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"2000 Presidential Election Debate"
2000 Presidential Election Debate
Tricia F. Doyle
Michael T. Moreno

Poly Sci Final Exam # 6

Aug. 1 2003

The 2000 Presidential Election has been nothing short of a fiasco on many levels. Historical in the sense that this has never happened in the United States before, but a fiasco, nonetheless. The popular vote showed Gore as winning the election, however, the popular vote did not determine the next tenant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. That was the job of the Electoral College. The winner of Florida's electoral votes, and apparently of the election was Bush. Bush had won Florida's 25 electoral votes, however, reports of voting irregularities, problems with the "butterfly ballot" and voters allegedly being turned away from the polls, raised concerns as to who the actual winner of the crucial Florida electoral votes was. The popular vote was so close that it required a recount, effectively taking the electoral votes, the election and the Presidency away from Bush for a short time.

The 2000 Presidential Election has done nothing, but raise serious questions about our election process. Lack of standardization in the voting process, methods of vote tabulation and the media's role in determining the outcome of an election have all come under scrutiny. The question raised most often, however, seems to be about the Electoral College, and it's validity as part of the election process in the 21st Century.

In the short term, however, the entire political system is entering a kind of recovery period after undergoing an extraordinary series of shocks and stresses. As the conflict between the two candidates and their legions of surrogates careened from one battlefront to another, it engulfed virtually every component of that system, first in Florida and then on the national level.

The institution that arguably suffered the most tarnish was the judiciary. Called upon to referee a raw contest for political power...

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