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"12 angry men"
12 angry men
Gelinde Cobbs
Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law defines reasonable doubt as a doubt about the guilt of a criminal defendant that arises or remains upon fair and thorough consideration of the evidence or lack thereof all persons are presumed to be innocent and no person may be convicted of an offense unless each element of the offense is proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

The jurors provide a mixture of different backgrounds and lifestyles. None of the jurors are named, and they don't formally introduce themselves to each other except for two of them in the final brief ending. Jurors are labeled with numbers based on their jury numbers and seats at a conference table in the jury room in clock-wise order, with juror number one at the head of the table acting as the foreman. Juror number one was a high-school assistant head coach. Due to his need for authority and need to keep the proceedings formal, he was often easily frustrated and sensitive when someone objected to his control or when juror number eight would start to overshadow him with his natural leadership and start to step in as the "new leader". Some might say he was inadequate for the job as foreman because of his lack of natural leadership abilities, however he managed to stay the foreman and keep control throughout the deliberation. Juror number one is the ninth juror to change his vote from guilty to not guilty.

Juror number two was a slightly wimpy, bank clerk who was easily persuaded, and at times very meek, and hesitant. He easily went along with the majority. After the initial vote when asked why he voted guilty he meekly and quite flustered struggled to put his opinions into words he finally came to say "I just think he's guilty. I thought it was obvious...

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"12 angry men." Sep 24, 2018
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