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"A Case in Favor of Human Cloning"
A Case in Favor of Human Cloning
Kelly G Hess
Human cloning has many implications. "Cloning refers to copying genes and other pieces of chromosomes to generate enough identical material for further study". Many people opposed to cloning argue that it is risky. In this respect, cloning is no different from any other new medical technology. "Research is required in order to quantify and reduce the risk of the procedures involved with any new medical treatments. Doctors have been tinkering with the human body for a long time. They insert pacemakers and artificial joints and heart valves and whole artificial hearts. They do cochlear implants and test-tube babies and they do organ transplants". All of these procedures were "risky" when they were first begun. But thankfully, researchers continued their work and have saved many lives.

Another argument is that cloning is playing God. This argument assumes that we know God's intentions. "There is no exact biblical statement on the ethics of human cloning. Who is to say that it is not God's will that we clone ourselves? It is possible that God intended for medical researchers to use the knowledge he endowed on them for the purpose of healing and improving the lives of many people. Moreover, every time that a doctor performs life-saving surgery or administers drugs he is changing the destiny of the patient and could be thus be seen as assuming the role of God. We should be very wary of banning something without being able to say why it is wrong. This type of thinking is where all sorts of irrational superstitions and extremism originate".

Proponents of the family argue that reproductive cloning harms the integrity of the family. They argue that single people will be able to produce offspring without even the physical presence of a partner, more specifically without the father. "Society should not pretend that...

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