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"Abortion Controversy Speech"
Abortion Controversy Speech
Sheryl Hogges

Specific Goal: To persuade the audience to be pro-abortion.

Intro: I will start by telling the audience to imagine that they are a woman who was raped, or who was carrying a child that you knew wouldn’t live to see his first birthday. Or perhaps the contraceptive you were using didn’t work. In any case, you know that you are not prepared or willing to support a child. Now imagine that there are laws that aren’t protecting you, but do protect your fertilized egg. Being pro-choice supports the rights of women and to let her make a decision about abortion, instead of having someone make the decision for her.

Thesis: To look at the benefits of giving every woman the right to choose whether or not to have an abortion.


I. Being pro-choice allows a pregnant woman options under extenuating circumstances.

a. If a woman, or a teenage girl is raped, she will have the right to terminate a pregnancy that was forced upon her.

b. If a doctor can determine that the unborn child will die soon after birth, or will be severely disabled and will life its life in a limited state, the mother can spare her unborn child.

c. If the mother is terminally ill (AIDS) or if delivering a child means the death of the mother, then the mother has the right to save her own life.

(By supporting pro-choice, you are helping to insure that, under extreme circumstances, the decision will be made by the woman herself, and not by lawmakers)

II. Another reason to let the woman decide whether or not to abort is to save the child from extreme cases of psychological or physical abuse.

a. If a woman accidentally becomes pregnant (unprotected sex, condom broke, etc), and she doesn’t want the child, it isn’t fair to have a child in...

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