course. The time your at college isn't high. When you are at college you can stay there for 2-3 years minimum. In those 2-3 years you can study a very general subject and get your degree. This is good for those who slack off in high school and don't' do any work. In college responsibility is fairly higher then high school, and the teachers of your course sometimes won't learn your name throughout the year. For some colleges all you need is a diploma in high school to get accepted. The classes in College are a lot smaller, and even worse the teachers in your class see you as just a number. College is seen as a bad post secondary education because of judgments and non-factual comments but if you look at the facts and the statistics college...
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added: 11/27/2011
What makes an effective film opening? Well that is the question I am going to answer in this essay. There are a lot of factors that make a good film opening such as sound, lighting and effects. The film I will be using is "S.W.A.T". I have chosen this film because I think it has a good film opening; it has a mix of sounds and visual effects. Personally I love my film openings to be packed full of explosions special effects and action, faint music in the background so you still get an effect from music as well as the action. I think that with an explosive exciting opening you get glued to the screen waiting for the next big bang. At the beginning of "S.W.A.T" all you can hear at first is a police radio but you can't see the radio you can only hear the transmissions, then it fades into police lights flashing. The word S.W.A.T gradually comes into the police lights that are still flashing. The radio continues and the camera slowly uses a big close-up effect into the Hollywood sign, you hear helicopters and the camera angle moves over the hill where you get a long shot of police helicopters flying over Los Angeles. The scene changes so that you're in the city not above it and you get a camera effect as if you were watching this event on the news; because of this the camera switches quickly between things. This makes the viewer fell like it's real so you really get engrossed into the film because it looks so real. The viewers emotions will be more dramatic because it seems so real, it doesn't seem like it's a typical movie. There are then gunshots that you hear and a woman running past police cars. The...
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added: 11/14/2011
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