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""A Woman's Place is not in the home""
"A Woman's Place is not in the home"
Raymon Androckitis
History books mainly write about great men of the past,and how they achieved good or even great things for our world.Yet.,little is known about the great women of the past.It is only since the twentieth century that women are given equal opportunitioes.Despite such social changes,it is still a popular thought that it is men who change the world as we know it,yet many women have done so too.I learned much whilst researching this topic;for instance I did not know that so many women-who ironically are relatively unknown-have achieved great things in areas such as poltics,sport and music.That is why I am going to argue the case that "A women's place is not in the home."

We all know about famous male scientists such as the great Einstien,but little is known about female scientists.Many would not know that Dorothy Hodgkin was the first British woman to win the Nobel Prize in 1964,for her work on penicillin and the structure of vitamins.Yet,it is a man,Fleming,we credit with the discovery of penicillin and neglect the role of Mrs Hodgkin in the development of a life-saving drug that is so important in our lives today.Emily Jane Lloyd was the first women to enter the Institute of Chemistry in 1892.Both of theses women acieved great things,but both are relatively unknown.

It is also said that most well regarded athletes are male and this is reflected in the rewards paid out:men earn more,women less.Tennis players like Tim Henman and footballers like David Beckham and Ronaldo are known throughout the world-but they are men.Many would rather pay money to spectate at all male football or tennis match than any other all male sports,than pay an equal amount to watch women footballers,for instance.A major breakthrough took place in 1969 when the Women's Football Association was formed to oversee different women's...

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""A Woman's Place is not in the home"." Sep 22, 2018
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essay on "A Woman's Place is not in the home"
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