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"A Glimpse of my sister's life"
A Glimpse of my sister's life
Garrick Christian
When she came to UK to work, she was on a rollercoaster of emotions-- scared, excited, confident, insecure, homesick...

Scared of what she will be encountering—culture shock, different nursing style, language barrier (multiple accents), state-of-the-art equipment (touch screen monitors, arterial lines, swan ganz catheters, intra-aortic balloon pumps, ecmo- a lung bypass machine, nitric oxide, continuous veno-venous hemofiltration-a dialysis machine, cpap machine-continuous positive airway pressure) scared that she was having doubts whether she would be able to prove my nursing competence… So scared that she did not want to go on duty... so scared that she wanted to go home.

Excited to be independent and detached from the safe and secure bosom of her family... Excited to be free to do what she want as long as she is aware of her limitations... excited to learn new things.... excited to be working on a specialized unit.

Confident that she will be able to prove that she will be a well-motivated and competent nurse.....confident to be recognized as an effective and efficient nurse....this so-called inspiration may be attributed to the presence of Filipinos in the cardiac unit who are doing very well. There was a tiny spark of hope that she will also make it.

Insecure because she came from a third world country with limited medical and technological experiences when it comes to equipment. And not to mention that she come from a private hospital in the province. This will indicate that she will have limited experiences when it comes to cardiac patients. As we all know, there are limited medical cardiac procedures done in the province...even almost nonexistent.

Homesick for her family's support and presence, encouraging words, sense of security, in spite of these bizarre emotions, she is proud to say that she can level with the British nurses. It took a lot of hard...

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"A Glimpse of my sister's life." Aug 15, 2018
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