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"A Company's Slow Death: “Leaders” Threatened by Performance"
A Company's Slow Death: “Leaders” Threatened by Performance
Tricia F. Doyle
Much has been written in recent years

about corporate leadership – who America's

most successful leaders are, the principles

under which they operate, how to emulate

and cultivate new leaders, and so forth.

With the struggle on to maintain and grow

sales and profits, I raise a personal concern

that paradoxically centers around those in

leadership positions who are threatened

by stellar performers committed to the

organization's success.

As a business owner who has worked

with many companies attempting to

perform against a large variety of

objectives, I have seen it and you have seen

it. Undoubtedly everyone in American

business has at some time looked at a given

corporation's leadership team and

wondered how a particular vice president

or president has reached that lofty position

lacking vision, conviction, interpersonal

skills, and countless other essential

leadership skills and behavioral traits.

More often than not, this leadership

dilemma is caused and perpetrated by a

deep sense of insecurity and a resulting

need to create an illusion of competency.

The tragedy in organizations plagued

by this form of "leadership" is that the

careers and livelihoods of employees are

directly dependent upon their leaders'

competency. I regard this situation as

criminal – literally – because in every

sense of the word these leaders are

stealing precious time, talent, energy, and

emotion from their organizations –

resources that if properly cultivated

would ensure individual and

organizational success.

Companies rarely fail because they

lack skill and talent in functional roles.

But if leadership team members don't,

through their example, work together,

challenge themselves to improve,

surround themselves with those who

have the potential to out-perform them –

and inspire others through the constant

application of well-communicated values

and philosophies – the company is prone

to failure regardless of its size or prior

successes. Corporate leaders are charged

with serious personal responsibilities that

include financial, social, and moral

obligations associated with their business

enterprises. The job is not about them;

it's about those they serve. And that

group includes customers, suppliers, and

most importantly, employees....

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Jodi,Many people would not idnluce being able to see the big picture as a part ofhow to effectively influence others, but that is the key to gaining momemtum .you must realize that there are a lot of dimensions in life, and only if you cansee the big picture, do you allow all of those dimensions to interact with one another.Well done!
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