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Career Goals Paul Jones Professor Kuykendall Gen 300 3 September 2003 Career Goals My dream job would be owning and operating a bakery. I enjoy baking bread and do it well. I cannot imagine a better way to earn a living, than by turning a hobby into a profitable business? Three major obstacles stand in my way, the knowledge and skill to run a retail business, the finances to begin and maintain it, and the personal confidence required to leap into such an endeavor. I have already addressed these concerns by taking a management position in retail food service, keeping my financial house in order, and completing a paralegal certification program. Although these steps have narrowed the gap between my goal and me, I believe a Bachelor's in Business Management will help bring me within reach. It will do so by providing me with the educational foundation to run a business successfully, improving my financial situation, and improving my self-confidence. These three barriers are not unique to me. On the contrary, they are well documented as difficulties many entrepreneurs face as they launch a new business. Successful business ownership begins with proper education and experience before the business is opened. Statistics show that, "14.6% of small businesses fail due to a lack of management competence or experience" (Flushe). This makes it clear that many people go into business without first obtaining the required education and experience. Holding a management position in retail food service is providing me with the day-to-day experience, which I will need to open my own business. Every day I gain real life experience in dealing with personnel. Common issues include, settling disputes between crew members, balancing labor costs to income, and ensuring that everyone works together as a team. I am not directly responsible for ordering raw goods and materials. Another concern is that...
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added: 11/18/2011
Executive Summary: This Marketing Report is based on the Rancho Las Palmas Hotel in Palm Springs. The Marriott Hotel group had joined forces with the Sunrise Corporation to develop the hotel in 1979. The report considers the factors influencing the demand for hotel rooms in the Palm Springs area. It also looks at the difference in the mix of demand through the seasons. The winter season is the peak season with summer being the quiter season. Rancho Las Palmas performance in the first year of opening is evaluated from various perspectives including the occupancy rates, the revenue generated and the costs incurred. The positioning of the hotel is considered and the options of 4 versus 5 stars is discussed. The question of whether to remain open in the quiet summer months is also considered. The recommendation is for the hotel to remain 4 stars and to stay open for the summer months. A marketing strategy is then proposed based on the aforementioned recommendation. The marketing mix of product, price, place and promotion is also discussed. Finally a promotional strategy is proposed for the years 2002-2005. An attempt is made at offering an integrated proposal covering the tools of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and public relations and publicity. CONTENTS: 1. Factors influencing the demand for hotel rooms in the Palms Springs area. 2. How the marketing mix differs through the season. 3. How well Rancho Las Palmas performed in the first year, as well as the principal competitors. 4. Positioning of the hotel. 5. Marketing Strategy: 1980-1982. 6. Promotional Strategy: 2002-2005. 7. Bibliography 1: Factors influencing the demand for hotel rooms in the Palms Springs area There are various factors influencing the demand for rooms in the Palm Springs area. Most obvious is the CLIMATE, making business quite seasonal with the popularity of seasons being Winter, Fall, Spring and Summer. Those resorts that stayed open in...
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added: 11/08/2011
The longest embargo in modern history is that which the United States has imposed on Cuba. The embargo has directly affected trade, domestic economic activity and foreign aid. In recent years, the demonization of Cuba in domestic American politics, paired with the powerful lobby of Cuban Americans who fled Castro's revolution, have introduced a new element to the American boycott of Cuba. Despite a tenuous history, it would prove more beneficial to the United States to normalize relations with Cuba because the embargo has failed to achieve its goals. Following the 1959 revolution, the United States slapped a trade embargo on Cuba in 1961, even before Castro had declared himself a Communist and called in the Soviet Union as an ally. At that time, the embargo had little to no effect because of the Soviet assistance and distribution policies. During the next three decades Cuba's international trade was with the former Soviet, health and other social indicies dramatically improved. The economy grew at an annual rate of two percent from 1965 to 1975. The embargo was modified in 1975 to permit trade with United States subsidiary firms in other countries. From 1975 to 1989 the economy grew at an annual rate of four percent. The Cuban economy was extraordinarily weakened by the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the Community for Economic Cooperation trade group in 1989. The passage of the Cuban Democracy Act of 1995 made the United States embargo more stringent. The bill originated in 1995, and was passed by both houses of the United States Congress. It came at a time when United States opinion was beginning to diverge sharply from international opinion on what to do about Cuba. Shortly thereafter, in November 1995, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution calling on the United States to repeal its...
