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"adrian rizzo is crazy"
adrian rizzo is crazy
William Katz
¡¥To Kill a Mockingbird¡¦

Contextual Research Task1

Part a

Life for African Americans during the 1920¡¦s and 1930¡¦s was very hard.

There were crop failures; economical suffering and reconstructing not going

to plan activated a great migration of blacks from the South to Northern cities.

The African Americans arrived in cities already overflowing with millions of

European immigrants. They developed a very urban lifestyle and culture.

There was a lot of racism and an oversupply of labor market kept many

African Americans from getting the better life they deserved. Many African

Americans within this community discussed gaining political, economic and

social equal ness with whites. African American churches offered their

members a lot more than a place to worship. They provided spiritual and

Community support for whatever was going on. The church was where

African Americans could feel safe and wanted.

Although, lynching also took place in these times, lynching was a practice very

scarily too common. It was often together with race relations after the end of

the Civil War and slavery destruction. Lynching is where a mob breaks into a

prison and gets the person they want, throw a rope over a tree and pulls it to

hang the person. These are people who have brought it upon themselves to

Kill someone. The whites used lynching as a form of terror to scare the

African American population. Some Americans wrote in favor about the

Practice of lynching. Lynching had a history much deeper then people

Thought. Here are dates and numbers of how many people got lynched in

Each year:

„X 1900 ¡V 115

„X 1901 ¡V 130

„X 1902 ¡V 92

„X 1903 ¡V 99

„X 1904 ¡V 83

„X 1905 ¡V 62

„X 1906 ¡V 65

„X 1907 ¡V 60

„X 1908 ¡V 97

„X 1909 ¡V 82

„X 1910 ¡V 76

„X 1911 ¡V 67

„X 1912 ¡V 63

„X 1913 ¡V 52

„X 1914 ¡V 55

„X 1915 ¡V 69

„X 1916 ¡V 54

„X 1917 ¡V 38

„X 1918 ¡V 64

„X 1919 ¡V 83

„X 1920 ¡V...

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"adrian rizzo is crazy." Aug 19, 2018
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