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""02 was for but "03" is for me and I'm stress free"
"02 was for but "03" is for me and I'm stress free
Jack Drewes

"Be careful who you choose to have as friends because sometimes bad habits can rub off," is what mommy preached to me when I was younger and now I see it to be true. I just lost a long-term friendship. As I look back I'm kind of happy that happened. Some say a good friendship is hard to come across, but bad ones aren't missed.

When I was younger, my so-called best friend and I had a fight but; somewhere later in life, we were able to look past the fight and became good friends, and so I thought. I'm really not the type of person who does well with friendships. I consider myself a loner, but I'm not lonely. I enjoy my mother being my friend. I no longer see my friends who I grew up with as friend, I consider them as associates! I guess I got older and started seeing the realness in people because that's exactly what happened with Menyatta and I.

Yeah, I will admit that the argument the friendship ended over was petty, but it was things building and building and I just got fed up. She was the type of friend that would try to be spiteful in a sneaky way, but now I see her for who and what she is. Everyone's looking at me like I'm the one who did something wrong, when she's the one who put me out of her car and I was supposed to be her best friend.

It was getting to the point where my whole family didn't like Menyatta, and before I let one person up roar my whole family the friendship will be cut loose first. She means well in everything she does, but there are...

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""02 was for but "03" is for me and I'm stress free." Sep 22, 2018
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essay on "02 was for but "03" is for me and I'm stress free
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