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added: 11/24/2011
Adults are quick to tell their kids, "You are too young to know the meaning of stress." In all actuality, teenagers are often burdened with many different types of stress. Issues in the home, for instance parental problems or annoying siblings, can contribute to teenage stress. Another taxing matter for teens is relationships, such as friendships or that significant other. The most obvious cause of stress in teens is the constant pressure from school, specifically grades, exams, etc. Of all the reasons for kids to stress, the most general are family problems, relationships, and school. One of the most recognized stressors amongst young adults is a problem within the home. As stated by Dr. Michael Conner, the divorce of one's parents can trigger tension. When a family is broken apart and there are children caught in the middle, there tends to be a great amount of strain on the kids. Not only are problems within the home a stressor, but also not having a stable home can cause fretfulness. The teenager that moves around from home to home due to instability in his or her own household is often weighed down by stress and or depression. Constant fighting between kids and their parents are also an attribute to the stressful teen. Along with family problems, relationships can cause constant worry for adolescents. When a youngster has a fight with his or her best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, he or she is apt to worry about the issue until it is resolved. Grades could suffer, attitudes could change, and there could even be shifts in personality, all due to stress over a relationship. Not only is fighting with friends painful, but leaving friends behind is also very trying. As mentioned in by the Wholistic Stress Control Institute, Inc., going to a new school...
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added: 11/24/2011
Violence is a problem that we as humans deal with everyday. Today, it seems that we deal with it in just about every aspect of our lives. From children's cartoons to the nightly news, we are witnesses to its power and harm. Violence is not new by any means though. It is something that can be traced back to the beginning of time. It is for this reason that I believe that we must all take on a nonviolent, "Satyagraha" type of life, as did a man named Mahatma Gandhi. In turning to nonviolence, we would essentially refrain from inflicting damage or injury and use alternative means to obtain a desired end (which in this case is peace). According to Gandhi, "Satyagraha" was the soul-force power of truth and love and these are two things that our society is in dire need of. Violence needs to be replaced with a method of truth and love because if violence continues to rule our lives, people will know nothing but violence and our world will continue to live in chaos. Truth needs to replace violence because truth is the basis of everything. Truth unfolds on a daily basis through intuition, experience, observation, conversation, informed judgment, being questioned while questioning, reflection, and quiet listening. Truth is love; truth is friendship; truth is compassion; truth is family; truth is fear. Truth means "Satya" which is derived from "Sat," which is existence. Everything that exists is contained in Truth. Truth is a matter of experience as well. It is what the voice within tells us. Speaking Truth alone is not sufficient, though. One should be truthful in word, thought and deed. Truth is the basis of morality. If people are not truthful to themselves and to each other, there would be no trust among our society...
