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"A Dying CureTreasures of the Rainforests"
A Dying CureTreasures of the Rainforests
Arianna Escobar

Imagine one your close friends that you grew up with came to your house one day in tears. You quickly grab a box of Kleenex and have her sit down. She takes a few moments to gather herself up and the she hits you with the news. She has cancer. Your jaw drops. Someone that you love as a sister has been diagnosed with a serious degree of cancer that could kill her any day. How could she have it? She was a star athlete and never did any drugs. She was in perfect health with the exception of this. You quickly think about how you can get rid of it. You're mind just draws a blank. Millions of dollars are spent each year for research for cancer but yet no cure has been found. Little to your knowledge, did you know that there might be a solution to our problem. The answer may lie within the tropical regions of the world, in the Rainforest. It's a place that holds many mysterious and a region of the world that contains things man has yet to discover. However, despite it's great potential humans are still destroying it. The Rainforest has "some of the most abundant and diverse plant and animal life seen anywhere on earth." (RHP) This paper will allow you reassess our views on the Rainforest and will show its value to our world. Within the Rainforests lies plants that we humans have yet to analyze and experiment for medicine but for industry reasons, much of the Rainforest is being destroyed. Land and resources are quickly destroyed for commercial purposes and along with it the relationship with the tribes that live there who have potential knowledge to help western medicine.

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