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"aliens or predetor"
aliens or predetor
Tamara Moore
what do you think is better alien or predetor. I think predetor because alien is less realistic and I would rather watch smething abouta predetore instead of an alien. But anyways this needs to be two hundred in fifty word to be a member so im just counting down the time and Number of words to be typed. La La La tis the season to be jolly, thats my favorite song in that movie but in Alien their not very good songs played. Theres stuff like ring around the rose that kind of lame music. Anyways this is pretty cool because I get to talk about movies and it's eay to do so. and so then he says I will kill right now this day as soon as possible Ha Ha Ha funny man isnt he dude any ways hurry up and get to two hundted and fifty words per second that is how fast I type I wonder how many words i have like the time today is five point one eight wich actually is five. Ha HA ha eighteen but that takes up more words and writting space I just noticed im not using any periods anywhere in my paper but it does not matter because this is not a a a a a a aaa a s s s s s ss s s s f f f f f f f f o o o o o o r r r r rm m m m m m a a a a l l l l l p p p p pa a a a app p p p p p pe e e e r r r r i wonder if you can figure out what that says try...

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"aliens or predetor." Aug 18, 2018
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essay on aliens or predetor
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Good day, Write my report on aliens or predetor
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