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added: 11/30/2011
RUNNING HEAD: CHARISMATIC LEADERSHIP Charismatic Leadership Connie King Leadership 7001 Foundations of Leadership Assignment 1 NOVA Southeastern University November 18, 2002 Abstract Many leaders, past and present, have been identified as charismatic leaders. The author explains the history of charismatic leadership and its characteristics. Different charismatic leaders and their leadership characteristics are discussed. An explanation of the characteristics and behaviors of followers of charismatic leaders is discussed. Cultural and situational charismatic leaders are explained and why certain individuals originate as leaders. A comparison and relationship between transformational, transactional, and charismatic leadership styles is discussed. Charismatic Leadership Society is made up of many different types of leaders. One of these types is charismatic leadership. Charismatic leadership was introduced around the turn of the century and has been researched and studied ever since. The leaders that are defined as charismatic leaders display characteristics that followers relate to. Charismatic leaders' posses' characteristics that enable them to win follower's respect and support for his or her beliefs or visions. Leaders from all walks of life both good and bad have been identified as charismatic leaders because of their ability to persuade others that their beliefs were right. The history, characteristics, charismatic leaders, and charisma related to other leadership styles will be discussed in this paper. Charismatic leadership can be a forceful leadership style that can be used to improve societies and organizations or it can also be used for detrimental purposes. The German sociologist Max Weber is the person responsible for introducing the idea of charisma as being a type of leadership. Weber believed that leaders who possessed charismatic leadership qualities were highly esteemed persons. Due to his research on leadership, sociologist began to study the concept of charisma in both social and political walks of life in the early twentieth century. Talcott Parsons is widely credited with importing Weber to the United States; Parson's introduced...
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added: 11/05/2011
Charles Schulz, also known as "Sparky," is one of the most famous names in comics. He drew the comic strip "Peanuts" for over fifty years. The strip is much loved by readers everywhere. Schulz's inspirations for his work came from everyday life, the people he knew and things that happened. "Peanuts" has gone through many changes from when it started, including it's name. We can relate the characters, though, and we always could. Therefore, "Peanuts" is the most read comic strip ever. Charles Schulz is a world famous, award-winning cartoonist. He has won numerous Peabody and Emmy awards. He is also "the most syndicated cartoonist ever." (Schulz interview) Schulz's cartoon strip, and claim to fame, is "Peanuts." Charles seemed to born to be a cartoonist. At only a few weeks old, he was nick named "Sparky" after a cartoon character. He started out from humble beginnings and worked his way up. Most of Schulz's inspirations came from real life events and people. "Sparky" ended up drawing the "Peanuts" for fifty years. Now even though they are fifty years old, the "Peanuts" haven't aged a bit. They are still the young, funny, complicated kids people have grown to love. Each character has a distinct personality, a quality that brings them to life. Everything, however, centers around the main characters "Charlie Brown" and his dog "Snoopy." There are many kids in the "Peanuts" gang. Some make just a few appearances, while others are in almost every strip. As you read, "Charlie Brown" and "Snoopy" are the most popular. Not far behind them, though, are "Lucy" and "Linus, "Sally" and "Woodstock, and "Peppermint Patty" and "Marcie." Some other common character are: "Pig Pen," "Schroder," and "the little red head girl." All of the kids are "child characters with mature attitudes." (American Authors Encyclopedia) They are always involved...
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added: 11/03/2011
In this day and age there are literally hundreds of professions a person could choose to participate in. However, there are few professions that can provide the excitement experienced in the area of meteorology, in particular, that of field meteorology which is also called storm chasing. For more than fifty years, storm chasers have been the first line of defense against deadly tornadoes and hurricanes. Chasers provide critical information about the storms; It is this information that has helped to save countless lives over the years. I am one of the lucky few that has gotten to experience storm chasing first hand. I have spent two summers chasing tornadoes with my uncle. My uncle is a meteorologist employed by the National Severe Storms Laboratory in Norman, Oklahoma. He has spent almost every summer for the past fifteen years chasing tornadoes and braving the winds of hurricanes. My uncle does this to provide information that will hopefully save lives. During my experience in storm chasing I have learned quite a bit. For example, there are many misconceptions about storm chasing. For the most part, these misconceptions come from movies such as "Twister". While these movies are very exciting, they also distort reality. Chasers never, under any circumstances, race along side a tornado or intentianally get within the path of a tornado. Also, chasers are never happy to see a tornado form. Tornadoes are among the most violent natural phenomena on earth and they kill a countless number of people every year. Of course, when it comes to scientific or historical accuracy, Hollywood has never pretyended to be faithful. While the primary task of a storm chaser is to chase storms, they must also work to analyze their findings. It is only through analyzation and research that we can better hope to understand these thorouhly unpredictable storms. Storm chasers also must have a basic understanding of photography. Documenting these massive storms is one of the most important...
