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"A Biochemical Illness - Depression"
A Biochemical Illness - Depression
Raymon Androckitis
A Biochemical Illness

Everyone experiences variations in moods. Many people at some point in life feel disappointment, grief that accompanies the loss of a loved one, or just the simple blues. Severe or prolonged depression that interferes with one's ability to function, feel pleasure or maintain interest is not a mere case of the blues. It is an illness. Researchers have demonstrated that it results from a biochemical imbalance in the brain called depression. Depression is a major unrecognized health problem and is among the most common and destructive of illnesses in the United States today. In addition, many people suffer from Manic Depression (Bi-Polar) or Major Depression. Both characterized by radical mood swings and extreme behavior.

In "What causes depression", (2002) Depression sourcebook, first edition. The brain is the control center for every part of the body. It controls our conscious behavior (walking and thinking) and our involuntary behavior (heartbeat and breathing). The brain also regulates our emotions, memory, self-awareness and thought processes. The brain receives information via the neurons. Each one communicates with the cells around it through electrical signals. When a nerve signals reaches the end of one cell, it must pass over a gap to reach the other one. The nerve causes a release of chemicals called neurotransmitters. The improper relay of signals may be partly responsible for depression.

The underlying causes of depression are not well understood; although there are, many clues suggesting various systems in the brain may cause depression or be affected by it. For example, major depression is characterized by excessive sleep. So, it is very likely that the brain stem, which controls sleep, plays a role in depression. Similarly, abnormalities in the cerebral cortex, which controls thinking, probably have something to do with inability to concentrate and the negative thoughts that can be characteristic...

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