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"Air Quality in Toronto"
Air Quality in Toronto
Carlos Hernandez
Imagine four international jets crashing each year and killing everyone on board.

These lives that approached an end are clearly visible to the world watching, impacting

many feelings and emotions. If air pollution was seen as crucial to the planes crashing,

air quality would be improved at a much faster rate. In fact, according to Dr. Sheela

Basrur of Toronto's Medical Officer of Health, one thousand deaths from air pollution is

equivalent to the devastating situation of the jets crashing. Now would you stop to

consider the significance of air quality?

Toronto and other major Canadian cities, contain compounds in their air that

potentially cause cancer. During everyday activities, many individuals are unknowingly

being exposed to carcinogens. As a result of the burning of fossil fuels, such as from

vehicles, coal from power plants and oil and gas to heat buildings, unhealthy levels exist.

Dr. Basrur comments by stating that ,"there is no unpolluted, safe environment these


The report's findings should be an attention warning to the mind of the

government to take action and help promote the control of pollution. From these reports,

motorists and residents near gasoline stations were found to be at risk of getting

leukemia. Due to the exposition of benzene, contained in the one per cent of gasoline,


many lives are put at risk.

Out of a total of ten carcinogens, nine are found present in Toronto's air. Air

concentrations are beginning to raise to unhealthy levels that cause people to die

prematurely from cancer. Chemicals found indoors are at even higher levels than the air

outside. For example, workers in the dry-cleaning environment, are continuously being

exposed to an assumed carcinogen called tetrachloroethylene.

Most people are unaware that air pollution is a daily health concern, and not just

in the summer. The residents of Toronto understand that Toronto has a major health

problem. In fact, the president of The Toronto Atmospheric Fund mentioned that the

public concern in Toronto...

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