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added: 11/23/2011
I have had several experiences with childcare. I went to work when my daughter was 2 years old and worked in the infant room next to her classroom for about a year. I really enjoyed working with children and wanted to open my own daycare but my daughters father didn't want me too. When I moved to Germany I had a large house and set up my daycare in the lower level of our 3 story house and enjoyed it immensely until I had to return to the United States. When I returned to the States I started working for a daycare in New Bern North Carolina at an after school program and filling in for the 2 & 3 year old teachers to eat their lunch. . I am now currently a home daycare provider in Alexander County and have had my own daycare for 4 years. My daycare name is "Lil Piece of Heaven". My youngest daycare child is 7 months and my oldest daycare child is 14 years old. My educational goal is to go for my Early Childhood Associates Degree. I am currently working on my Child Care Operator Certificate. Then I will proceed to Early Childhood Associates Diploma and finally I will work on my Early Childhood Associates Degree. I like want to work on my degree in baby steps so that I will feel a sense of achievement at each level that I have completed. What made me decide to work with children was that I wanted to be a care giver that can be a good example to children as a parent and I aspire to raise the perfect, well-rounded children. As a care giver, I want my children to be healthy, caring and responsible. I want to provide a healthy environment for the children's development...
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added: 11/29/2011
According to UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy, "Child laborers around the world, most of whom are engaged in extreme and hazardous forms of work, are being robbed of their fundamental rights, not only including the right to develop to the fullest through education, but the right to a childhood." (World of Work The Magazine of the ILO, No. 22 December 1997, pg. 24) Many forms of child labor can be hazardous to a child's health. Child laborers often work as many as 12 hours a day (sometimes more), work in dangerous conditions such as poorly ventilated factories with harmful fumes in the air, handle hazardous materials such as toxic chemicals, and use inappropriate tools and machinery designed for adults. There have been direct links between many forms of child labor and poor physical development in child workers. (Child Labor: Targeting the Intolerable, pg. 8) It is estimated that about 120 million children between the ages of five and 14 work at least full time. If children for whom work is a secondary activity are included, the figure reaches 250 million. (ILO Geneva, Child Labor: Targeting the Intolerable, pg. 7) Child labor is more prevalent in developing countries but also exists in industrialized nations. While the majority of child labor exists in South and Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa, child labor is also a growing concern in Eastern Europe where countries are undergoing the economic transition from a command economy to a market economy. (Child Labor: Targeting the Intolerable) According to Norwegian Minister of Development and Human Rights Hilde F. Johnson, "Child Labor is both a consequence and a cause of poverty, and strategies for poverty reduction are needed to address the root cause of child labor." (World of Work The Magazine of the ILO, No. 22 December 1997, pg....
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Child Study Observation To begin, I observed two children, one boy and one girl, at the Lakeview child study center. I observed substantial differences in how the two children interacted with other children, as well as adults. First, I observed the boy. He went through periods of verbal and non-verbal interaction. For example, he would speak to a teacher by asking her to watch him hoola-hoop. Then, a few moments later he would ignore the teacher when she asked him a question. This verbal-non-verbal behavior continued through out the observation and when he moved from one area to another. On comparison, the girl that I observed was extremely vocal and stayed in one area during the entire observation. She enjoyed the company around her because she was vocally and physically active in a positive manner. The girl seemed to be quite comfortable in a tightly knitted group, slightly brushing against the teacher and other children she was playing with. On the other hand, the boy was distant and on the move. He was active and enjoyed keeping to himself. He would approach a group and keep his distance as the watched the other children participate, seemingly, as if he were conducting his own observation study. Moreover, the interactions with adults were distinctly different. With the exception of hoola-hoop, the boy mainly used non-verbal communication. At times where he was asked a question that he could not answer with a head movement, he would just avoid the question by waling away. In comparison, the girl was very vocal and enjoyed speaking to adults. Along with her extreme talkativeness, she was not bothered by physical contact at all. In fact, when she spoke to someone, she walked right up to him or her and touched him or her somehow, either by hand contact or brushing against him...
