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Write my essay on
"a career in marketing"
a career in marketing
Sandeep Jador
i just want to find some of the tools to help me in my career. and i hope that i can find it her. so i can then turn my life way to the better and i want it so much.

i want to know every thing about this career from(A)to(Z).

i tried to find it in any other site but gis what i didnt find any thing offcours its their in some were but i just cant find it and then i came to you and as i told you i hope to find it here and i think i will find it here.

so i will be greatfull to any one who can help me on that thing. but i want it complete so i can learn some thing realy.

i want to learn somthing good like

Revenue Assessment Worksheet

Case study

Glossary of key terms

Action exercise

Further reading links

Hotel : Hotel Manager, Front Office Manager, Reservations Manager, Sales Manager

Tourism Agencies : Manager, Sales Staff, Reservations Manager , Guide, Reservations Agents.

in some little words i want to know every thing about (basic hospitality management knowledge)

so can you give me what i'm looking at.

a career in marketing (the wanted site) (the wanted site)


Skilled employees

professional certification programs

Institut Europeen de Management Internationale

basic hospitality management knowledge

Yield management

i gess only you how know that and that's because you are my teacher.

and thanks.

Elhalawany marketing career...

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"a career in marketing." Sep 23, 2018
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essay on a career in marketing
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Hey!! Please write my homework on a career in marketing
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