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"A Racy Discussion"
A Racy Discussion
Rebecca Wyant
For those that take interest in the American street race culture, where your car is made is one of the most debated issues out there. Basically, it breaks down into three categories; Japanese, European, and domestic. Now, before we go any further on this topic it is important to make clear that there is no best choice and those we are talking about are performance vehicles. Regardless, it is always interesting to discuss or often debate this topic.

First, let's discuss domestic performance cars, in this case, cars which are made in the good old US of A. Domestic cars, for the most part, are gas guzzling torque monsters of ultimate power, with one major downfall. They can't really turn left or right while moving forwards. Of coarse this is somewhat of a hyperbole because obviously they can turn left and right, but they can't be going too fast otherwise they will spin out of control, wrap around some inanimate object and kill everyone inside. This being their greatest downfall, domestic cars are ideal for drag racing. Commonly they have huge 8 cylinder engines displacing anywhere from four to five liters. This, with the addition of any sort of forced induction, such as superchargers or turbochargers makes them extremely fast. In conclusion, if one is only interested in going in a straight line, and doing it fast, domestic cars are ideal for them.

For those who don't find going in a straight line too exciting, there are the Japanese import cars. Japanese imports are usually very light with low displacement 4 cylinder engines. Also, Japanese engineers are very good at making motors with ridiculously efficient power output; this is usually done with various variable valve timing technologies, or turbochargers. Relative to domestic cars, Japanese cars also have very good handling; this is...

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