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added: 11/06/2011
Have you ever heard the saying "opposites attract"? It describes the relationship between a husband and a wife. Even though all of the marriages are the union of a man and a woman, each marriage has its differences. I am from a traditional Chinese family and my parents just celebrated their thirty-fifth anniversary. I compared past Chinese marriage and current Chinese marriage, and found marriage in China is now undergoing change. People are getting married later, and the percentage of people getting married continues to drop as divorce rates rise. Truly arranged marriages are becoming very rare, and marriages by free choice are nearly universal. First of all, the motivation for marriage is changing. In the past, people married as a traditional custom or to have sons to continue the family line. Nowadays, more people get married because they met someone they loved. When it comes to finding a spouse, arranged marriages are gradually giving way to love marriages. According to the Chinese National Statistical Office, in the last ten years, arranged marriages have decreased from approximately 58 percent to 39 percent, while true loving marriages have increased from approximately 36 percent to 55 percent. In a survey of how people met their current spouse, for every ten people three to four were aided by their family network of relatives, parents, brothers and sisters, whereas four or more drew on their personal network of friends, work colleagues, and classmates. This showed that true arranged marriages are becoming very rare and loving marriages almost universal. Secondly, values and attitudes toward divorce are changing even more dramatically. The divorce rate in China, which saw a sharp rise in the latter half of the 1990s, ranks even higher than that of Korea which has very high divorce rates. Until recently, divorce has been viewed as...
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Calvin Coolidge, the thirtieth president, once said, "Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas." If a pre-schooler was asked what Christmas is, he or she would simply respond with Santa Claus, but if an adult was asked the same question, the answer would vary from a time to give to the less fortunate to a time to spend with your loved ones. Christmas means many things other than the birth of Christ. So what is Christmas? Christmas is a kid's season, with presents and Santa Claus. Christmas and Santa Claus go hand-in-hand. At malls across the country, Santa imitators are found taking pictures with kids and asking them what they want for Christmas, putting the kids on cloud nine. Little kids cannot be happier than when they are perched on Santa's big red thighs, telling Santa what they want for Christmas. For little kids, Santa isn't just a seasonal symbol, but he exists, and really does come down the chimney on Christmas. He eats the homemade cookies, and drinks the glass of milk. Then, he leaves the gifts before moving onto the next house. The little kids awake to find their stockings stuffed and hung above the fireplace, and gifts of every shape and size neatly placed underneath the well decorated, glistening Christmas Tree. To a kid, that is all Christmas is about. Christmas is music and movies. Christmas has more songs than any other holiday. Radio stations, such as 104.3, only play Christmas songs during the couple of weeks before Christmas, to go along with the handful of versions of every Christmas songs. Christmas always has more movies than any other holiday. The movies are usually watched during...
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added: 11/21/2011
Cinderella is one of the most popular and imitated fairytales ever created. There have been over seven hundred versions of the classic Cinderella tale written spanning from ninth century China to contemporary America. The two most basic and popular classic versions include the Charles Perrault, "Cinderella or The Little Glass Slipper" and the German variant, "Assenputtel" collected by the Grimm brothers (Heiner). The Cinderella tale framework has been translated into contemporary cinema and can be paralleled in the film Pretty Woman directed by Garry Marshall. This film starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts exemplifies how the Cinderella genre is everlasting and can constantly be reinvented throughout time. The classic Cinderella tales are derived from all different parts of the globe; therefore the variations are embodied throughout the modern day version. Each variant displays its own individuality that alters the audiences perception as well as creates new twists to the Propp's classic fairytale outline: under distressed girl meets boy; they fall in love; happily ever after story. The unique nature of the tale permits manipulation into many distinct versions without changing the original format. This proves that a classic idea can never die; rather it can be formatted to appeal to new audiences that span cultures and time. The Cinderella concept can and has been reinvented to warm the hearts of past, present, and future generations. Cinderella is created under numerous names such as Cinderella, Ashiepattle, and Popelutschka. Overall the various renditions of the story have remained true the same relative formula. There are four primary aspects to the framework of the Cinderella tale that remain relatively constant no matter the rendition that is being narrated. Aarne- Thompson defines the five structural features as the persecuted heroine, magic help, meeting the prince, proof of identity, and marriage to the prince. All readers can...
