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Tricia F. Doyle
As part of this unit I am going to demonstrate an understanding of networking issues and how communications technologies work, and are used. In order to show this I am going to write an essay. I will write this essay using my existing knowledge, research, notes that I have taken during theory lessons and the meeting with the network manager.

Issues that I will include within my essay are (I will also explain all my use for these technologies)

· Hardware components required such as cables, connecters, network cards, hubs and switches, I will also look at other 'wireless' methods of connecting a network together.

· Workstations (intelligent and dumb), file servers and print servers.

· Network topologies, including sketches of typical network layouts.

· The positive and negative effects of installing and using a network.

· Network security, such as passwords, virus checkers and firewalls.

· The reasonabilitie's of a network manager.

· Network services, for example e-mail

What is a network?

There are 2 main types of networks, A Wide Area Network (WAN) and A Local Area Network (LAN).

A Wide Area Network (WAN) is a network, which connects computers from a large area, such as a city or an area where people live. A WAN can send information's through satellites, phones lines etc. A Local Area Network (LAN) is a network, which connects computers from a small area, such as a building or a classroom.


There are many advantages in networks such as you can work away from your office and connect up at home. This will allow you to send and receive files. Also if your computer is connected to a network then you can share equipments like a printer and a modem. Sharing information is anther possibility; with a network you can quickly share sounds, images, files and other sorts of data and programs.

A network manager...

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essay on adasd
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