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"Affirmative Essay on Individual Flat Tax"
Affirmative Essay on Individual Flat Tax
Rebecca Wyant
Should there be an Individual Flat Tax? The Pro Side


While there are a number of different ways to debate the appropriateness of an income tax system, most academicians would agree that there are four broad categories that encompass the basic principles of a good tax system – fairness, ease, minimal interference and conduciveness to economic growth, and adequacy.

Is the tax fair? Fairness at the basic level suggests that all people who are in similar circumstances should pay similar taxes. Under this principle of 'equal treatment of equals', one would expect families with the same ability to pay to have the same tax liability. Though not everyone will agree on the definition of fairness, most Americans will accept as fair the principle that the poor pay nothing, the middle class something, and the rich the highest percentage.

Is the tax easy to comply with and to administer? Whether a tax system is easy to comply with and easy to administer is a matter of subjectivity. In judging a system against this principle, however, one should examine the costs of compliance by taxpayers (out of pocket expenses such as tax preparation fees and legal fees as well as time spent on compliance) and the government's costs of administering the system. Complexity in a tax system has a tendency to feed upon itself, making efforts to produce a simpler and more equitable tax system even more complex. First, a progressive personal income tax structure complicates the collection process. Second, many IRS regulations exist solely to combat tax evasion and avoidance. As an example, one need only look at the cost of complying with IRA distribution reporting regulations put in place to assure that distributions are properly reported in income. Third, complexity arises from efforts to influence economic and social behavior. The charitable contribution deduction...

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