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"active australia"
active australia
Quentina Green
Homework Assignment-Core 2 Better Health for Individuals

1. Outline the factors which impact on individual behaviour.

The factors that impact on individual behaviour are exercise, diet, stress management, health assessments, relationships, drug use, physical fitness, weight control, disease susceptibility, environmental sensitivity and sexuality.

2. Which aspects of health can individuals exert some control over? Describe how this can be done.

Individuals can exert some control over their dietary intake, by making choices about the amount and type of food they eat. They also can have control over what type of exercise and physical activity they do each day.

· Predisposing factors- Those that you bring to the situation, for example your current level of fitness and the value you place on fitness.

· Enabling factors- Those that make it easier or harder to follow behaviour patterns or to change, for example the availability of fitness facilities.

· Reinforcing factors- Those people who support you in making or sticking to a decision to change, for example peer and family.

3. Is there something that you do which you know you should change to improve your health? How did you learn that behaviour? List the major difficulties you face in changing your behaviour.

As an elite athlete at state level my health is well balanced. I eat the correct foods and do the required amount of exercise, therefore at the moment there is nothing that needs to be changed. Although last year our coach wanted to us to be more

aware of what we ate, to make sure all players were eating healthy. How this was done is shown in question 4. A difficulty I faced was that at the time I was boarding with four other people and we had to compromise on what food we bought and ate for dinner.

4. Develop a step-by-step plan you could undertake to change that...

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