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"Academic Goals and Objectives"
Academic Goals and Objectives
Sheryl Hogges
Between sun yellow walls adorned with pictures of friends and plaques of past glories and beneath a wooden shelf aging with chipped paint and slanting volumes of classics, a desk occupies space. Once neatly organized, this desk has been transformed into a collage of brightly colored college catalogues. Piles of pamphlets, booklets, and brochures cover the surface of the desktop and overlay the floor. When I close my eyes, this is the picture that scans through my brain as I reflect back on the college application process that took place in my room last fall. After sorting through the various academic paraphernalia, sending out applications, and making a final decision, I have embarked on a new journey in which this essay marks the first part. Like any seasoned traveler, I have departed from home with a destination in mind.

Upon arriving at college, I determined that I would spend my four years in a definite pursuit of new experiences and new ideas. By joining clubs, playing sports, contributing to intellectual discussions, and listening to lectures, I feel that I can collect a wide variety of assets. First, through involvement, I will be able to learn more about myself. Through interacting with others and exchanging ideas, I will be able to recognize my strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, I will have the knowledge to formulate informed opinions on certain matters and hopefully acquire the confidence to share my thoughts. The second reason for my desire to become involved is in order to contribute to the college community.

By being involved in various activities, I will be able to see the college from many perspectives. If I have any concerns about the way the college is working or if I have any ideas for new projects or clubs, I will therefore have both...

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"Academic Goals and Objectives." Aug 18, 2018
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essay on Academic Goals and Objectives
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