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"A Day to Remember"
A Day to Remember
Jennifer Valles
An Unlovely Creature

Most people enjoy going to a bar and having a few alcoholic beverages once in a while. It can be very relaxing and fun, but no one wants or plans to be excessively drunk. It can be very unattractive and appalling to be drunk, however, there are some people who want to get drunk and stay drunk for as long as they can no matter how degrading it may be. My uncle Joe is one of them. He has spent almost thirty years of his life drinking in bars. He has sabotaged his health and sanity due to alcohol abuse, and he might not ever have a chance to repair himself. He is a hopeless drunk that everyone tries to avoid. There is absolutely nothing appealing about him. His outward appearance and odor make people feel nauseated. Where he lives is even worse. No one, not even the mailman, wants to come within twenty feet of his rundown mobile home. Worst of all, he is very immature. He has the mentality of a ten year-old at the age of forty-seven. He lives his life without self-respect, integrity, or discipline, and has the loneliest life imaginable. Joe's appearance, personality, and lifestyle are very depressing and degrading.

My uncle Joe's body is a case example of what alcohol abuse can do to the human body. His skin is very pale, and it is covered with pockmarks, blemishes, body hair, and freckles. His shoulders are broad but thin, and his back is hunched over which makes his shoulders droop down. It makes him appear intimidating because he is always looking down when he walks, and it looks like he wants to attack someone. He has very long thin arms and legs that are very frail, but he has an enormous potbelly that...

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