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"Abortion: Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?"
Abortion: Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?
Geraint Watts

Abortions are a very controversial issue for all of us, more so for the pro-life movement. Most of the foundation on which they build their beliefs is based on religious status. The pro-life movement maintains that the human life begins at conception. Medical studies have shown that the fetus responds to light, sound, and touch as early as 25 weeks. In 1984, a highly controversial film entitled The Silent Scream was released. The film claims to be a live-action ultrasound of an ongoing abortion. Dr. Nathanson, a M. D. who performed abortions, stopped when he saw the film. He provides the following comment:

"You can see from the moment the tip of the suction machine starts to move. The fetus knows it and starts to scuttle to the top of the uterus. You can see her mouth open in a silent scream. From there on you can see all the agitation: you can see the heart speeding up, you can see the limbs moving faster, you can see the child moving more rapidly. Even the breathing increases. So there is no question this child feels pain, and actually sense's danger."

Opponents of legal abortion do not see it as a constitutional right. They argue that the law places many limits on child abuse, but abortion the most severe case of child abuse-is okay.

Pro-life advocates believe that abortion can also cause serious mental problems to the mother. They believe that legal abortion exploits women. They say that abortion manipulates women who want to keep their babies, and after it is all said and done, the women regret ever having done it. The woman is left feeling degraded and less a human being as before she had the abortion. They stress abstinence as an alternative of pregnancy.

Here is a first hand account of a...

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