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"A Brave New World"
A Brave New World
Carlos Hernandez
It is not hard to believe that unusual people are found when everyone is trained to

be the same in every part of life. Bernard, Helmholtz and John, the savages of Aldous

Huxley's Brave New World, are three odd characters. "Ninety-six identical twins

working ninety-six identical machines!"(18) The director preaches with excitement, as

he comments on how everyone is conditioned to like what they are and what they do;

thus, creating a world where everyone is happy. But when something has gone wrong

with the conditioning of someone, that individual is going to be miserable. Bernard,

Helmholtz and John all wish that this "happy" world was different.

Bernard Marx is a short, funny looking man. Bernard does not fit in very well

with his peers. He is a highly intelligent Alpha, and part of the higher society, but he is

small and looked upon as a deformed Alpha. Being small in the Utopia that he lives in is

considered to be wrong and corrupt. Many people believe that too much alcohol was

added to his embryo. Bernard likes to be alone and does not play sports like everyone

else does. He does not like to take Soma or be a part of any activities so, therefore, he is

not happy.

Bernard is full of discontent in a world where everyone is happy. In the beginning

the reader is led to believe that Bernard enjoys being a misfit, but later it is found out

that he is a very gloomy man. When he returns to his native reserve with John, he is

suddenly popular with important people and women. It is not his doings making

him popular, but sadly from his association with John. 'Bernard was politely listened to,

but behind his back people shook their heads. "That young man will come to a bad end,"

they said prophesying the more confidently in that they in due coarse see to it that...

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essay on A Brave New World
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