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"About Impetigo"
About Impetigo
Quentina Green

Although frequent in children, impetigo can occur in people of any age. Impetigo is a skin infection that is generally caused by one of two bacteria: Groups A streptococcus or staphylococcus aureus. Impetigo is most common in young children and is also contagious. A child is more probable to develop impetigo if his or her skin has already been irritated or injured by other skin problems. It can affect any skin on the body, but it is most common around the nose and mouth. It forms round, crusted, oozing spots that grow larger day by day, and can also occur as small blisters containing pus-like material that may break to from a honey-colored crust. The rash will appear anywhere from four to ten days after the infection. When the infection is crusting or oozing it is contagious. It is usually caused by someone who as impetigo or boils, but it usually sprouts out of the blue with no apparent reason and no source. Some precautions need to be taken to help everyone else from getting infected. The infected should avoid close contact with people, there should be some separate towels for the infected because it can, but is less likely, to spread from clothing, and they should without doubt see a doctor. Usually antibiotics taken in by the mouth can clear up the impetigo within four to five days, and in these days the child should not be in school. The infection can also be helped with an antibiotic ointment, like polypro. The crusts should be disinterested before the ointment and there should also be a clean cloth with some white vinegar and some lukewarm water swiped over the infected area before the ointment. Impetigo is usually caused by a direct source, but not always; so when your children get...

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