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"A Defense of Pope Pius XII"
A Defense of Pope Pius XII
Gelinde Cobbs
Gregory Luther

History Thesis


"Triumph in battle offers twin trophies to the victors. Their writers can impose on history their version of the war they won, while their statesmen can impose the terms of peace."

--Winston Churchill

"The first law of history is not to dare to utter falsehood; the second is not to fear to speak the truth."

--Pope Leo XIII

"We should not forget that in the long run the Pope in Rome is a greater enemy of National Socialism than Churchill or Roosevelt."

--Reinhard Heydrich

In 1901, Winston Churchill ominously predicted that the wars of men would be far bloodier and more costly than the wars of kings. How prophetically accurate this proved to be for the Twentieth Century--by far, and by all standards and accounts, the bloodiest century mankind has ever seen. Tens of millions of innocent civilians were deported, tortured, and murdered. Millions more were left homeless; and millions never learned the fate of their loved ones. The world was consumed by the madness of war, and many of its leaders were no longer controlling events, but rather being controlled by them. Europe, the birthplace of western civilization, found itself suddenly an amorphous battlefield where the boundaries did less to separate good from evil, and Christianity from neo-paganism and atheism, than it served to distinguish one totalitarian regime from another. To many, humanity, indeed God, must have seemed dead.

Perhaps one of history's most difficult tasks is to place oneself in the historical context of a time, or an ethos, or an individual, and to see that very world as someone living then saw it. This is difficult when one considers that we have the comfort and perspective of knowing how events unfolded, or, what Belloc called, "the distorting medium of our later knowledge."(The Great Heresies.) To a Pole in 1939, to an Englishman...

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"A Defense of Pope Pius XII." Nov 18, 2017
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