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added: 11/21/2011
Dayna Mecca Part 2. North Tonawanda, NY Newport Beach, CA Choice Jobs Recent job growth 0.7%Future job growth -0.0% 4.0% 19.2% Newport Beach, CA Cost of Living 92.1 266.1 North Tonawanda, NY Education Achievement Index 4.9...
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added: 11/26/2011
The Claims for the War in Iraq Iraq has Chemical and Biological Weapons • Bush Administration • 26,000 liters of anthrax—enough to kill several million people • 38,000 liters of botulinum toxin • 500 tons of sarin, mustard and VX nerve agents • Almost 30,000 munitions capable of delivering chemical agents • Mobile weapons labs "Winnebagos of death" – Colin Powell in speech to the UN • William Rivers Pitt • No weapons have been found; it is impossible to hide one million pounds of nerve agents. • Mobile weapons labs were actually weather balloon platforms solid to Iraq by the British during the Reagan administration. Uranium from Niger • Bush Administration • Originally the administration claimed that Saddam Hussein was working on methods of enriching uranium for a nuclear bomb. • During Bush's State of the Union Address the president declared: "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa." • William Rivers Pitt • CIA Director George Tenet takes blame for the statement in the address. • Walter Pincus of the Washington Post wrote the following day that George Tenet went to the White House personally, four months before the State of the Union and personally warned Bush not to use the material in the address. This was a lie. • Joseph Wilson was the CIA's ambassador investigating Niger. Wilson visited Niger in February of 2002 and found no reliable evidence. The documentation that was the basis of this British intelligence had the name of a Nigerian government representative who hadn't been in power in the previous ten years. Iraq has connections to al-Qaeda; Iraq was directly responsible for the September 11th attacks • Bush Administration • Saddam Hussein aids terrorists including members of al-Qaeda. • He could provide weaponry or assist in the development of weapons to these terrorists. • William Rivers Pitt • Saddam Hussein was a secular leader; he called himself a...
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added: 11/28/2011
Co-education has many advantages and disadvantages, it is applied to in many schools, yet there are also many single-sexed schools. Many advantagious aspects of co-education include the fact that there are broader opportunities and a wider range of options of curricular activities for both sexes, a more comfortable surrounding for the children's future because they are already used to working in an area with both males and females. Another advantage is that the students can increase and strive for a higher standard academically due to competition between both sexes. Yet the disadvantages of co-education are also notably crucial. Possible increase in violence and abuse because the stronger sex could take advantage of the weaker sex both mentally or physically. Loss of concentration could also affect one of the genders, due to the distraction caused by the other sex. These aspects need to be taken into consideration, especially for parents who need to make a decision to whether their child/children should be put into a co-educational school or a single-sexed school. In a co-educational school, there will most definitely be more choices in particular activities especially when it comes to the topic of sport. For example, girls will be able to participate in sports such as rugby while boys could join netball, both sports dominated by either one of the genders. The same applies academically, subjects offered to the students would be broader, girls could have the choice of more male-dominant subjects as well as the usual mandatory choices and vice-versa for the boys. Children growing up in a surrounding co-educational system could be more advantagious for their future. This is because they have grown up in the same sort of surrounding, working and talking to both females and males, leading them to feel more comfortable when talking to the opposite sex. For...
