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"142 Maple Street"
142 Maple Street
Andres Cisneros
It was a Friday night at about 11:00 PM. There was a covenant of witches that lived at 142 Maple Street in Gary, Indiana. It was a relatively quiet neighborhood mainly consisting of upper-middle-class families. Everyone was extremely friendly to each other and everyone knew everyone and everything that went on in the neighborhood. No one was aware of what went on in house number 142 but everyone knew that something wasn't right because the five women that lived there were extremely anti-social. Anyway, it was a full moon and the witches, lead by Anaka, were going to cast a spell of great destruction on this night. They were going to cast a spell of hate on the neighborhood so that everyone would start murdering and killing each other. These witches were evil and wanted everyone else to be. As they were preparing for the spell they heard a knock at the door. Anaka instructed the other four to keep preparing while she went to get the door. She opened the door and there stood three women dressed in black robes all with blonde hair and eyes that were so light blue they almost looked clear. Anaka said snobbishly

" Who are you and what the hell do you want?" The one extended her hand and said

" Hello Anaka, the high priestess Hecuba has sent us to you to assist in your spell." Anaka found it peculiar that this women knew her name so she just went with it and let them in.

The pentagram was on the floor, ninety-two candles were lit, the incense were burning, the raven was restrained in a papoose ready for it blood to be shed and it was now time. Anaka instructed everyone to hold hands. She said " I will start the chant and when...

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"142 Maple Street." Sep 23, 2018
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essay on 142 Maple Street
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