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"a students responsibility"
a students responsibility
Jennifer Valles
Most people think that work starts when you either turn sixteen and can work in the local grocery market, or when you turn thirty and finally land yourself a career such as a teacher, secretary, lawyer, doctor, etc. However this is very untrue. Work starts at about the age of five. As soon as a young child steps their foot into preschool, nursery school, or kindergarten, they start their first of many years of hard work ahead of them. With thirteen years ahead, they will begin to learn to read, write, do algebra, learn geography, study science, learn how to write proper sentences, etc.

As a student you take on many responsibilities. First you must learn at what pace you need to work at a specific subject, which can take many years of work. Some students learn at a slower or faster pace than others. This can make it hard on the teachers and the other students in the class, therefore it is your responsibility to learn if a specific subject is your weakness or strength. Being in a class with students that learn the material slower than you can be very boring and can take interest away from the class and cause yourself and others to get into unnecessary troubles. At the same time, it can be very frustrating to you if you are in a class that learns the material faster than you. This can cause you to become lost and lose interest which is probably one of the top reasons why students fail a grade or subject. As a student, you also need to be pervasive and hard-working so you can go after what you want to get out of your education.

As a student, responsibility was one of the first qualities I learned. For example, when I was...

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"a students responsibility." Sep 23, 2018
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essay on a students responsibility
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Good day!!! Please write my homework on a students responsibility
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