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added: 11/22/2011
Cognitive Psychology Week 1 – Lecture 1 Cognition – matching the world to internal representations - language and word recognition - pattern recognition - visual imagery - memory we will focus on memory - problems – when cognitive processes go wrong brain damage dyslexia amnesia – viral infections, car accidents, severe alcoholism, old age (alzeihemers) – they don't lose knowledge of the world, but once it has gone beyond immediate awareness you cant recognize/remember what has actually happened to you. Memory is relevant to clinical psychology False memories - how they occur and how to distinguish b/w false and true beliefs Transfer appropriate processing - if you match retrieval process in memory tests to the way in which you learn. Cognition Process Conscious and subconscious processes · Conscious – reminders we give ourselves to remember events · Unconscious – no conscious insight of how processes work, cant study by introspection – no conscious awareness. How to study cognition · experimental psychology, accuracy or reaction time in normal subjects. · At the mind level – brain function - neuroscience done on animals – but not much done on cognition. · Studying brains in action in humans à functional brain imaging – what aspects of brain activated in certain tasks · Cognitive neuropsychology – look at those with brain damage in specific areas – localized brain damage which affects cognitive processes in one area, but not others i.e long or short term memory – is their overlap in processes?? · Computer processing – Wont cover Week 1 - Lecture 2 MEMORY 1. Definition of memory - Result of learning i.e modification of behaviour and/or knowledge through experience. Complicated by 2,3,4 2. Stage of memory – stages of processing · Encoding (acquisition) - study phase (phases of experiments on memory) · Storage (retention) – distractor phase · Retrieval – test phase Encoding – learn material - at a party and processed info. Not deliberate study Storage – before you try and access memory it must be retained in this...
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added: 11/14/2011
The most important characteristics that I have, come from those my family has taught me for years. The care, dedication, effort, hard-working attitude, and pride that are significant to any success I may achieve, have all come to me by my family. Born the child of two immigrants who came here with very little, the importance of having a good work ethic was emphasized by my parents repeatedly. They have set a great example of being proud of what I do, no matter what, through their hard work in their jobs and the verbal lessons about life that I got. They taught me to care about everything I do as if it were going to have a big impact someday. Remembering the change from how we once were to what we are now, I see how my parents' own advice has made them prosperous. From a small apartment to a nice house, from one family car to four individual cars, and from one small business to several small businesses. My father told me to do the best I could no matter what, and this has stayed with me for as long as I can remember. It's why I am so dedicated to my activities and the hard work I put into them. It's the reason behind all my success in school and in life. Despite everything that I have done and achieved, nothing will be important as my family. I am indebted to my family for everything so I will never be far from it....
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added: 11/11/2011
Have you ever noticed the variations in the way men and women communicate? "It's one of the mysteries of life why men and women, speaking the same language, have difficulty communicating with each other " (Balanced Living, 1992). There has been a great deal of study and research in this area of communications. Such study prompted Dr. John Gray to write, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus." This book studies and helps the reader to understand differences in the way the genders communicate, and offers advice for interpreting the language spoken by the opposite sex. When one considers that relationships take place outside the home, it is important to look at the ways men and women communicate differently in the workplace and how these communication issues impact their effectiveness in management and the way they are perceived by their supervisors and employees. According to author, John Gray, in his subsequent book, Mars & Venus in the Workplace: Nowhere in the workplace do our differences show up more dramatically than in the area of communication. Not only are men and women from different planets, speaking different languages, but they don't realize it; they think they are speaking the same language. Although the words are the same the meaning can be completely different. The same expression can easily have a different connotation or emotional emphasis. Misinterpretation is so common and consistent that eventually we develop limiting perspectives of each other (Gray, 2002) Dr. Gray further explains how this communication difference causes men and women to form incorrect assumptions about each other, thus restricting their ability to trust the other (Gray, 2002). Because of the preconceived notions of men being strong and dependable and women being submissive and emotional, employers and employees come to expect certain communication behaviors of each of the sexes. "All employees...
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added: 11/14/2011
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