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"Alcohol and Athletes"
Alcohol and Athletes
Helene Hannah
Alcohol and athletes don't mix just like alcohol and driving doesn't mix. Alcohol is a very poisonous liquid that contains many organic chemicals. Some of these lethal chemicals that people drink include ethanol, methanol, isopropanol, and others. Alcohol is a clear, explosive liquid that burns easily just like the many kitchen cleaners we have in our cupboards.

Alcohol is a very bad liquid to drink especially when you play sport. It effects many parts of your body and has a huge amount of side effects that effect you as an individual and as a sports person.

When the person drinks alcohol its passed from the stomach into the small intestine, where it is rapidly absorbed into the blood. Then the heart pumps the blood and distributes it throughout the body. Because it is scattered so quickly and thoroughly the alcohol can affect the central nervous system causing the person to become less stable and very drowsy.

Athletes these days say alcohol consumption before a race can calm the nerves making them feel less worried and fearless. The other reasons why athletes drink alcohol is to reduce inhibitions, increase mental alertness, reduce pain if any before race and reduce muscle tremor.

Even though athletes can find some positives with alcohol there also is negatives. Alcohol has been proven that it can decrease accuracy, balance, and reaction time, slow visual tracking and information processing, decrease strength, power and muscle endurance and also dehydrate the body. These side effects wouldn't help an athlete at all and it would in fact slow the athlete down especially if playing a game sport such as football.

The positives of alcohol aren't really that positive if you think about it. Even though alcohol does dull the sensation of pain that isn't a good thing. If the person cant feel the pain then...

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