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"a comparison of 4 artists and their representation of the female form"
a comparison of 4 artists and their representation of the female form
Andres Cisneros
I have chosen to compare and contrast the different representations of the female form by researching artists Andy Warhol who is known for his pop art, Brett Whitley who is known to be more romantic, Gyula Halász Brassai who was a photographer and Henri de Toulouse Lautrec who was a painter. One focal point which links all these artist together is there different perspective on women and the female form, also the way they express it. I plan to compare the different eras, from the 1800s to the 1980s, also the different ways they express their lives and surroundings.

Henry de Toulouse-Lautrec was a famous painter of parison nightlife. He stayed in the Montmartre section of Paris, the centre of the cabaret entertainment and bohemian life. Another similar artist around the same era is Gyula Halász more famously known as Brassai a photographer. Brassai photographed prostitutes, opium addicts, lovers, street hoodlums and performers, similar to Lautrec. Brett Whitley is an Australian born artist recognised for his paintings of his wife and the female figure. Andy Warhol raised in America is best known for his pop art.

Brett Whitley is an Australian artist that is well known for his bathroom seris, he is a contempary artist. The painting I chose of his is 'wendy drunk', this painting is of his wife many of Whitleys paintings are of his wife. The reason I chose this painting is because its unusual composition. It's made up of plain black and dark brown brush strokes that make up his wifes arms, face and hair while she is leaning over the back of a chair. Unlike many of his other 'wendy' paintings it is very plain, it captures the relationship between him and his wife. Whitleys influence from japanese brush work is clearly evident in this spontainious composition....

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"a comparison of 4 artists and their representation of the female form." Aug 14, 2018
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essay on a comparison of 4 artists and their representation of the female form
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First off, the best term for these Indian films is Hindi films. Bollywood is a misnomer.The Wikipedia link below is a rellay good start. One thing about Hindi films is, by and large, religion, family values and morals play a large role in the films. And like Hollywood films, depending upon the tastes and cultural influences from other cultures (particularly American) of the times, the movies vary from decade to decade, but the above influences are important. Religion has always played a large role in Hindi films, and ancient religious texts have always been an inspiration for the films. Love and vengeance are also two big themes.There are a few books also available on the history of Indian film making or Bollywood films.
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