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"A personal response to A Doll's House"
A personal response to A Doll's House
Janet Valerio
The Awakening, by Kate Chopin, shows how women were repressed and had to fight to gain all the freedoms we have today. It shows this through the life of Mrs. Edna Pontellier. At the beginning of the story, Edna is spending time at a summer house with her husband and children. She seems very unattached to her children at this point. Everything she does in the beginning is based on what Mr. Pontellier would like for her to do, and what he would approve of. When Edna meets and begins to spend time with Robert Lebrun she finally begins to realize that she is not treated as her husband's wife, but almost as his servant. He believed her role was only to take care of the house, watch after the children, and receive the family's guest. He was strongly against her going out of the house, especially if it broke any part of her regular schedule. It seems very odd that anytime she talks about being married she always refers to herself as "Leonce Pontellier's wife." She does not refer to him as her husband or that they are married as if they are equal, but always her as his wife as if she is below him. This is all appalling to me. I cannot imagine being told I could not go out for a walk if I wanted to, or knowing that my husband did not really love me but only kept me as a prize to show off to others. Mrs. Pontellier is an incredibly strong woman, being able to fight against her husband's will and become her own person after being under his will for so long.

The actions she takes and way she thinks actually make a lot of sense to me. I can understand why she...

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essay on A personal response to A Doll's House
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