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"a doctors view of euthanasia"
a doctors view of euthanasia
Jessica Linton
Dr Wade Hampton

5 October 2001


This was billed as euthanasia a South African Perspective but it is more of a personal perspective as a Christian whose mind is directed by Christ, as a Doctor who has had over the years to face these issues and as a person committed to see South Africa prosper and be blessed.

When we deal with life decisions we enter an area of mystery and when we deal in particular with end of life decisions we are in a place where we see through a glass darkly and so there is room for humility and for grace. It is easy to become dogmatic and lose sight of the real human dilemmas and the pain that these situations create so when we look at these issues we need to tread softly because in a real sense we are walking on someone's grave.

? Rotweiler and vet

These situations are often too heavy for us to bear and it is possible to look for easy solutions and that which might be considered reasonable for a sick dog is now being suggested for humans.

Euthanasia in its literal translation means the good death, which is something we can all seek to be part of. But its meaning has been narrowed down to mean the premature termination of life Under the banner of Death with Dignity many lives are terminated before that death can be defined as good and the challenge we face as we attempt to turn back the tide of the euthanasia movement is to provide a death that is truly with dignity and good without the premature termination of that life. We need to provide the hope and the vision to make every death truly good.

So what are the central questions that we need to answer before we can deal with...

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