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"a comparative essay on 7 diff cities"
a comparative essay on 7 diff cities
Rheannon Androckitis

Old Map of Cairo

Decision Making Power

Cairo was established by a slave as his capital on August 5, 969 A.D.

It was ruled by descendents of Mohammed until 1517

Ottoman Turks then controlled it until 1914

Cairo is located in the north north-east part of Egypt

It is located on the Nile River

Specific Economic Strengths

It is surrounded by farming land and is on the edge of a river

It had a monopoly on the spice trade before Vasco de Gama's trip to India

In 1340 over 500,000 people lived in Cairo

The city also profited from the slave trade

Metropolitan Features

Cairo has many local mosques and temples

It is also close to the famous Pyramids

Mosque in Cairo Egyption Pyramid


Map of Uzbekistan

When and Why Samarkand Emerged

Samarkand emerged as the economic, cultural, and intellectual center of Asia in the 16th century

Timur is attributed with making Samarkand what it once was

Specific Economic Strengths

Samarkand was a key stop on many trade routes

It was the most important stop on the spice trade route

Samarkand was also important for spice, gold, and slave trade in Asia

Important Metropolitan Features

Samarkand has many famous sites including the Registan

and the Babi-Khanin Mosque, which crumbled in on

itself, and the Shahi-Zinda road


Babi-Khanin Mosque

Shahi-Zinda road


When it Emerged

Timbuktu emerged in the early 12th century A.D.

It was originally used by nomads

Because of its location it turned into a small trade center

that later evolved into a thriving industrial center

Specific Economic Strengths

Timbuktu is placed right in the center of many resources

including salt and gold

It was also a major stop for slave trade

Slabs of Salt Waiting for a Buyer

Important Metropolitan Features

Timbuktu is famous for the Djinguereber


Djinguereber Mosque


Major Economic Strengths

Gaungzhou was the key city an the Asian end of the Silk


It was also a key city with the opium trade and opium



Major Economic Strengths

Venice was made up of mainly war refugees

The two main products were fish and salt

Because of salts...

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