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"Accepting Rejection"
Accepting Rejection
Andres Cisneros
"Bite the bullet!" I've always hated this phrase. It refers to facing a tough situation and taking it on like a street-fighter. Sure, there are times when life requires a girl to pick herself up and get back in the ring after she's just been knocked down by a quick left jab. But I know my limits, and sometimes I'd like to say, "I'll sit this round out." Unfortunately for me, I have an aunt who loves to use this phrase, and has chewed up and spat out the many bullets that life has shot her way.

Carolyn Mason, ordained Presbyterian Minister, proud militant, and my mother's most outspoken sister. Don't touch her unless you want to get burned. Then, there's me- Erica Tiara, the peace-maker, artist, and dreamer. Come to me when you need a mediator, self-esteem boost, or a pretty poem to stick on your refrigerator. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a shy, meek person, but anyone could see that my aunt and I have two very different personalities. However, the conflict between us stems from a much deeper place than just our individual characteristics. The difference between us lies in our very spirits and our entire outlook on life itself.

I can remember hearing Carolyn say many times that she wished I was her daughter. I always thought this was one the highest compliments I had ever received. That is, until I got older, and realized that it wasn't just because she loved me so much, but because she thought that if she was my mother, she could "legally force me to do what she wanted." Often I forget who's life it is that I'm living- mine or the one Carolyn wants for herself. I'm constantly being bombarded by her input and it has gone on for so...

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essay on Accepting Rejection
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