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"Acceleration of Free-Falling Masses"
Acceleration of Free-Falling Masses
Joel Chibota
SPH 3U: Acceleration of Free-Falling Corey McCormick

Masses 09/14/03

Purpose: What effect does the mass of a free-falling object have on the object¡¦s acceleration?

Independent/Dependent Variables: The independent variable in this lab is the free-falling object¡¦s mass, while the dependent variable is the free-falling object¡¦s acceleration.

Hypothesis: If the mass of the free-falling object is doubled then the acceleration will be the same because everything falls at the same speed no matter its mass. A free-falling object can be defined as an object whose acceleration depends solely on the ¡§acceleration of gravity¡¨, which is measures at 9.8 m/s/s [downwards].


„h Ticker Timer

„h x2 - Ticker Tape (~20 cm long)

„h x2 - A piece of scotch tape

„h 100g mass

„h 200g mass

„h School bag

„h A table


1. The ticker timer was plugged into an outlet on the wall.

2. One of the pieces of ticker tape was inserted into the ticker timer (shinny side up).

3. The 100g mass was taped to the end of the ticker tape with one of the pieces of the scotch tape.

4. The ticker timer set up was then placed near the edge of the table.

5. The school bag was placed under table (directly below the edge of the table where the ticker timer set up was placed). (The school bag was used simply to stop the mass from hitting the floor when it was dropped from the table).

6. The ticker timer was turned on and set to 60 Hz.

„³ The set up looked like this:

Top view:

Side View:

7. The 100g mass was dropped from the edge of the table allowing the ticker timer to mark the ticker tape every 1/60th of a second showing the objects position every 1/60th of a second.

8. The ticker tape used was labeled ¡§100g mass¡¨.

9. Procedure steps #2 through #8 were repeated using a 200g mass to replace the 100g...

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