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"Advertising and the Message it Sends About Weight"
Advertising and the Message it Sends About Weight
William Katz
Thin is in. Many companies, regardless of their products, use unrealistic looking models in their advertisements. They try to make a connection between beauty and their products. It’s done in TV ads, on Magazine covers, and in magazine ads. In the last couple of decades the importance of beauty has become more prevalent in society. As sexier ads became more acceptable the models started to shrink in size. The models now used are on average are 5’8” a size 4 and weigh 120lbs. This is what advertising companies portray as beauty, although really less than 1% of the population is that size. Thin instead of curvy is now seen as beautiful. Models are often viewed as the ideal female body type by both men and women. They use women's insecurities and need to be beautiful to sell their products. This type of advertising sends the message that this is what beautiful people look like, some ads even go as far to suggest that fat is being fat is unacceptable and that message can have detrimental effects on society.

Most clothing companies advertising campaigns use super skinny models in their ads. These ads are stereotypical of today’s superficial society. More and more emphasis is being placed on appearance. The advertisers use these models because the clothes look good on them, which then make their clothes look appealing and help them to sell. If an overweight person were to model the same clothes they probably wouldn’t look as good to the reader. This is because society has become obsessed with thinness; which in part is due to these thin models are being held as the standard for beauty. These ads are everywhere; in fact it’s hard to find a magazine that doesn’t contain these ads.

The real challenge would be to try to find...

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