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George Orwell's novel, 1984 serves as a warning for us to be on guard against the intrusive power of government and the potential growth of totalitarianism. Therefore, with the recent collapse of communism and the rearrangement of European states, it is reasonable to state that 1984 is still relevant today.

A number of critics have not only praised Orwells's novel but also recognized its importance for today. 1984 enables students to comprehend the oppression created by past totalitarian regimes. In the Novel Mein Kampf by Hitler, he stated "The individual should accept his personal insignificance, dissolve himself in a higher power and then feel proud in participating in the strength and glory of this higher power." Hitler believes an individual should give up their freedoms and devote themselves to their government. Lenin stated in his speech to the commissars of education in 1923 "Give us the child for eight years, and it will be a bolshevist forever." Lenin believes that he could brainwash a child into believing anything he wanted the child to believe if he was given enough time. These statements by Hitler and Lenin demonstrate the dangers of a totalitarian system of government.

J.B. Watson believed that he could train a healthy child to become anything he wanted them to if he was given a place which would allow him to do so. (J.B. Watson, 1926) This is why it is important to be aware of the dangers of a totalitarian government and the problems it may cause. According to Marion Lewenstein we must monitor our government, otherwise we may lose our democracy and gain a totalitarian government. Then one day our society may become like Oceania's society. (Lewenstein, 1983) It is in our own best interest to prevent our government from turning into a totalitarian.

We, as...

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