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"A Round Well Played"
A Round Well Played
Sheryl Hogges
" Ladies and gentlemen out of nowhere has came the rookie golfer Charlie Haase into

one behind the lead at this years British Open at the Old Course at St. Andrews". "With

one hole left to play, he is preparing to tee off after Tiger on the number eighteen tee


These are the words I hear, right as I am preparing to tee off. The eighteenth is a

354 yd, par four with out of bounds guarding both sides of the fairway. The pressure is

incredible as I watch Tiger taking his practice swings. Back and through, back and looks unrealistically smooth as he does it. Then he steps up to the ball, and

blasts a 283 yard drive straight down the fairway. The crowd erupts into a spine tingling

frenzy as Tiger turned to them and politely tips his hat.

Now comes my turn. Talk about a bad person to follow off the tee box, there's no

way I can compete with someone of this caliber. "OK, take a breath" I ,say to myself,

"just calm down, and play the same game you've been playing the whole tournament". I

take a practice swing and step up to the ball. Swing through, and hear the crowd explode.

286 yard drive just in front of Tiger, dead center of the fairway.

I stand behind Tiger as he steps up to the ball, he lays 71 yards from the green

with a front right pin location. His swing and composure look as if it's just another day

on the practice range. The ball rises, and descends just short of the green into a very steep

faced bunker. I'm in disbelief, as the murmur flows through the crowd, and suddenly

Tiger turns to me and says "Well, there's your opening, you better grab it before its


What does a person say to that? All I could do is stare and give...

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