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"Airport Security"
Airport Security
Shelia Olander
Airport security is still an on going debate. In recent years, airports have had to step up their security due to the rising amount of violence. There are many different steps that airports have to take in order to make the airport a safe place. These actions could not take place without the help of the airport?s security staff. Therefore, airports security should be improved.

Few people really know what airport security consists of. The staff makes the airport what it is today. They have to put up with the day-to-day aspects of airport life. They have to perform their jobs with nothing but a positive attitude, and main purpose is to serve and protect the travelers. They are also in charge of keeping the airport safe and running smoothly. While performing their jobs security looks for certain things that are not suppose to be there and any objects that look suspicious.

Today airports have more advance devices that can detect objects with more precision. Detection devices are used to warn the guards of any metal or suspicious looking devices. These machines are very expensive and need to be updated regularly. There are also a lot of funds put into the payroll of the guards. The guards work hard to keep the traveler?s journeys safe. They are very hard workers that do not get paid that well. (In recent years the airports have invested in camera and other technologies to help search for contraband.)

Recently there have been test to see how easy it is to get passed security. Recent tests have shown that airports are not safe. It is not that hard to get passed security if someone gets the ?lazy? guard. Weapons are one of the major objects guards look for in the search. Guns and other weapons are what they...

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